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It is a fact that all the land that we see in San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone the First People of San Francisco and the Bay Area. 18 treaties signed between the United States government and the First People were never RATIFIED. To add insult to injury the Bureau of Indian Affairs that falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Interior removed the once Federally Recognized Tribes such as the Muwekma Ohone from the Federal Register. The fact remains that the land belongs to the Ohlone. In the Bayview Hunters Point Espanola Jackson and Francisco Da Costa represent the Muwekma Ohlone and so say the Chair of the Muwekma Ohlone; Rosemary Cambara.

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In years gone by the land that we see and call San Francisco was occupied by the Mexicans and then taken over by the United States government. While the government of Mexico respected the First People and the Ohlone the same cannot to said of the racist White United States government. Today, what we call Bayview Hunters Point and beyond many Ohlone resided and we know this because of the Shellmounds. This land was once Sacred Land before some Racist came and polluted it. Today, unfortunately it still continues.

Up until 1924 any White could kill a Native American and fetch $5 for a scalp. Edicts were passed by the Governor of California to kill Indians and many Indian children were sent to boarding schools so that they could be brainwashed. The atrocities committed to the First People also known as the Ohlone in this case cry to high heaven for justice. To date no justice has been done and the environmental injustices continue while most of us so called civilized folks continue to go with the flow.

Right on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard there were two hills bigger then the Bayview hill. All of the three hills were the Sacred Burial grounds of the Ohlone. They contained Shellmounds and the remains of the Ohlone. Today the famous San Bruno Mountain contains the largest intact Sacred Shellmound in the United States. This is a fact. Thanks to people like San Bruno Mountain Watch; the First People and other ardent supporters can say some justice has been done when it comes to protection and preservation. The endangered Blue Butterfly is god sent because it has helped in the preservation and protect of large areas that were once slated for development.

At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard proper the two hills were totally demolished by the United States Navy and the remains of the Ohlone scattered and spread as part of the Navy Shipyard build up of the base. Absolutely no consideration was given to the Muwekma Ohlone the current ancestors that exercised their right of First Refusal when Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was listed under the Base Closure Act of 1988.

The Navy has NOT surveyed one single square inch in keeping with Archeological Standards and has done great injustice to the Muwekma Ohlone. Several times at many Restoration Advisory Board meetings I mentioned this fact. The Navy listens but does nothing more then ignore this fact that cries for justice. They have blood on their hands. This is a crime that the Navy and those that usurp the jurisdiction of the Muwekma Ohlone will have to bear witness in one way or another.

We can say the same of Bayview Hill which is within Bayview Hunters Point as most long time residents look upon this area and which the South Bayshore Plan covered with demarcations recognized by the City and County of San Francisco. In this plan mention is made of the Muwekma Ohlone and credence given to the First People. Linked to this 3 Resolutions have been passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors acknowledging the Muwekam Ohlone and supporting the quest that the United States government will soon restore the status and the Muwekma Ohlone on the Federal Register as a recognized tribe.

At one time the whole area from the present Islais Creek by Cargo Way to the Old Bayshore closer to Arleta and from Army Street now renamed Cesar Chavez to the Bay by Executive Park had within this areas; pristine rivers, streams and creeks. The hills were rich but most importantly were the wetlands and the marshlands. The Bay was full of natural resources and clean. Not so anymore thanks to greed. We still have the old maps and we still have historians that have painted a fairly good picture of what the area I have mentioned above looked. We can read the history and the geography from the writings of the Spanish Friars and later on from other White historians many of them Americans who were totally mystified.

We have archives both at the Presidio of San Francisco and at the Main Library in San Francisco and at the California Historical Museum that can further enlighten any one that wants to delve into the facts of what I have stated above. The University of California Berkeley has more.

This last frontier which we call Bayview Hunters Point is today invaded by some Racist Whites. Some of them have no idea what a pristine wetland or marshland really is and they want to exploit the people and the land that over the years has been polluted by the Navy and others.

Parcel E is the most polluted land on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Yosemite Slough is another much polluted area. Pier 98 is a toxic dump site and very close to the Hunters Point power plant that has been polluted for over 65 years. The area by Candlestick Park which is State Park is very polluted but capped and used as a State Park. It is more polluted then the Toxic Park that was closed down in San Jose.

The area on Illinois Street where MUNI proposes to build a Maintenance Facility is very toxic and should be cleaned up. It was a rail yard and contaminated by the worst type of oils and other toxins too many to mention in this article. While it is very easy to pollute it is very difficult to abate most areas without spending millions of dollars. Every one that lives close by knows the area as Toxic Park.

Lost in this equation many of the areas mentioned above were once pristine wetland and marshlands and they were filled in with any type of debris some of it some what clean but most of it polluted.

Lead paint, PCBs, construction material containing much hazardous material such as asbestos made it to the landfill. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was very slow to enforce laws and when some laws came into force in the late 1980s; it still took years for the EPA to enforce them. Even today the Department of Toxic and Substances Control is very slow to enforce sites where culprits openly defy and contaminate the land. One such case in Pier 94 the site that was operated by Specialty Crushing on San Francisco Port Property. Pier 98 also falls within this category the only difference is that is was capped with minimal requirements.

One Dana Reid Lanza with the blessing of Supervisor Sophenia Maxwell brags that over 6000 innocent children are taken to this toxic dump called Pier 98 and Heron's Head Park. Recently the San Francisco Port Authority with the blessing of Mayor Gavin Newsom has permitted Literacy for Environment Justice (LEJ) to go ahead and build a so called Living Classroom on this Toxic Dump. San Francisco Environment and one Jared Blumenfeld have given his blessings. These fools purport to uphold environmental principles.

We cannot call ourselves civilized and further purport to practice Environmental Principles when we do not care about Quality of Life issues. Further we should pay attention to the pollution of the watershed, the air, the water, and the land. We cannot fail to witness the harm done to a wide area by not paying attention to the Cumulative Impacts. Again and again the San Francisco Planning Department and the City Attorney fail the constituents by failing to conduct a through Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

One of ways they bypass an EIR is by declaring some project and the sites within the jurisdiction of the project by giving their blessing and declaring a Negative Declaration.

This is totally wrong and such actions should be taken to Court and those that think they can get away with murder; given the strictest sentences. I would say those perpetrators who are involved with Pier 98, Parcel E and the proposed wetland; the Yosemite Slough all should be investigated. The millions of dollars fraudulently acquired through grants and given by some State and Federal entities should be stopped and the City Controller and the City Attorney should be involved in this matter that adversely impacts the Health and Safety of the constituents of San Francisco. These grants are more over given to outsiders that do not reside in San Francisco. Dana Reid Lanza resides in Oakland. The other crooks reside in Marin Headlands and some others have store fronts in San Francisco while their principal residence is some where else. It is wrong for Environmental Injustice to be perpetrated in the year 2005 by those that purport to stand for Environmental Justice and stand for the worst principles that adversely impact Quality of Life Issues and harm our children.

At one time the Bayview Hill was preserved and the San Francisco Recreation and Park purchased the land. However on the side the Bayview Hill favoring Candlestick Park earth was removed to fill in and create the Candle Stick Park now renamed Monster Park. The earth contained human remains of the First People and we have witnesses who have stated this to me. One of them is Espanola Jackson a long time resident of the area.

Several people that helped excavate the side of the hill using heavy equipment and no one bothered to pay respects to the human remains of the Ohlone. The Ohlone bones were scattered all over the place and whole sites desecrated as far as I am concerned.

Today, the last frontier we call Bayview Hunters Point has thousands of Industrial businesses. The San Francisco Planning Department keeps changing the zoning and favors some greedy developers that are prone to building homes and further high density homes without any consideration to Quality of Life Issues.

The land once belonged to the Ohlone and was stolen from them. The land was respected because the First People have always respected Mother Earth. We cannot say that of the Racists that not only polluted the land but continue today to defile what little is left.

The land, the air , and the water compared to years ago leaves much to desire and favors pollution from diesel, particulates, lead, mercury, PCBs, and over 400 toxins that the reader can gather information from the Environmental Protection Agency or many other State and Federal agencies. The Production, Distribution, and Repair zoning areas favor Conditional Uses which can change the zone and adversely impact thousands of people. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. While some homes are slated to be built it is NOT uncommon that the SF Planning Department has no clue about roads and bridges being built and attracting million of vehicles spewing particulates and adversely impacting the health and safety of the constituents of San Francisco very near homes and recreational facilities.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) thinks nothing of the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant that takes in 80% of the City raw sewage and rain runoff. Then, added to that 100% raw sewage and rain runoff from Colma. Daly City, Brisbane and Burlingame. The half-treated sewage often makes its way to the Bay; thus polluting and affecting hundreds of acres of land and water mass and impacting Quality of Life issues surrounding a wide area.

It always takes the SFPUC which is racists years to implement anything. It failed the constituents on its Clean Water Project bond measure. It failed the constituents of San Francisco on the Waste Water Project Bond Measure saying one thing and doing another.

The hanging nooses found at the various Sewage Treatment Plants and attack on Blacks speak volumes. The Rednecks that control the Hetch Hetchy operations further seal the fate of the SFPUC. The few Blacks that act like Uncle Toms do no good to San Francisco and San Franciscans. What has Tony Witticker to say? What has Susan Leal to say? What does Tony Irons have to say? What does Harlan Kelly to say? I remember the Primus deal. And I spoke up and saved some folks when most people did not.

The SFPUC delayed on the $100 million dollar Clean Energy Bond Measure and today has its hands tied. It screwed us on the Williams Energy mitigation deal and the 4 Combustion Turbines. Today with gas prices 75% more and raising the SFPUC is in the dumps. With folks like Barbara Hale and Karen Kubick they all are swimming in a cesspool. The SFPUC has chosen to fight Pacific Gas and Electric and will lose. The SFPUC has no viable Business Plan; lacks Accountability and full Transparency. The White Racists simply do not get it. No one talks about the conduits under Islais Creek that cost millions and SFPUC was responsible for. No one mentions this at any public forums or meetings. SFPUC has the audacity to fault PG&E and PG&E took the City to court and won. SFPUC with the inept, ignorant, and very arrogant Susan Leal is bound to fail. That is a given. It cannot count of a few consultants that are sellouts. We will name them and in detail when the time comes.

All the Solar projects at Moscone, the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant, and now at Pier 96 are given to one company. Is there no other company that can bid and produce results? Each and every Solar Project is defective but the SFPUC keeps harping on some details that are non factual. What is it that SolarLight from East Bay can deliver that many other Solar companies cannot?

Now we have an inept newbie John Doyle talking about ideas that were given to him by James Morrison a long time resident of Bayview. This jackass takes the ideas from James Morrison and talks about them as if they were his own. Five years ago SFPUC could have initiated many of the Clean Energy Programs; Wind, Wave, Solar, and even Methane. I watch and speak some time and so this is my reply to the Chair of the SFPUC Mr. Richard Sklar you scumbags took too long to follow the mandate when the constituents of San Francisco requested you to use a $100 million Bond Measure and implement Clean Energy Projects. As usual you folks missed the ship, the bus, the train and the plane.

It is wrong for SFPUC to place any Combustion Turbine using very expensive fossil fuel and polluting the Bayview Hunters Point with particulates.

Place the Combustion Turbines up on Potrero Hill where most Whites live. May be Nob Hill or Pacific Height where Richard Blum makes his abode. Perhaps George Lucas could use a Combustion Turbine or two right by the Lombard Gate and closer to the Marina.

It is wrong always to target people of color more Blacks and pollute the Bayview Hunters Point with particulate matters that are tiny and smaller then the PM-10 that the present power plants spew and which will be shut down soon. The newer Combustion Turbines spew PM-2.5. Also pathogens from the treated water used to cool the Combustion Turbine cooling system. If you idiots cannot understand that go figure! We will be there October 28, 2005 and we will speak our mind before the California Energy Commission.

Thousands of housing units are being built at Executive Park. Thousands more at 5800 3rd Street and 5600 3rd Street. More at James Town and still more in the hundreds by the Hill where the famous Costa Brava Restaurant stood and was once open. It is wrong to build so many units and let the raw sewage go to the already over capacitated Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. Where are we going to get the Clean Water from? Where are we going to get the Clean Energy from?

No one is talking about recycling water. No one is talking about high density and the increase in traffic. No one is talking about good schools and recreational facilities. No one is giving a damn about crime and safety. The rich cannot just come and camp among the very poor and think they can have it their way. This will not happen smoothly some will have a pay a price for it. It is already happening now.

The Racists once took advantage of the First People. Then they took advantage of the Mexican government. Then they used the Blacks during the war. Now it is time to get rid of the Blacks; the may think of building an African Market but there will be no Black to either sell or buy at this market. The crafty Whites have it all planned.

Weekly people are being removed from Public Housing and most of the affected folks are Blacks. The Black on Black violence is a cry of desperation. You do not see that in the country side where Blacks lived and developed their tradition. Sell outs like Olin Webb, Roy Willis, Karen Pierce, Sophina Maxwell, the members of BVHP Project Area Committee (those that sell out); all do the community of Bayview Hunters Point great disservice. No one has the guts to stand up and point out the mistakes of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. There was NO real Blight Report linked to the Bayview Hunters Point Survey Area. There is NO empirical data linked to Transportation, Health and Safety, Education, Cumulative Pollution Impacts, in short Quality of Life issues. The sell outs cannot see beyond their noses and the little money under the table will go so far.

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency with Marcia Rosen and others like Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, and Mayor Gavin Newsom have a hidden agenda. Already over 1,737 plus acres of Parcel A and B have been added to the already 1,600 acres that constitute the Bayview Hunters Point Survey Area.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report that the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) released is faulty. There is no through Transportation Studies, very little mention of Archeological sites, no studies linked to future Educational and Health planning and the list goes on and on.

In the past the SFRA failed to reinvest the Tax Increment it gained from the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area. The area around Evans Street, the Main United States Post Office, the Evans Shopping Mall, or those Industrial ware houses. No one in their right mind can TRUST, SFRA; the SFRA Commissioners that have been indicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Marcia Rosen who is the devil incarnate and will do the bidding of the corrupt forces many who make their nest in the Mayor Office.

The 493rs with all the cronies that work close of Mayor Gavin Newsom want to make a second try. A very large shopping mall, with mixed use facilities all of ground littered with the remains of the Ohlone. No good will come on this ground that has been desecrated. Read the history but more understand it.

No good will come from Pier 98 and more from Yosemite Slough. These sites are polluted and were polluted with intent. White folks love to pollute and then get up one day long after the fact and try to clean it up; they call it abatement, mitigation, whatever, but it is all about greed? The last frontier Bayview Hunters Point made a tryst with the devil when it planned the MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail. Thank god the 4th and King Bridge cannot still be managed to be built by Mitchell Engineering. Sophenia Maxwell cannot refute this stupid fact that is long over due. Who is at fault? It has how ever given us time to think about the future and the MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail that is going no where for now at least!

Blacks and people of color will be forced out and within 5 years the present 7% of Blacks we assume all over San Francisco; that we cannot count will be less then 3%.

Of course Mayor Gavin Newsom loves it because he is planting the seeds that will chase away color and bring in the Whip Cream.

You may NOT believe it but I say this is a Racist City and the plans are there; the blue prints and all but not every one see it the way I do because for one thing you have to be educated on issues. No more greens and good barbeque, no more smell of fresh hickory, the blues and Baptist church going, no more gumbo; soon it will be drab frozen food and greed which drove the Ohlone, the people of color and in will come the Racists in full force thanks to the sell outs.

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