Tony Hall among crooks.


The Treasure Island Development Authority made a mockery of Roberts' Rules and every other decent rule and decorum followed at any civilized meeting. You had Board Directors talk and whisper to the City Attorney and others on the Board of Directors butting in and making a mockery of the worst type of Kangaroo Court.

Many of us foresaw a Kangaroo Court when Mayor Gavin Newsom did not have the balls to show up at the hearing nor send any of his cronies that gave him advice on the anointment of Tony Hall in the first place. They all saw it fine to give AnneMarie Conroy a raise after making a mess at Treasure Island and entrusting the logistics of this City's Emergency Services to a proven inept person who is not qualified for the job.

The cronies plotted well to bring Sean Elsbernd in and divide the community and mandate certain favors when he votes like a fool on important issues. He may want to under for reelection in his District but he will not be elected. The least this coward could have done is come to the hearing and spoken the truth about his former boss and mentor.

Treasure Island Board Authority were bent on firing Tony Hall and we all saw that from the inception when certain items were taken out of order from the standing agenda. We, the constituents knew that the cronies who follow the proddings of Mayor Gavin Newsom were going to do anything to bring disgrace to the City and County of San Francisco. This was not about doing RIGHT this was about being EVIL.

Several times Tony Hall the Director of Treasure Island requested the Board of Directors of the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) as to the reason whey they were about to lynch him. Again and again the cronies who owe their allegiance to Mayor Gavin Newsom avoided his direct question and failed the constituents of San Francisco and decency. We had better decency in San Francisco during the days when the Barbary Coast reigned supreme. At least those players had some balls. Today, we have cowards and we have seen this when Jim Hutchinson from the Department of Building Inspection was fired. And now we see it again; a public display from the worst type of human beings that have no guts.

Supervisor Chris Daly who holds the Ad Hoc seat on the TIDA Board of Director was the only voice of sanity. Again and again through his questions and clarifications he asked for some pertinent information. Again and again the TIDA Board members failed to invoke any decency, avoided answering his direct questions, and failed the constituents of San Francisco during the on going hostile deliberation.

There were several Judas' and all the wanted was to finish with the evil deed. You could see the evil when Marcia Rosen tried to use her trained lawyer lies to convolute a simple matter. Mathew Franklin was the main Judas and he did all in his power to bring down Tony Hall. John Elberling always had a smirk on his face. Claudine Cheng the Chair really had a hard time making sense of the deliberations at hand.

A day after the sellout deed we learn that Marcia Rosen will be in the cockpit at Treasure Island. For sure Jesse Blout will love it and the evil perpetuated at Hunters Point Shipyard, Mission Bay, a host of other small and big SF Redevelopment Agency projects will rein in full view on the man made island that is Treasure Island. Even Long John Silver will quiver at the name of Marcia Rosen the ultimate liar and a disgrace to anything decent.

So many people from so many walks of life spoke and all of them spoke in favor of Tony Hall. These statements taken as a whole exonerated whatever false accusations were framed to harm Tony Hall. Most everyone saw the evil designs behind this evil Kangaroo Court. Mayor Gavin Newsom should be ashamed for orchestrating the ploys and the strategy to get rid of Tony Hall. This incident has opened a can of worms and it will come to bite the Mayor and his cronies in the butt. The Mayor comes out on the evening news and now says he was his fault and that he will bear the responsibility for Tony Hall. Well if the design was evil that is was it is all about; evil designs. It is the source of this strategy that should be analyzed.

As of today (October 12, 2005) Tony Hall is not the Director. This fact in itself is not legal. Several Sunshine laws were broken and it is just a matter of time when Tony Hall can sue the City and County of San Francisco and win.

In the mean time he can take his severance pay for 18 months will be on the payroll for one more month. Get health insurance for life and other perks that the constituents of San Francisco will fork out. Mayor Gavin Newsom just creates the ploys and so far he is a pathetic loser.

Labor laws were broken linked to the no cause removal of Tony Hall and all his in a City that prides itself to be UNION. Simple rules pertaining to Sufficient Notice and the Brown Act were not followed. It is a shame that we have such crooks that have sold their souls to the devil and disgraced the City and County of San Francisco.

One of the TIDA Directors, Susan P0-Rufino tried to remain neutral but could not under pressure. Jared Blumenfeld tried to make sense when a question was called but he always looked at Jesse Blout for some cue and Jesse Blout sat next to Marcia Rosen the ultimate manipulator.

Marcia Rosen was determined to get rid of Tony Hall when she has fouled so many times at the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and should have been fired a long time ago. Again and again Supervisor Chris Daly told Marcia Rosen what I have stated several times in this article about her. The woman will do anything to hold her post for money and greed.

Today is a said day in the contemporary history of San Francisco. Reminiscent of the hearing when Jim Hutchinson from the Building Inspection Department was not given a proper adjudication and fired. Our City of San Francisco is losing its compassion and sanity. We are failing our citizens; falling and swimming into a cesspool of corruption of the highest order. Mayor Gavin Newsom wants everyone to tow and bow down much like a hungry dog. Tony Hall is a man; I mean a real man and it may be difficult for some one like Mayor Gavin Newsom who has NO guts to take on a real man. Mayor Gavin Newsom can parley with Jose Cisneros, Susan Leal, Bevan Dufty, others of the same ilk and cronies that have no decency but it is quiet another issue to play ball with real decent, educated, and professional men and women.

Tony Hall did well at Treasure Island and many testified to the fact with facts and glorifying accounts. Today, the City and County of San Francisco has lost a good person to the evil designs of those appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom who are scumbags and have failed this City of San Francisco and everyone decent who stood up for what is good in San Francisco.

Treasure Island is sinking and the anointed Board of Directors on the Treasure Island Development Authority is swimming in a cesspool of lies and evil deeds; with NO term sheet and less Accountability and Transparency.

All the best Tony Hall and the rest can go figure.

Marcia Rosen the Queen of TI.

The Press after the Evil Deed.

Chair, Claudine Chair and John Elberling.

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