It is important that those that have anything to do with any legislative process have good education. We cannot elect inept, ignorant, and what is more very arrogant folks like the sellout Uncle Tom Supervisor Sophina Maxwell to represent the last frontier that is Bayview Hunters Point, Little Hollywood, Executive Park, Visitation Valley, the Portola District, and all of Hunters Point Shipyard and more.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) has failed us before in the Western Addition. It has failed the constituents in the Mission Bay and it has failed us in the Bayview. Now with the help of sellouts the SFRA is expanding its Survey Area taking over acres on the Hunters Point Shipyard, Visitation Valley, and beyond. When you invite SFRA into any community you invite trouble and poor people are evicted by the thousands. SFRA has expanded its Survey Area and this is trouble.

Right now that is what is happening at Hunters Point in the Public Housing. Poor people that cannot defend themselves are evicted and every day our SF Board of Supervisor, Mayor Gavin Newsom, the City Attorney, the Housing and Urban Development Agency, SF Housing Authority and others are doing nothing much to help those that need help. This prime estate will be handed over to the filthy rich soon.

I say to all of the above you all are Racists in your dealings with the poor. We know if ever we are in trouble the poor and people of color will not be helped. It is shocking that some one like Sophina Maxwell that is Black is doing everything to adversely impact Blacks and must be removed from office. This virus is spreading and some antidote must be injected to bring a stop to this rampant disease. Much like the avian flu.

Recently a number of cronies of Sophina Maxwell the Supervisor of District 10 helped craft the Better Neighborhood Plus legislation. This legislation takes upon itself to mandate that Developers set aside millions of dollars and deposit the money so that Community Benefits may be addressed. There has been NO dialog with the community. What is missing in this process is that the Better Neighborhood Plus Ordinance that is still in the pipe line has not been brought before the constituents of San Francisco so that a meaningful discussion and dialog address the elements of the proposed Ordinance. What is more it has failed to take it before City Planning for formal and informal dialog.

It is the people in any Democracy that decides what is best for them. Not an inept, ignorant, and very arrogant person and her cronies and I am speaking about Sophina Maxwell the Supervisor from District 10.

Recently Sophina Maxwell the sellout crafted some ordinance that forces Developers from one area to dole out millions to help another area without bringing the issues to the constituents of Bayview Hunters, Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley and beyond. Sophina Maxwell first came to Jerrold Street in the Bayview about 12 years ago a transplant from District 5 and started with the Project Area Committee in the Bayview. Anyone worth their salt knows the Project Area Committee in the Bayview has been plagued with corruption. From the inception she surrounded herself with corrupt folks and still harbors them.

Sophina Maxwell first campaign manager was Nuru Mohamed. We all know the dealing and the adjudication that Nuru Mohamed met when SLUG was investigated. Sophina Maxwell has a track record working with corrupt organizations such as Lennar BVHP LLC. Tell me why would anyone want to build 1600 homes in the middle of Chernobyl. That is exactly what Parcel A is surround by a Superfund and the worst types of toxins association with radiological elements.

Sophina was on the 3rd Street Lightrail Citizens Advisory Committee. This Citizens Advisory Committee met a few times and then dissolved. Today we have a lightrail system that is more or less in place but the bridge at 4th and King is not in place. The project is months over due and the SF Board of Supervisor, Mayor Gavin Newsom and others are not speaking the truth. Sophina Maxwell has no understanding of infrastructure. Again and again she opens her mouth and shoves her foot in it. Very inept and totally ignorant.

In the Bayview Hunters Point, up the hill where sits the former Costa Brave restaurant, in Visitation Valley Sophina Maxwell wants certain developers to build thousands of housing units. She has no idea where the sewage will go to. She has no idea where the clean drinking water will come from .She has totally no idea about the consumption of electricity for the thousands of units. There is no sound Transportation Study. There is NO Environmental Impact Report. She is not fully aware of the worst type of toxic sites. She does not know how to spell mitigation or abatement. She has no idea about Sustainable practices. The woman is on the take.

Cronies like Joe Boss advice this woman that has caused too much damage. One wonders if she has any intelligence and why would any one want to represent a large District and not know a thing about what is happening. Her aides Sarah He and Greg Assay are mortally scared of this woman who is known to loose her temper and is very stubborn.

The sole support this Black woman gets is from some Whites in the Potrero Hill that really do not know much about this corrupt woman. As long as Sophina Maxwell caters to Whites in the Potrero the Whites in the Potrero area are happy. There is nothing worse then an Uncle Tom and Sophina Maxwell fits well with the worst of Uncle Toms.

Again and again the people have been taken for a ride by Sophina Maxwell. Now she wants to make huge decisions without the participation of the people affected Executive Park and Visitation Valley. When the redistricting of large areas came before the Land Use committee the people were kept out. In fact most people that work do not have the time to attend meetings. The people hope and pray that those that represent them help them. No one wants the Representatives to be sellouts. Sophina Maxwell is a sellout and one of the worst that ever occupied the seat of a Supervisor at City Hall in San Francisco.

The Visitation Valley Facilities Fund Ordinance is a joke. The developers are NOT going to fall for such a ploy. The developers could have had some compassion and considered some community benefits but it is simply wrong to stab the developers in the back and hold them hostage. Joe Boss, Fran Martin, and a few other cronies do not represent the people of District 10 and beyond. These folks live on grants, working for people with a vested interest, act as fake consultants, and have a number of conflict of interests. I see them on committees and I see them at meetings and I notice that they talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

We really do not want anyone like Sophina Maxwell representing any District and the constituents of San Francisco. Now is the time to adjudicate the actions of this very corrupt woman.

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