If anyone watched the recent fiasco of what happened at Treasure Island and the cronyism prevalent with the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) one need go NO further to see that a time bomb is waiting to explode at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco and closer to Bayview Hunters Point.

Proposition P voted by over 89% of the constituents of San Francisco mandated the City and County of San Francisco to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to residential standards. The proposition stated the entire shipyard and that includes parcel A, B, C, D, E and F that is under the Bay. The constituents were fully aware of radiological elements and other very hazardous materials the result of the World War II effort linked with bombs, ammunition, and death.

When parcel A was conveyed to Lennar BVHP LLC the most corrupt real estate entity and developer in the United States with a very bad record in Florida, New Mexico, Sacramento, in other places and now in San Francisco; Mayor Gavin Newsom and our inept and stupid Board of Supervisors made a sorry ass mistake. The only two Supervisors that did not vote for the conveyance were Chris Daly and Matt Gonzalez.

Today we have the worst crooks ever plotting to create Open Space and other types of uses such as wetlands on Parcel E. It will take any honest entity over 2 billion dollars to clean Parcel E. It contains the worst types of hazardous material and much of it radiological. Even the Corps of Engineers will not touch it. Yet a corrupt entity like Arc Ecology is working with some corrupt Blacks like Olin Webb, Karen Pierce, Roy Willis, and many so called Black Church leaders to make money, project some wrong impression on the local community. Time to involve the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this critical issue.

The only entity or people that recognize a pristine wetland or marshland are the Muwekma Ohlone. They are the First People of San Francisco. Not some crook from Marin County a White with a host of conflict of interests to his credit and that of his organization. The few Blacks that I have named should be ashamed of themselves to fail to do the right thing and think that they will go Scott free and cheat justice.

There is a plot now to request the Navy to create a fund of about $100 million so that Arc Ecology that has NO experience in any major base closure cleanup can lead the charge and clean Parcel E. This is an atomic joke that is waiting to explode. These scum bags are taking a cue from the Presidio of San Francisco. At the Presidio; the Presidio Trust went to Congress and got the insurance money and today cannot attain its goals of that clean up. Initially the Corps of Engineer through an Open Process did some quality clean up at the Presidio of San Francisco with time lines and very high standards.

As I said the Presidio Trust is try to do some justice but have not done anything much. Two batteries at the Presidio of San Francisco; Battery Caulfield is contaminated with radiological elements linked to the Nike Missile Project. Battery Wagner in the Fort Scott Area is contaminated with tests from the many bacteriological tests. These two batteries will cost millions of dollars to clean up; as much as $300 million.

The Navy should bring in the Federal Bureau of Investigation in and prevent any entity and much less an entity like Arc Ecology that has NO community support and investigate the conflict of interest. The same can be said of Bayview Hunters Point Advocates. The San Francisco Controller has not acted fairly and now is the time to audit the books. The BVHP Advocates have received over $1.5 million from the City and County of San Francisco and thousands of dollars have not been accounted for.

For example at one time BVHP Advocates rented some space on 3rd Street closer to Revere Street and 3 or 4 entities paid the BVHP Advocates rent. If any other Community Based Organization had done such a thing they would have served jail time. Our City not only permitted this nonsense but allowed it for a long time. Arc Ecology was part of this nonsense and when it was hot in the kitchen Arc Ecology chose to move away and now rent their own office further down the 3rd Street. A known culprit that has been helping Arc Ecology is the office of Sophina Maxwell. Sophina purports that she does not have anything to do with Arc Ecology and the Advocates but she will bend backwards to help these vermin that leach on the goodness of the community. It is time that the crooks are investigated and it is time that the investigation is done on the highest level.

Certain City Department go out of their way to write grants and tailor make the grants so that some crooks in the Bayview that falsely pride themselves as Community Based Organizations can requests for grants and get it. Again and again the BVHP Advocates have used undue influence and thus conflict of interest. We see this also with Literacy for Environmental Justice and Pier 98.

The Mayor of San Francisco's office is aware of this problem but chose recently with Heron's Head Park to look the other way. Now, we see the ugly head of a devious snake appear and try to force the Navy to set aside huge sums of money to be used for clean up and a wetland or marsh land on land that is heavily contaminated by radiological elements. If I can have access to critical information that Parcel E is very contaminated so can the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The constituents of San Francisco cannot be fooled all the time; in fact they cannot be fooled some of the time. We have sufficient information to start a through investigative case on all properties inside and outside the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The corruption on Treasure Island pales in comparison to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. When Mayor Gavin Newsom really learns the truth; not that he does not know some, he may act swiftly before the tetanus hits his office and administration.

Time some one steps up and puts a stop to the corruption on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

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