Espanola Jackson overlooking Intermodel Bridge.


It is a shame while San Francisco toots its horn proclaiming that it is fast becoming a Green City with a Green Czar takes every opportunity to brag about Clean Energy and has a vision to deliver Quality of Life models to San Francisco it has failed this great City in a major way. More the Southeast Sector known as Bayview Hunters Point.

Mayor Gavin Newsom can say all he wants to say about the recent rise in killings, shooting, and wide spread fear in many quarters. He once shouted loud for all to hear that if he did not curtail crime people could sign a petition to remove him from office.

I do not think he is completely to be blamed; I would put the blame on an inept person like Sophina Maxwell that has done nothing for the community she represents. Sophina Maxwell has permitted a virus to traverse and infiltrate other communities that once were free from killings, shooting, and robberies and undermine many stable communities in the zip code 94124 and 94134 - foremost the Portola District most of which comes under Tom Ammiano. Tom the perennial Queen that he is cannot bring his sorry ass to the Portola District because he does not the guts and has not honestly served his Portola constituency.

In the year 2005 we would have thought that we curtail pollution and see that less mercury for example pollute the Bay. We should take steps to curtail the increase of lead and dangerous particulates near where children live and play. We would have taken steps to have good housing and fight for Quality of Life issues. Mayor Gavin Newsom with all his charm and bad advice from the many cronies has let many standards fall to an all time low.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission with Susan Leal has failed us when it comes with the Hetch Hetchy program and leadership. There is no way she can attain any standard at the rate she is addressing the Problematic Environmental Impact Studies. Her side kick Richard Sklar thinks he can fool all the people all the time. Time will tell. Mayor Gavin Newsom with very bad advice chose to place an inept very dishonest person like Susan Leal to really take this City and County of San Francisco over the precipice and into oblivion. Susan Leal is no engineer and her track record when it comes to honesty and standards is pathetic to say the least.

Susan Leal has chosen to undermine the Main Force at Islais Creek and when this Force Main is undermined this City will be in big trouble. Right at Islais Creek by Main Street and near Cargo Street; over the Main Force that takes 80% of the City secondary effluents and a 100% from Colma, Daly City, Brisbane and Burlingame an Intermodal Bridge it being built.

This bridge will take all the vehicular traffic that now plys of 3rd Street. You would think Sophina Maxwell the dummy would understand something about infrastructure not so. Espanola Jackson does understand that and more. Imagine millions of vehicles polluting the area that is already polluted.

Environmental Justice Advocacy (EJA), Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation (SESCDC), and Bayview Hunters Point Coordinating Council have done all in their power to bring certain toxic and pollution issues to the attention of Mayor Gavin Newsom. He really does not want to deal with such issues that are prevalent in the Southeast Sector. The district Supervisor Sophina Maxwell is playing politics while with intent adversely impacting her constituents.

Other agencies such as the San Francisco Environment (SFE) do not take a progressive role. SFE is busy trying to apply for grants and approves grants and assures that they get 20% or more of the grants to that they can survive by charging administrative fees.

Recently they tried to convince the Board of Supervisor to permit them to use biodiesel made from tallow so that they could prove 20 paratransit vans could save the City and County of San Francisco thousands of dollars. The Board of Supervisors sent their immature plans back to committee where it will die a natural death. SFE would do well curbing the air pollution from the concrete companies, the tallow plant and the particulates from the Specialty Crushing site. They would do well to monitor the Mercury dumped into the Bay by SFPUC at their Force Main by Islais Creek.

The SFE does not have the ability to monitor San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) that pollutes the Bay with pathogens and Mercury plus 30 other toxins. SFE will tell you that some other City and State agencies should do that enforcement. It is always some one else that should do the enforcement. Yet SFE will be the first to mandate less Mercury and Lead going into the Bay but as I said has no enforcement clout to make progressive moves. They talk the talk but cannot ever walk the walk.

The City Health Department is a joke. While the MUNI 3rd Street was being built thousands of tons of toxic dirt was not removed and no abatement done. Tons of toxic soil much of it containing asbestos was left uncovered with particles flying all over the place. The over $600 million MUNI 3rd Street Project has yet to be completed. The bridge at 4th and King was due to be in place 2 years ago. Mitchell Engineering is still at work and cannot meet any dead line.

No one is saying much about the 4th and King Bridge because we have a dumb Supervisor like Sophina Maxwell that takes every opportunity to talk about how great the 3rd Street MUNI Lightrail project is but cannot answer why it is going no where? Why the rail cars are sitting in a wear house and doing nothing. Much like the 3 Combustion Turbines that she bargained for and is sitting in Texas while the City is paying over $250,000 per year to store them and has been doing it for the last 3 years.

Most Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point fail to understand that most of the problems facing them are because of Sophina Maxwell. She is a dishonest person and is out there to line her pocket by holding developers hostage. The only folks that get perks are Whites from Potrero hill some how she loves their White assess. Sophina Maxwell has set her Black people back 40 years. She has done great justice to those that needed help - she is a disgrace to humankind. Without anyone knowing Susan Leal has plotted and is plotting to place huge pipes to bring the raw sewage from everywhere into our community to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. SFPUC collects millions of dollars from Daly City, Colma, Brisbane and Burlingame but the Southeast get no mitigation.

SFPUC can build the Open Parks, the Swimming Pool, the Library, and all the fancy stuff that Sophina Maxwell holds the developers hostage to build in Visitation Valley. If only the woman had some sense but she is slow in her head and slower in her comprehension of simple concepts. She plays games with her constituency and her constituency has allowed her to go unchecked because her sorry ass is Black. Enough of that.

Sophina Maxwell with some other evil women Barbara Hale, Karen Kubick and of course the most evil of them all Susan Leal want to place some Combustion Turbines at Pier 80 that is prone to liquefaction.

We do not need any pollution and the worst particulates to kill our children. You would think Supervisor Sophina Maxwell and her aides Greg Assay and Sarah He would support the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point - no way. Greg is White and Sarah is Chinese and how can these two fools understand the pain of Blacks. Pathetic souls when you talk to them they go on the defensive. They make over $100,000 in salary and benefits but do not return calls. Try calling these fools: 415-554-7674.

Recently without coming to the people and having one single Public Meeting; Sophina Maxwell introduced a crafty legislation to hold developers hostage. The Visitation Valley Facilities and Fee ordinance that is a clone of the Better Neighborhood Plus Ordinance which is still in the pipeline.

There was no Sunshine in the sense that many meetings were held to adversely impact thousands and the people were kept in the dark. Sophina Maxwell held the meetings and we want the notes disclosed. We want to know the role Joe Boss played, Fran Martin and others all dubious in nature that have NO respect among the general community in District 10. Sophina Maxwell has done it many times; she did it with 800 Innes Street saying that the out house was a historic school and then changing her tune and saying that it was a Landmark Shipwright's house. She passed a faulty Resolution with fake information and all the Board of Supervisor signed it - the house at 800 Innes first a School House and then a Shipwright home. Pathetic.

She had some Whites that have moved into the community mostly gays some years back along Innes Street to back her up. The matter came before the Sunshine Task Force and her lies and crookedness was exposed. Sophina Maxwell has not learned her lesson.

Sophina Maxwell tried to take on the Residential Builders Association (RBA) that has done yeomen service to the City and County of San Francisco. At least Joe O' Donoghue speaks his mind and tells the truth in public. He does not hold secret meetings and hide his project under the stinking hay stack as does Sophina Maxwell and her cronies.

With Sophina Maxwell the temperamental evil person that she is; it is her way or no way. A product of the Project when she was poor she has forgotten her roots and her driving a BMW with ill gotten wealth means nothing at all. So does living is a Victorian House off Jerrold Street and I do not know how she feels when she sees Enola Maxwell's burned home opposite. Who could have torched this Victorian house with Enola Maxwell living in it and in delicate health?

Under Sophina hundreds have been killed and now the killings, shootings and robberies are over flowing to the Portola District. Around Jerrold Street and beyond drug addicts, drug dealers, and prostitutes do their business in full view of Sophina Maxwell's window.

The area around the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant not only stinks of excreta but accommodates whores, pimps, addicts, that Sophina daily looks at with disdain and does nothing about. Then she will call for hearing and pretend that she is doing San Francisco good when all along she acts like a scum bag. Hearing mean nothing when there will be no action to help those that need help most. Mention a grant or money and Sophina Maxwell will awake from her slumber. Time to select some fair candidates and get rid of this good for nothing piece of crap. Sophina Maxwell should call one last hearing about her sorry ass performance and then fade away forever.

Intermodal Bridge built over Main Force at Pier 80.

75 feet away from this building the Intermodal Bridge.

Millions of vehicles will ply polluting on this bridge.

Concrete poured on Causeway.

Construction, 4 years going at Marin Street MUNI Lightrail will run middle of this bridge diverting traffic to the Islais Street Intermodal Bridge.

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