Blood tears in the Bayview Hunters Point community while crooks from far away deceive and steal and take what rightfully belongs to the community. Millions of dollars that could be used to uplift the community are given to Community Based Organizations with deep links to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) so that deals can be made and the innocent hard working community exploited.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) is poised to give one woman that has not done her job in the past a salary of $175,000 plus perks. Another crooked outside Community Based Organization (CBO) over 283,500 per year for the next 3 years to do outreach and address pollution issues in the Bayview community.

It is the same with Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) and the Bayview Hunters Point Advocates that have taken the lion share of grants in the millions and done great disservice to the community at large. We have entities from a far away and steal from the community in broad daylight. We get no attention to the matter at hand from the District 10 Supervisor who herself is on the take.

When the City wanted to help train construction workers - I worked very hard to get money from the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) to help the youth. Initially some CBOs worked to put a plan together. The plan was stolen and Laura Luster wrote a White Paper and was paid $50,000. Now some devious persons want to take way the opportunity from good folks like Young Community Developers (YCD) to work with CitiBuilt funds and make good stuff happen.

When will all this nonsense stop - enough is enough. It is time that Mayor Gavin Newsom is put on notice and told in no uncertain terms we will not tolerate this nonsense. Already the killings are on the increase and much of this outreach money can help curtail crime. Again folks from far away want to take Hannif who works at YCD and force him to work for an entity that is connected with corruption and wants huge sums of money to do outreach when in the past they have failed. We have many good CBOs in the community and YCD under Elloise Patton that can work wonders but crooks do not want to give her a chance. We are fed up with crooks from outside and some White dividing the community.

How can San Francisco Redevelopment Agency give one person who already makes $160,000 and does nothing for the community - now, $170,000 to continue doing nothing much for the community in much the same way.

And another White entity that has been fleecing the community over $283,500 to do outreach linked to jurisdiction that comes under the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - the most corrupt agency in San Francisco.

It is time the community gathers in force and come to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency meeting December 20, 2005 at 4 pm in Room 416. It is a shame that without informing the community these crooks want to take us all for a spin in broad daylight.

Redevelopment Agency Agenda

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