The area around Candlestick Park.


Only in San Francisco where Real Estate crooks get all the blessings on a platter can Lennar get the green signal to build a 49er City in and around Monster Park better known to the world as Candlestick Park.

Gavin Newsom has been making his rounds bragging about Wireless Connection and 100s of computer mostly reused, cold, and old to be given to Public Housing to bring them closer to the Internet Divide. Only stupid folks mostly not educated on issues and lacking transparency and accountability fall for such sordid crap.

If there is one thing that Public Housing needs now is a plan to address Health and Safety issues. Give computer to the youth and they will busy themselves playing games and using it for remote purposes not connected with education. Right now a survey should be conducted to gauge the attention span of those youth who parents are victim of crack cocaine and others bombarded daily by the worst toxins.

Before we have WiFi we need programs to improve Quality of Life issues. Go to Public Housing and ask the folks if they eat right and if they think their surroundings are Safe? Ask them if the children are doing well in school and if they are satisfied with Public Transportation? Find out how many children have dropped out of school and how many take long vacations at the Juvenile Detention Center by Forest Hill? Ask the parents when did they last take a vacation? Ask them if they like the sound of gun shots within ear shot of the guards and police that make the blind rounds?

Mayor Gavin Newsom loves spin and the Google Spin will come to bite him in the butt. The City is involved with companies that have been duped by making promises that compromise Accountability and Transparency. The hub at 200 Paul Avenue promised free band width thinking it was making good but in reality it is selling out on standards. Other companies have conflict of interest having taken huge donations from Google. Google gives nothing free and its share at $450 plus speaks volumes as to how savvy it has played the game among the very many hornets' nests in the cyber world. It has a powerful platform who tentacles reach far and wide and absorbs the supreme data that sells. Lennar has the dubious distinction of building homes on toxic parcels all over the United States. The area around Candlestick Park - the better know name, is very toxic. It matters not if the Rev. Aurelious Walker has with dubious fiscal connections used Hispanics and cheap labor to build poor housing. Some folks close to God are in for money.

If Jesus saw him with a neat suit he would feel please that he keeps himself clean but would wonder why one sees him here, there, and everywhere in a Benz? I knew him come to me a long time ago for toys and stuff like that and when he was not so rich he had a better attitude.

Of course the many Churches some 60 plus and growing are doing nothing to serve the community. The only service these holier then thou zealots love is creating avenues to gather money to feed the lust of men that flourishes in some sordid circles? If the cap fit you wear it or else ponder why Jesus rode a donkey and was down to earth?

The last frontier that is the Bayview Hunters Point is now the contention for big money in terms of outreach by fools who are quick to sell the community and their souls by enriching themselves short term and taking orders from White folks that live in Marin County. These mostly Black sellouts know little about conflict of interest and made fools of them at a recent San Francisco Redevelopment meeting.

Why would any organization hire a person that takes heroin and I mean the real stuff everyday and put such a person in charge of outreach? We have so many crack heads and dopephins around our community that need rehabilitation but putting them in charge of outreach is some comical way of eating ice cream from a cone with a huge spade used for shoveling snow.

Mayor Gavin Newsom with his top advisors Jesse Blout, Marcia Rosen, Michael Cohen, and cronies that work for Lennar like Larry Florin are all poised to teach some folks with black assess lessons that White Slave owners once taught - which are now descript. As I have been saying this a Racist City and some folks are throwing bread crumbs to those that have been starving, lack education, and think that sweet talk and Project 49ers will bring them succor. Wrong! Blink, Blink, BlinkŠŠ Watch out folks the bulldozers are coming around the corner to tear down all of Public Housing. Not long ago over 300 mature trees some 40 and 50 years old were cut down on Parcel A and not far from Dago Mary the renowned eating place when the Shipyard reigned supreme and long after it was closed in 1974.

Once some crooks invaded California and stole the land complete with raping gold and making what was once pristine very toxic. Now here they come again, blood on their hands, cap the land and work with sellouts mostly Black to destroy communities while sellout rake in a few coins to satiate their heroin habits. We could name names and a drug test could not lie and expose the crooks once and for all. But let us put them on notice once and for all.

Right now with on with Project Homeless, Project Connect, Project Produce, Project WiFi, Project Spin, and Project Media Hype - some folks are going no where. It is a fact that many people more then last year go to bed hungry. Why the long lines at the many places - those that give free food and groceries? More folks have been shot and killed and more are going to die. We have too many dropouts and more youth hanging out near places of doom and gloom.

Corruption is at a long time high with lots of hanky panky happening in all circles closer to the Mayor's Office and even with bold statements made in New York about being well endowed and other lewd remarks that the rich and filthy embrace when it suits them with a grain of salt! We even had them spread on the carpet bearing all the standards of Playboy or should I say Porno galore.

The 49ers screwed up a good organization and the team has hit an all time low. I gave up a long time ago when Ronnie Lott said good bye. I stood a little in line for some years but in the last 4 threw the dice and cast my die against a team that has fallen flat on its face.

When New Orleans was intact some one was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and linked to the 49ers! Now, that which failed is being brought back through the back door and if one thinks the 49er City corruption will fly - think twice. The Shoresteins, the Fishers, the Blum, the Corrupt, think not twice before displacing the poor. The do it simply because they are Racist and because the Filthy Rich do not give a Rat's Ass.

The Shipyard and all high density units.

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