Arc Ecology follows the money. Years ago it was not uncommon to see folks that now work for Arc Ecology protest much as it was common in the early 1970s. Then just like that Saul Bloom learnt faster then any entity how to follow the money mostly linked with Base Closures.

Arc Ecology proudly announces itself as the head of the Group that deals with Environmental Issues within the Citizens Advisory Committee linked to Hunters Point. So when a Request For Proposal to do outreach in the amount of $283,500 per year for 3 years was sent out — Saul Bloom should have known better not to apply for this grant. HE DOES NOT LIVE IN THE COMMUNITY.

It is called Conflict of Interest and it will come to bite Arc Ecology in the butt. For years this corrupt entity has followed the money mostly in areas where Arc Ecology can win some false confidence within the community. But this time he has been nailed. He proudly thought that the San Francisco Redevelopment Commission would buy into his crookedness. Saul Bloom failed and that is not all he will have to appear before the judge to be adjudicated.

Shame on Amy Brownell who works for San Francisco Public Health and who wrote the proposal - also chose to be on the selection panel giving Saul Bloom and Arc Ecology high marks. Amy Brownell should have known better and has truly exposed her true colors.

So has Scott Madison giving Saul Bloom high marks knowing well about the conflict of interest. More being the Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee linked to Hunters Point Shipyard. Such scumbags should be sent to jail. Again and again they cheat, lie, and will do anything to make a fast buck. I had to deal with the same scum bags when I opposed the conveyance of Parcel A to the City and County of San Francisco. More to Lennar BVHP LLC getting funding in the millions from San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and the master manipulator Marcia Rosen who has consistently done all in her wicked power to embrace crooks and adversely impact the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point.

Then there was this guy from the CFC and the Bahamas that was in the wrong place and was given a ride to the meeting to adjudicate and be on the panel and chose by back stab the person that helped him. We cannot make progress as long as we have people that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. This is not the first time we have witnessed such betrayals. Remember the good that was done by Michael Boyd and what good people like Lynne Brown got in return. I remember how my office address was misused to get grants from the California Public Utilities Commission.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has failed the constituents of San Francisco under Marcia Rosen. This woman defies logic and fully understood the crookedness behind the so called Outreach Grant minus the person that does Compliance for San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Yet SFRA decided to conduct meetings behind close doors breaking the rules and regulation governing the Brown Act and Ethics.

The way this joke was planned just before the Christmas and Hanukah Holiday was to bring the proposed grant before the SFRA Commissioners and give the crook a carte blanche green signal. Thanks to Espanola Jackson that was not to be and history will be a witness to this wicked fact.

Saul Bloom has a history of not doing outreach and cheating folks by asking for grants and not delivering. His dophine point of contract that does outreach will sell his mother for a dime. He is a heroine addict and the scars of the drug are written all over his face.

In the last 9 months twice this person has Over Dozed and yet Saul Bloom has chosen him to be in key outreach person. Sophie Maxwell and her cronies that I have named before know this and are out to destroy the community. Sophie Maxwell continues to back Saul Bloom. This is a crying shame and let us sees the facts soon adjudicated in the Court of Law.

In this case all the money would have been pocketed just as it was with the Windows Project. No outreach what so ever was done in the case of the Windows Project? Over $600,000 was given to Arc Ecology in that case.

In this case the $283,500 would have been pocketed for each and every year for 3 years had it not been for Espanola Jackson, Joe Blue, John Nauer and others. Go suck your thumbs crooks and learn well that Karma will follow you all scum bags to your grave.

The panels chosen to pick the all important outreach bid for the sum of $283,500 per year were all were hand picked by SFRA and the system used required just two to give very high marks to the winning bid.

Amy Brownell who works for the San Francisco Public Health should be ashamed of herself for doing injustice to the Bayview Hunters Point community at large. Scott Madison should have learnt his lesson a long time ago but has chosen to play with fire. Willie B. Kennedy be fully aware that you have too many snakes that surround you. Amy and Scot chose to give Saul Bloom very high marks - why?

Willie B. Kennedy is where she is because of Willie L. Brown Jr. the former Mayor of San Francisco. First her position on the Bart Board and then following a hip surgery - the over $160,000 with San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) as the sole outreach contractor for Hunters Point Naval Shipyard on behalf of SFRA. This year she gets $175,000 in a very poor neighborhood and does not to justice to her job.

Nicole Franklin should be ashamed of herself for not doing her home work. She lives in Oakland and this is what happens when those that do not live in San Francisco and come here only to earn their salary. The woman is inept and made a fool of herself at the SFRA Commission meeting on December 20, 2005 in Room 416. She could not answer one single question posed by the SFRA Commissioners - especially Benny Yee. Willie B. Kennedy should thank her stars that the intervention of Espanola Jackson allowed her to go unscathed and get her contract. I sure wanted to ask some question about her contract. She does not do justice to be paid so much and deliver next to nothing.

The next time the SFRA Commission meets I will be there. I will have the information that is privy to only a few and I will reveal it to the world. Marcia Rosen should be ashamed of herself and so should Ramon Romero. Kudos to Leroy King, Darshan Singh, and Benny Yee for voting against the proposed $283,500 grant to be given for outreach to Saul Bloom from Arc Ecology.

It is a fact that so many children are dying and adults too from the worst cancers. Those mostly dying are Blacks and here we have a White from Marin County supposedly making $283,500 using heroin addicts as point person to do his filthy outreach. Check the process during which this evil bid was conducted and you will see at every step the worst corruption was planned and committed. This is a very clear case of CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

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