Polls mean nothing when it comes to San Francisco and its very diverse and intelligent constituents.

It means less when it comes to Mayor Gavin Newsom. Mayor Gavin Newsom must always remember that he did not get a mandate so the recent polls and those of yester months mean nothing. The bottom line he must remember every single day he wakes up that he should work hard for the people. Play less to the eye of the camera and SPIN. I worked hard for Matt and tolerate Gavin Newsom now as I did yesterday.

Mayor Gavin Newsom means well - most people in the inner circle know that. The problem is with the buffoons that surround him that give him the worst possible advice and time and time again this rotten advice has come to bite Mayor Gavin Newsom in the butt.

Is the City and County of San Francisco better off under Mayor Gavin Newsom? The answer is YES. Would we want a Mayor Gavin Newsom instead of Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.? The answer is we prefer Mayor Gavin Newsom. Willie L. Brown Jr. was and is corrupt and his dictatorial tantrums and under hand moves are well known. Even today because he leaves his stench in San Francisco Willie Brown makes big money mostly playing games.

Recently, he was paid huge sums of money in the millions by the Pharmaceuticals Companies to push for certain Propositions linked to drug prescription. Willie L. Brown Jr. follows the money and learned his evil ways of bartering and facilitating as the Speaker of the State of California. He pushed legislation against Public Trust Land and made the SBC Park come true. Willie helped build thousands of homes on toxic land that is the Mission Bay. He helped Cetellus Corporation and they made millions - and just like that Catellus jumped ship and today we have other entities doing the same. It is all because of Willie. Willie made his bed with Lennar BVHP LLC. He loves Wilkes Bashford! In the day light you will see him with a Lemur. He is closer to Gavin Newsom today then ever before. Willie made Gavin by giving him a Commission Position with things Parking and sorts like that. Now Gavin is Mayor and Willie can park his ass anywhere and everywhere he wants.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has failed with the homeless program. On the face it looks that he has helped some few hundreds. We have a population of over 770,000 and thousands of folks are homeless. More do not get one single meal a day. There are families living in vehicles that move from place to place just like the Bedouins in the Desert.

More families in toto today suffer from mental illness then ever before. There is no way to gauge this plague that has been brought about as a result of Project Homeless Connect.

Project Homeless Connect is a farce and the SPIN in the MEDIA that this model is going to be followed around the Nation speaks volumes about lies and not revealing the bare Truth.

Angela Alioto and the Federal Czar of the Homeless would do well to visit the Southeast Sector. Thousands of folks are homeless and some live in homes but under very despicable conditions. Many children do not go to school and as I said thousands go to bed hungry.

People have no Health Insurance. No one is paying heed to Health and Safety issues. Project Homeless Connect does not deal with gun shots and fear. It does not deal with illness most of it mental and it has no compassion that this City was so well know for. Mayor Joe Alioto would turn in his grave if he just saw what was happening in his jurisdiction.

This is San Francisco and tell me is Project Homeless Connect a true reflection of hope and progress or is it about saving face and trying to address reality of life with hidden agendas. There is only so much dirt you can shove under the hay stack! The homeless before Care not Cash each received about $450 now they get $59. Mayor Gavin Newsom promises the homeless shelter surrounded by drug addicts and the worst criminals some from this Nation and many as far as Cuba. Visit the Single Residential Occupancy (SROs) hotels and check things for yourself. Drugs are sold, the Seniors intimidated, the disabled robbed - the Managers, including Support Services all burnt out. This is reality.

The money saved by depriving the homeless goes into a Home Shelter Fund or whatever; with administrators making money and the cronies surrounding Mayor Gavin Newsom spinning numbers while all the time the homeless are suffering and dying.

Others just cannot stand it so they move away. We cannot allow our homeless to invade other Cities and think that all is well on the Western Front. Many of them are from San Francisco and so now they go to other Cities, Counties, to get some better reprieve and die. Where is the Compassion of Saint Francis Assisi and the hospitality of the Ohlone that welcome the lying strangers to this land - we call Yerba Buena!

Dwayne Jones lives in Oakland. All the crooks that surround Mayor Gavin Newsom including those that accommodated the 49ers and shot the video in his office live outside San Francisco. Take one look at the perverts that go in and out of the Mayor Office pretending that they work - despicable. No one wants to call a spade a spade - this City is now about life styles and straight folks are taking the shaft. Butt for how long! Pun intended.

Polls mean nothing in San Francisco and that includes when we talk about Black on Black killings in the Bayview Hunters Point and the Western Addition. Potrero Hill and Visitation Valley and also at those Public Housing units very near Bernal Heights. We cannot blame Mayor Gavin Newsom for that tally of 96 plus compared to 88 last year.

The situation calls for a holistic approach. Every killer comes from a situation of despair. Single mothers raising kids with no father figure to support the mothers. No money at home and hunger forcing youth to hustle and make ado with what they know best on the Streets of San Francisco. I know of NO gun factory in Bayview Hunters Point but guns are available AK-47s and more - Teflon Bullets galore complete with Bullet Proof Vest that most San Francisco Police Officers would vie for. All this happening while some cronies close to Mayor Gavin Newsom tell him to take his White Ass and slam dunk and play hoopla!

We have so many Samoans and no one is giving them the love they deserve. At Kiska Road there was once a place where they could gather and share their traditional values with all but now they have no where to go. This is the height of the divisiveness policy. This is a Racist City.

The cronies that feed off San Francisco constituents and hover like shit flies around Mayor Gavin Newsom know better to deprive those that need help often threatening those that are defenseless.

Once we had the Black Panthers and we had the Mau Mau. We also had many other Revolutionary Movements some good and most too true to reveal the facts. We also had the riots in the 1960s by the Opera House just in case some Whites have forgotten or their institution memories have been relegated to the back burner. Enough is Enough.

White journalist mostly perverts will write anything. I have not seen one piece of genuine investigative reporting dealing with facts and the past and present history that makes the last frontier we call the Southeast Sector.

Rachel Gordon continues to paint a great fake picture - after all she made herself whole at City Hall with the Blessings of Mayor Gavin Newsom. The Chronicle sent her in and out of the closet but then because of the Queens and others some one relented and gave her a chance. She will take every single opportunity to paint a false picture when writing about most things rotten at City Hall.

The polls meaning nothing facts stand tall and we know when we smell a rose and when something stinks in Denmark. Gavin stands tall because of the Getty's and we know where all the oil came from.

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