When history is relegated to the waste basket and some cronies mostly Black try to divide the community the best you get from the Southeast Facility at 1800 Oakdale in the Bayview is more or less the sludge comparable that is found near by at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

Paradoxically, the Southeast Facility at 1800 Oakdale in the Bayview was built on a once dirty, toxic, metal scrap facility and as a mitigation facility to provide quality amenities to the Bayview Hunters Point and surrounding areas - the community at large. The near by Raw Sewage Plant adversely impacts the Bayview Hunters Point and nearby community and now more so the Southeast Community Facility at 1800 Oakdale because of largesse.

The Southeast Facility at 1800 Oakdale boast a Commission but the Commission has no clout and performs some drab functions more in keeping with an Advisory Board. The meetings are boring and the discussion at hand bordering on nonsense.

Very little public input and members that are not in tune with the happenings at ground zero and reality. The current Chairwoman is a puppet and follows the dictates of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission carte blanche. A remnant of the Willie L. Brown Jr. corrupt machinery a cancer that plagues San Francisco and has adversely impact real progress.

The Facility Director calls himself Doctor Toye Moses and over the years he has grown to love his pay check and less perform to serve the community. He thinks the facility is his fiefdom much as some Nigerian Village Chief would - only he forgets that in America divisiveness and promulgating cronyism is bad. Gone are the days when he could run to Willie L Brown Jr. to get his behind massaged. City College has taken over the Southeast Facility for some years now to accommodate pettiness and I will be talking to the Board that has jurisdiction over the largesse that has spread like a virus while one or two mostly Black are ruining it for everyone.

It amazes me now Cocaine Addicts and Life Style issues are cast aside and the community forced to swallow mandates from those that are NOT trusted. The verbosity and fake smiles go so far but when the evidence is presented - linked to educational empirical data, quality performance, and long term job placement buffoonery prevails and reigns at the Southeast Facility.

The Southeast Facility was built as a mitigation facility to generate money for the community. It was never designed to pay the salaries of an all Black Upper Management that lack leadership. Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

Recently after over two years of careful monitoring and patience I attended a meeting where some fools tried to portray that the Southeast Facility was used some what arbitrarily to fulfill some vague mission objective that no one could spell out in simple terms. The Health and Safety of those youth and others that visit and use the facility is constantly in harms way.

Given the opportunity to explain these cronies of the Willie L. Brown administration will get defensive. If the Federal Bureau of Investigation is brought in a can of worms will be opened. There is NO single operation in this facility that meets any Standards.

The Facility should be utilized to serve the community and especially the youth. However, according to the initial plans there was to be a complete floor to serve the Seniors. That floor has now be taken over by activities that pander to the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee (BVHP PAC) that is completely under the control of Marcia Rosen and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA).

More corruption is carried out at the 1800 Oakdale Facility at the various close meetings then any other place in the Bayview Hunters Point. Survey areas become Project areas with little process and faulty documents linked to Environmental Impact Reports and SFRA. We have a few corrupt Blacks within the BVHP PAC that have sold out the community and continue to so since 1998. A year or so ago one member of the BVHP PAC was assaulted by no other then the present President of the BVHP PAC. When the fools are told the truth they become violent and behave like street thugs.

Again and again our students are not given the opportunities to express themselves. There is no real orientation and no model that permits time lines, accountability and transparency. There are some that are not capable of running a small zoo facility that is charged to cater to youth and higher learning.

Security is compromised because the people in charge that earn huge salaries and do little to garner some quality evaluation and performance linked to long term placement of our students - fail again and again. The District 10 Supervisor is now poised to make the Southeast Facility a one stop facility to accommodate so called training of our youth based on the Mandela Model that has been a stunning failure.

Some talk the talk but they cannot walk the walk. From the days when they thought they could run a Bank to the times when they think they can play with fire - and ruin the lives of our youth. There should be term limits and no one should be able to work continuously for more then two terms of 3 years each.

Any way you look the African American population is diminishing in the Southeast Area and the entire San Francisco area. Asians and Latinos are in and taking over large areas very quickly. The poorer sections of the African American community has been entrenched with drugs and there has been a victimization of this evil crack dominated culture for over a decade that has decimated the Black community. This general statement does not include every one but the majority according to surveys that baffle the experts - but it is the TRUTH. Single mothers and poor home facilities and unhealthy environment plagued with fungi and other such adverse impacts make the situation - staggering. The Middle Class minority Black Community is moving out to the suburbs and will NOT send their children to a second class poor organized and managed Southeast Community Facility that provides very poor educational services to our youth and the community at large.

Milton Mark Jr. should initiate an investigation complete with the hundreds of assaults, stabbings, and other dire adverse impacts that NO education institution should tolerate that affects the good name of the community and the Elders like Espanola Jackson. Mayor Gavin Newsom as usual has no idea what is really going on. Cronies feed him with platitudes and lies but facts portray a time bomb waiting to explode.

The fools at the Southeast Community Facility have been making hay while the sun in shining. You cannot fool all the people all the time. Enough is enough. Others and I have been watching and what we see, hear, listen, and experience is mind boggling. That is why I give you folks an F-.

If I do not see a change in 3 months I will expose the Southeast Facility complete with all the data I have acquired and rest the case to the authorities to adjudicate. Toye Moses and the others better get their act together for too long the community has not been told the truth and something drastic is required to bring sunshine and progress linked to the Southeast Facility at 1800 Oakdale and the community at large.

The 1800 Oakdale Facility was built for the community at large and not to cater to City College and other Mickey Mouse Operations in the name of this, that and the other. That includes Job Placement with long term jobs and careers that benefit those that visit but get nothing much - but hot air from the facility in the basement and away from oversight.

The Latinos, Asians, and Samoans in particular have not been heard and what is more they will not say it but fear the climate of hostility, poor administration and very poor performance. There are folks making money, whiling their time and insulting the community every single day. This behavior must stop and a renewed effort based on Accountability and Transparency. Character is important and people that lie cannot fly. The time will come when all will be exposed - for the good of the majority.

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