Many years ago when there were NO fancy names like Project Opportunity, Project Homeless Connect, Project Bluff, Project that leads no where, Project Opportunist there were Projects that worked for some such as the Model City Project and other projects.

Opportunities for Welfare Mothers mostly in Public Housing was started by Espanola Jackson and helped many families in the Bayview Hunters Point and all over the City and County of San Francisco. It went beyond to all of California.

Today the Director of Mayor's Office of Community Development is busy trying to create a niche so that he can lead with cronies mostly that live in Oakland and try to teach folks in the Bayview Hunters Point how to turn their destiny and seek opportunities.

City Build is a bad idea because those that are involved with it be it the Department of Public Works, Sophie Maxwell, Dwayne Jones, Cedric Jackson all do not have the trust of the public at large. Then you have other folks like Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, various cronies at the Mayor's Office, the Mayor himself that are using the community.

Ploys like WiFi at Alice Griffith is going no where even though Google is backing the Mayor's Office but Google is losing on the Stock Market and open defiance with the Federal Government's order leads us and many to believe that Google has more then one agenda when it comes to their rich and well maintained PLATFORM.

Some City Board of Supervisor are pushing for an Ordinance to address Crime and Violence in the Bayview Hunters Point. We have over 3000 small businesses in the zip code 94107, 94124, and 94134 and all of them pay taxes. Then we have home owners over 60% in the Bayview Hunters Point and they pay taxes. We have some very large industrial businesses and they all pay taxes on time. The City and County of San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Jose Cisneros his Treasurer, his Assessor Phil Ting, and other cronies love to collect taxes from the Southeast Sector but care NOT to invest in our community. This City has a 5 billion dollar budget but does the Southeast Sector which makes a lot of money for the City - injustice.

As I predicted a long time ago all the Project Connect and other ploys will run out of gimmicks. Soon those that initiate the ploys will lose their jobs and the real CONTENT will be exposed to the world. Just like all the Mickey Mouse games that are being played at the Southeast Community Facility that will play an important role with all the curricula linked to City Build and is teeming with largesse.

There is NO meaningful outreach to the Latinos, the Asian, the Samoans, others in the Bayview Hunters Point and if Dwayne Jones wants to use divisiveness to create further turmoil he can shove his plans he knows where. He failed Young Community Developers (YCD). If he is kicked out he will have failed the Mayor's Office of Community Development. He is from Oakland and thinks he is sent to rescue Public Housing residents and other poor community folks with Fake Opportunities - there is no doubt in my mind that all these fake ploys will lead us no where.

Dwayne Jones got millions to train youth and give them good jobs in connection with the MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail and he failed us. This project was over $650 million and has yet to be completed.

Then Dwayne Jones placed himself on the Board of Directors with Private Industry Council (PIC) and did a lousy job and some linked with Conflict of Interest. He still continues to work with Laura Luster who was with him on the PIC Board and was paid $50,000 for writing a lousy White Paper that is going no where linked to City Build.

Laura Luster does not live in San Francisco and has no business making her money here in San Francisco. Then you have Koffi Bonner we all remember that weasel from his days at City Hall - he now is the Vice President of Lennar BVHP LLC making his rounds at City Hall and all the time dividing the community. These scumbags seem not to learn and it is time the community reject them one by one - Laura Luster and her cronies, Koffi Bonner and his cronies, Dwayne Jones and his cronies, the rest of the buffoons that owe allegiance to such CROOKS.

Over $200 million right now is in the pipe line for Clean Up at the Hunters Point Shipyard and all of it is going to Tetra Tech. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer have no clue that no opportunities are given to the local businesses and local population affected by the toxins and mandated to be helped by the Superfund agreements linked to the Hunters Point Shipyard.

We have folks from far away and White like Amy Brownell that works for the San Francisco Department of Health and Saul Bloom also known as Donald Solomon telling us that they have the best knowledge about Parcel E which is NOT under the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco. They want $283,500 to tell us poor folks how best they can help us clean our back yard. If this is not slavery of the worst order what is? Then they tell us that they will explain in simple language the complicated documents when all the time we do not trust time. They have heroin addicts do their bidding and divide the community at large.

Shame on the cronies mostly Black that testified at the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency on December 20, 2005 in Room 416 in favor of Donald Solomon aka Saul Bloom. With such sell outs our community will make NO progress and that is the crux of the problem our community is divided. Without UNITY we can get NO progress.

Even as we speak our community is suffering home owners are asked to pay huge fees linked to infrastructure improvements with threat to put a lean on their homes. People in Public Housing that have lived for years harassed by the Housing Authority with no help from the City and County of San Francisco and Mayor Gavin Newsom. Our children are sent to schools not familiar to them because schools familiar to them have been shut down. We have Black leaders in the community all sell outs and pandering to the City and other cronies that line their pockets. While all the time the community is suffering - every single day. Mayor Gavin Newsom is a failure when it comes to the Southeast Sector and we all know he is listening to the Commercial Interests and other vested interests mostly linked with some high rolling dubious entities that do not have the interests of the San Franciscans in mind. Most folks in the Bayview Hunters Point do not trust City Hall.

Project Opportunities for the Community is a ploy that will go no where.

Now we have several foxes from Oakland in the hen house. This is not the old South and gone are the days when old tricks from an old stinky bag will FOOL us all that know the truth by surprise.

Dwayne Jones better take a Greyhound and head back from where he came. Remember that day you met Malik the Artist - it has been years and no good has come from you - your Project Connections are not connecting the dots.

In the mean time the Housing Authority has been removing poor folks from Public Housing and making them homeless. People that have lived for years are kicked out because they forget to transfer a name or for some minor infraction. I know Rent Control is in force in the City and so is the Precautionary Principle and so are other laws. Some think they are beyond the law time will tell.

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