Divisiveness by Mayor Gavin Newsom in the Bayview Hunters Point adversely impacts Quality of Life Issues and puts thousands in harms way. No progress can be made in any area without transparency and accountability. Chicago is not San Francisco and the Windy City will never replace the Foggy City that we are known for.

The comparison does not stop there because San Francisco is a Classy City but of late it lacks leadership. Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way and Mayor Gavin Newsom has failed in many ways when it comes to delivering to the community at large.

I represent the First People the Muwekma Ohlone and this land we call San Francisco was stolen from the First People. The City of San Francisco understands this but those that are guilty do not want the Truth to be told. We continue to show less respect to Mother Earth.

The City and County has not addressed the miles of sewage and clean water pipes that need replacing. Millions of gallons of sewage and water leak into the watershed and pollutes the Earth. Millions of untreated sewage pollutes the San Francisco Bay.

We have yet to come to grips with our Energy Consumption. While we brag about Clean Energy and dream about Solar, Wind, and Tidal projects we have done nothing much besides generating a lot of hot air or better known as verbosity. Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to place 3 Combustion Turbines spewing 2.5 particulates in the Bayview.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Environment in particular have failed to address Air Pollution. In the last 3 years our air has gone so bad in some areas that Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies should feel ashamed of themselves. The City should study the air samples and if they have the guts publish the results for the public to see. Today we have over a 100 very dangerous pollutants adversely impacting thousands of innocent San Franciscans leading pollutants mercury, lead and killer particulates. The Directors of Community Development and the Director of Economic Development and Workforce that the Mayor constantly talks to have failed the constituents of San Francisco and more the constituents from the Bayview Hunters Point. They do not serve San Franciscans and you can just visit their offices to find out.

It is a joke when the City Planning Department goes through so many changes and where the present leadership has to deal with the largesse and serious adverse impacts left by former Directors. Again and again many big projects have harmed the Quality of Life issues in this great City we affectionately call San Francisco.

The Better Neighborhood Plus Ordinance has been proposed to defeat the very standards any Planning Department has and some five or so White Men are out to teach us all a lesson with less Transparency and lesser Accountability. Of course what can we say when Joke McGoldrick heads an Ordinance that really will not go anywhere because it lacks the good for the City and serves less the consensus of informed leaders from our Neighborhoods.

Mayor Gavin Newsom brags that he has traveled all over the Nation and some countries in the world and all that is good. However, San Francisco is unique we have limited land and blessed with water on three sides. We have unique hills and little Open Space compared to 20 years ago. The Mayor has no vision but a lot of hot air laden with SPIN.

In recent years there has been talk of high density buildings but NO TALK of Quality of Life issues. While there has been talk about parking - there has been no talk about air pollution or about caring for the population some 60% plus of the population that will be over 65 years 5 years from now.

Not once have I heard a meaningful discussion when it comes to garbage disposal. High density buildings bring thousands of folks to congregate and live in one place generating thousands of tons of garbage. Not once have I heard or witnessed a dialogue that deals with the garbage generated, the disposal operations, and incentives to send less garbage to our landfills. For years I have been talking about Deconstruction and reusing materials from demolished buildings where the materials can be used to bring a holistic approach to this pertinent issue. Recently great citizens of San Francisco like Joe O'Donoghue and Joe Cassidy came out of their way to enlighten a faulty ordinance that was being hastily brought before the Board of Supervisors to be passed and impact our future. Added input hopefully will address fewer materials from demolished buildings being sent to our landfills.

Our Public Transportation once served many and people felt safe going places. Public transportation has changed and all because the MUNI Planning Department has had no vision. The same drab transportation plans that are going no where and not serving the public at large. MUNI Lightrail on 3rd Street is waiting for two bridges one at Marin Street and the other at 4th and King to be completed. The bridges should have been completed two years ago but Mayor Gavin Newsom sees the rosy picture and does not mind waiting for results because he does not really understand Infrastructure and cost over runs.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has no clue about thousands of poor families that live in despicable conditions in the Mission, Bayview, Public Housing all over the City, the Western Addition with lots of talk about Care not Cash but constant harassment of the poor in this City of San Francisco named after Saint Francisco Assisi.

I have known Mayor Gavin Newsom for a long time and from time have spoken to him directly and he listens as least that is what I have gauged from just observing him at those critical moments. Of late especially in the last 2 years Mayor Gavin Newsom has placed his faith on cronies that surround him that have ulterior motives and depend on Spin and Media Lies to vouch for the Mayor. Such tactics have come to haunt the Mayor and I hope he will change his modus operandum.

San Francisco lacks a through study of our Landmark Buildings. Some years ago some folks drove by some buildings much like a window shopping spree and created a document that City Planning has referenced as some document worth referencing. It is time this City of San Francisco under Mayor Gavin Newsom set aside real money for a real document creating a good document linked to our hundreds of Landmark Sites and Buildings. It is time we have good Historical Districts like San Diego, Boston and so on.

In recent months our San Francisco Police Department has witnessed a RIFT. This rift will harm many and even as I write this article the rank and file of the San Francisco Police Department does not agree with the policies coming from the higher quarters. I have kept an open channel for a long time but in recent months all I can say is that I have NO trust in some quarters and will only confide in those few I am at present talking to. Our Police Commission including the two new appointees is a JOKE. Too many cases and too many victims have fallen prey to red tape and corruption.

All the above factors impact the Bayview Hunters Point area in greater measure but all of San Francisco too. The people from District 10 have NO representation and the woman Supervisor has been described by me numerous times as being inept, ignorant, and very arrogant. She keeps calling for public hearings so that some folks can vent but she will not act nor has she made Quality of Life changes that impact thousands.

In recent years guns and drugs have flooded the Bayview Hunters Point. The number of heroin and crack cocaine addicts has reached a very high number. We do have those that stand on some street corner and drink alcohol but the drugs that really cause a lot of dangerous situations are heroin, crack cocaine, meth, and host of other drugs easily available every where - the same with guns complete with ammunition.

It is NOT uncommon completely unknown to the fools that want to pass an Ordinance linked to the sale of alcohol to see corrupt thugs sell alcohol out of vans that make stops and sell cheap alcohol with a higher potency to get drunk very cheaply anytime the alcoholics want their dose to get inebriated. Of course the dumb Sophina Maxwell would not know that nor would her bevy or cronies that she trumped up to show up and testify at a hearing where only a few comments were well thought of. She did the same with the crime and violence ordinance that can have NO impact with a well thought of Community Policing. In the Southeast as long as we have sellouts we will not make progress, folks like Karen Pierce, Olin Webb, Jesse Mason, Cedric Jackson, Toye Moses the various Black pastors that are building poor quality homes and hood winking the public but not serving the constituents of Bayview Hunters and defending Quality of Life issues for those that have suffered for so long.

The Black Leadership brags that the population in the Bayview Hunters point is mostly Black. This is a myth and Latinos, Asians, and others not Black are moving in and taking over large areas. The City has a Black population of a little fewer than 6% of the total population of San Francisco and growing less daily. One has just to go door to door to see the drastic changes in the Bayview.

The Black Leadership has failed the community. The Blacks heading the Southeast Community Commission, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency linked to Parcel A, the Bayview Project Area Committee have all failed the community. Other cronies and they all know who they are should feel ashamed of themselves for not contributing an iota to the good of the community at large in the Bayview. The scum of the earth the cronies that owe their allegiance to former Willie L. Brown Jr.

Some say we have over 100 Black Churches in the Bayview all shouting at the top of their voices and looking to high heaven for donations but no help to the congregation and less to the community of poor Black folks.

No one is listening to the youth especially at the Southeast Community Facility. Youth are treated very badly and I have heard idiotic remarks from folks that call themselves Directors. Mayor Gavin Newsom should step up and fire these scumbags - give them a one way ticket to Alaska to shill out for ever - much like those sent to Humboldt County.

City College better start paying higher rents for the classrooms and use less of the Southeast Facility at 1800 Oakdale in the Bayview that was meant to serve the community at large. They can expand the facility at Evans and cater to the many expanded programs there. District 10 has the highest population of youth and the least amount of service and opportunities for our youth. In the last 5 years hundreds of youth have gone to Juvenile Detention Center and then gone back again and again. Many now linger in jails and that includes a very high percentage of women and girls. There has been a plan to undermine a community mostly of Blacks while the Black Leadership in the Bayview has NOT taken any responsibility.

San Francisco continues to sponsor Arc Ecology, Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ), and Bayview Hunters Point Advocates all very corrupt Community Based Organization with leaders that are sellouts.

Saul Bloom aka Donald Solomon leads the way and continues to make large amount of money - right now he is working hard to get a $283,500 grant each year for 3 years. Thousands in the Bayview do not make $12,000 a year and many make less then $9000 a year!

Dana Reid Lanza the former Director of LEJ now operates her evil designs from New York after raking in millions. Good riddance of very bad rubbish. It is our hope that the community will see the truth and get rid of the presence of Saul Bloom aka Donald Solomon and his evil designs fleecing the community with the help of Mayor Gavin Newsom, Jesse Blout, Marcia Rosen, and Michael Cohen in the Bayview.

Mayor Gavin Newsom continues to encourage divisiveness in the Bayview Hunters Point and many may not believe it but our City of San Francis Assisi in the last 3 years has become very Racist. Black leaders instead of empowering themselves continue to pander to the Mayor and his cronies that are out to destroy our community. Any takers.

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