Islais Creek Bridge.


Parallel to the 3rd Street Bridge by Marin Street a brand new bridge over Islais Creek is being built. It will connect to Illinois Street and over it will ply millions of vehicles spewing the most toxic particulates into the air. This proposed bridge is just 100 feet away from the above mentioned bridge.

The surrounding Bay water will be polluted and with it the land and air. Of course the frogs, the birds and the fish and let us not forget the thousands of humans that live and work in the area.

The jurisdiction of the area comes under the San Francisco Port Authority and this bridge really should not be here and does not meet the mandates of the Burton Act but the dirty politics of the SF Port Authority have made this evil project possible.

There is really no use of any rail connection over this Islais Creek Bridge but the SF Port Authority some how favors a rail link which makes this project all the more dubious.

Most citizens of San Francisco have no clue about the Islais Creek Bridge and it is time people speak up as this bridge will add to the pollution of this area and adversely impact a wider area slowly killing thousands as thousands of pounds of toxic particulates pollute the area.

The Illinois Street which already has very heavy traffic will now accommodate millions of extra vehicles. All the truck traffic from the near by concrete companies, the United States Post Office, hundreds of businesses, the Garbage Trucks and many other trucks all carry heavy loads will ply over this bridge and on Illinois Street. Add to this the cars.

There has been very little dialog linked to this bridge and the community at large. David Beaupre and Dianne Oshima has been spear heading this project and have done a poor job working for the San Francisco Port Authority. The Environmental Impact Report is defective but what can the lay men do when the crooks use any means, mostly wrong to attain their goals.

The San Francisco Port Commission is a joke and when this important matter came before it it just went with the flow, refusing to listen to pertinent comments that made sense and voting in favor of this bridge which really serves no purpose besides polluting a wide area.

Mayor Gavin Newsom brags that San Francisco is a Green City but he is not fully aware that this bridge on Islais Creek will cause very heavy pollution. Near by the 3 Combustion Turbines by Pier 80 will further add to the pollution. The Combustion Turbines will emit tiny particulates - PM 2.5 and when these toxic particulates enter one's body it is difficult to flush them out. It is not uncommon for most people to die when they are constantly exposed to toxic particulates.

The Islais Creek Bridge is a hundred feet from the 3rd Street Bridge near Marin Street. Some say because of MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail the new Islais Creek Bridge is needed - however, most experts say no.

The Islais Creek Bridge has added to the destruction of Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary. The Bridge has a staging ground right in the middle of the Park and this has ruined all the vegetation and other precious life like the Chorus Frog. The Birds, Animals, and insects that once abounded in the area the last frontier now are doomed because of this dubious project that stems from greed and more very poor judgment on the part of the San Francisco Port Authority.

The Islais Creek is now being constructed by Shimmick and Homer and this company is not exactly the best to build a bridge but what can you expect from the poor judgment of the SF Port Authority.

Check out some of the photographs and then go and check out the site yourself. You will in for a big, big surprise.

Islais Bridge by Pier 80.

Traffic on 3rd Street Bridge.

Heavy construction on 3rd Street.

The Bridge of added pollution.

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