The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) has the worst track record when it comes to displacing homes, facilities and people. SFRA has been a failure at Mission Bay, screwed thousands over in the Western Addition and will now that SFRA has got its way in the Bayview Hunters Point.

March 2, 2006 in Room 250 at City Hall the SFRA and the SF Planning Commission met to certify the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) linked to Bayview Hunters Point and over 2,568 acres. The people protested and there were some sell outs and the SFR the primary agency decided to certify the EIR. We shall not forget 3 Blacks that could have done better but sold the community Francee Covington, Leroy King, and London Breed that sit of the SFRA Commission.

None of these SFRA Commissioners could state anything sensible and did not dare address the pertinent issues linked to the EIR because gathering from their statements they had made up their minds. They also probably did not read the EIR lacking the intelligence to comprehend complicated environmental issues that adversely impact communities.

The Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee (BVHP PAC) sold out the community. The BVHP PAC has been in place for 9 years. The first 2 years it had legal elections and the rest of the years have held no legal election and hence all its deliberations are null and void.

Angelo King who heads the BVHP PAC favors the SFRA plan because he is on the take. He states that the SFRA will bring jobs that have nothing to do with SFRA. SFRA is not about jobs it is about declaring areas Project Areas and then seeking developers to build facilities and units. It is about Negro Removal and the dumb ass simply does not get it. Some other idiots joined in the fray to address issues not related to the EIR but issues such as jobs, fear of the future, that have nothing to do with the EIR. The dumb statements gave the SF Planning Commissioners a bad impression and impressed them about the ignorance linked to some of the dumb statements. Marcia Rosen the Director of the SFRA lied again and again about the Bayview Hunters Point. The SFRA came into the Bayview in 1968. The Hunters Point Shipyard closed in 1974. It is only in the last 3 years that the SFRA has chosen to expand the Project Area from a small focused area to over 2568 acres impacting over 80,000 people, homes, facilities, and infrastructure directly and indirectly.

The SFRA has been slow to address pollution and has no clue about the proposed 3 Combustion Turbines within the Project Area by Cesar Chavez and near Pier 80. The Mirant plant, the 3 proposed Combustion Turbines that will emit PM 2.5, the tallow plant better know as the Darlin plant, the millions of vehicles spewing diesel on the new proposed Illinois Street, and 40 other elements have not been analyzed. The recent clear cutting of over 400 trees on Parcel A adversely impacted an area within the Project Area.

No where in the EIR is there a through traffic analysis of the critical traffic routes and congestion points. There has been no effort made to analyze the traffic and other adverse impacts from neighboring areas such as Brisbane, Burlingame, and other neighboring areas within San Francisco. This so called EIR is not only fake but very faulty.

There are vast areas within the Project Area and on Hunters Point that have been contaminated by radiological elements - a couple of areas have radiological radicals that emit cesium and not a word about this factor in the EIR. The idiots have not read the Final Historical Radiological Report. Shame on the Commissioner that voted for this nonsense EIR.

Vast lands within the EIR have Cultural impacts. The land belonged to the First People the Ohlone and Sacred Burial Grounds. No mention of Cultural impacts. No mention of the Shrimp and Herring fish industry and the outreach to those Asians that are now within the Project Area and were once in the Bayview before many others came to live. Very poor outreach to the Samoans, the Latinos, others that live in the Bayview in the thousands and know next to nothing about the SFRA and the EIR. We have no through Housing Element and no sound Transportation Document discussion linked to the EIR and yet the SFRA has chosen to impact a wide area and have no meaningful dialog with the constituents of the Bayview Hunters point much like the slave masters treating slaves without any respect. And this nonsense in happening in the Bayview Hunters Point in 2006 headed by folks like Mayor Gavin Newsom and Marcia Rosen.

It was wrong for Young Community Developers to sell out the community. The EIR is not about jobs it is about addressing the adverse impacts. Many advocates like Espanola Jackson and Francisco Da Costa will not support those entities that sold out their community. We have it on video tape the fools that testified and spoke in favor of a fake and faulty EIR linked to the SFRA Project Area in the Bayview Hunters Point.

SFRA has used ignorant people to convince them that Eminent Domain is not an issue in this case. Eminent Domain is so real that right now many businesses are being harassed. If some Blacks think they will profit from SFRA they are totally mistaken. SFRA is all about exploitation and in this case making millions using the tool - TAX INCREMENT.

SFRA is poised to build 49er City at the cost of poor mostly people of color. It is wrong as it is being done right now where thousands of people are kicked out of Public Housing - out of the community and into other areas that do not favor Quality of Life issues.

The EIR does not fully address pollution of the air in the Bayview Hunters Point. The pollution of the land and water affecting over 80,000 constituents. It mentions Yosemite Slough that is full of the worst pollution and saturated with PCBs.

No where does the EIR address Community Benefits. It has no place for real Open Space and does not guarantee Quality of Life issues that any meaningful development adheres too. Marcia Rosen, Jesse Blout, Dwayne Jones, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Larry Florin is all out to make a fast buck at the cost of the people and using Tax Increment as a tool. This matter can only be resolved by taking this sensitive matter to Court. SFRA has failed many times before and this time the worst crooks including SF City Attorneys have lined up to kill the community. They all have blood on their hands but this time the fight is on.

On March 7, 2006 more people will show up in room 416 at City Hall and fight for what is right. This time around we will not permit the bullies and the ignorant SFRA Commissioners to take the high road. As some one said even if they run for the position of dog catchers we will get them!

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