The SF Sewer Master Plan.


As long as we have crooks like Susan Leal an inept and very arrogant Manager of San Francisco. Her opening statement at the March 24, 2006 workshop was as soon as she was appointed Manger of SFPUC Sophie Maxwell ask Susan Leal what was she going to about the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant?

This statement could not have further from the Truth since for sure Susan Leal on learning that Mayor Gavin Newsom had given her the job with a salary of over $300,000 plus benefits was most probably pussy footing with her immediate circle of friends. For sure her nose smelled something but that opening lie said it all. The woman will look you straight in the eye and lie.

Some years ago the constituents of San Francisco authorized a $1.6 million Bond Measure both to address the Clean Water and the Waste Water issues linked to our aging infrastructure. We have over 900 miles of sewage pipes and 1900 miles of clean water pipes in San Francisco. Most of them leaking and very old - as age goes over 70 years old. Immense damage is being done over the years to our Watershed.

When the last Bond Measure was passed the original idea to address both systems was changed mid course the $1.6 is being spent to address relevant issues linked to the Clean Water and Hetch Hetchy issues. Add to that $3 billion from the other Regional partners and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has over $4.6 billions dollars to play with more to waste.

One must remember when San Francisco authorized the Bond Measure linked to the uncertain Big One and the aging infrastructure. The constituents failed to put a fiscal cap of certain projects. Failed to address in writing the precise technical language with goals and concrete time lines linked to the Bond Measure. In essence the constituents of San Francisco gave the inept, ignorant, and very arrogant SFPUC a blank check. This has never happened before. Over the last two years I have attended workshops and heard the long drawn out speech by the crooks that get paid well at SFPUC - especially the inner circle that favors life style appointments. Hence all the pussy footing and abject failure on matters of interest linked to the Bond Measure.

In mid course the original plan was changed initially the plan was to have 4 huge pipes to bring the precious sacred Hetch Hetchy water that was stolen from the First People. Now, suddenly the inept, ignorant, and very arrogant SFPUC folks decided to have 3 pipes to bring the precious Hetch Hetchy water to the Bay Area.

We have yet to address other factors such as the Calaveras Dam and seismic abnormalities that will affect any infrastructure in any shape and form. When the Big One strikes it will take it all - there is a remote possibility that newer infrastructure may survive but as I said that is a very remote possibility.

It was wrong for SFPUC to completely ignore the constituents of San Francisco wishes to address the infrastructure in its totality - both the Clean Water system and the Waste Water system. It is wrong to give the crooks at SFPUC a blank check and now permit them to have more Bond Measure money. The ones working now for SFPUC and doing a lousy job must go. For sure that includes Susan Leal a non engineer.

Today the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant takes 80% of City's sewage and sewage from Brisbane, parts of Daly City, and from other areas that SFPUC is not revealing to the Public. It charges these clients to take their sewage and no one know how much.

It is wrong today to take all the sewage from the Presidio of San Francisco and bring it all the way to Bayview. It is wrong to use the North Point Treatment Plant only during the wet season and permit all the sewage from China Town and the Financial District to come to the Bayview. Right now we cannot TRUST the present SFPUC, Manager Susan Leal and her cronies. We must have some assurance in writing that 50% of the sewage now coming to the Bayview should go to the Ocean Side Treatment Plant next to the San Francisco Zoo.

The SFPUC refuses to address any requests under the Public Records Act. I have had numerous requests to SFPUC and it takes forever to get some answer. Other Public Record Act requests are just are NOT responded to. This behavior is completely uncalled for. Recently Kimo Crossman took on the SFPUC after he too was ignored. These scumbags that work for the SFPUC are paid by the constituents and work for us - not the other way around.

The proposed Bond Measure linked to Waste Water should not be a Blank Check where as with the previous Bond Measure the constituents were taken for a ride. Stringent requirements must be incorporated into any Bond Measure linked to the aging Infrastructure.

As part of the Rate Increase linked to Waste Water charges many of us attended the requisite meetings and expressed our deep concern that new construction should be charged "capacity" fees. The SFPUC has defied the constituents and continues to burden the home owners and other owners - to share the burden of capacity fees linked to Sewage Rates.

Thus SFPUC has failed miserably in its policies and rulings and fails to collect million of dollars. Early on it failed to charge the proper Clean Water rates to Regional users and had to refund millions of dollars. The SFPUC under Susan Leal is a failure and will continue to be a failure. The woman is not worth the $300,000 salary the City and County of San Francisco is wasting on this ignorant person.

Right now we have over 10 cases where African Americans have lost their jobs because they have been harassed. The SFPUC is the only department where nooses were placed to intimidate African Americans and with all the hearings and deliberations - nothing has come of it.

Had some straights discriminated against the many Queer that infest the SFPUC there would have been a hue and cry. No one is talking about all this pussy footing and it stinks to high heaven. Now, some African Americans having no clue are participating in out reach and so called Dog and Pony Shows to bluff ignorant constituents that the Sewage System should be replaced. The paradox is that the excreta are processed in the Bayview. The stench is in the Bayview. The pathogens spewed and inhaled is the Bayview. The Particulates are in the Bayview killing thousands slowly but surely.

Most of these African American or Negroes do not live in the community. At one time they did but now they do not live. They take money from SFPUC to do SFPUC's dirty work. These idiots should be ashamed of themselves. They have no idea about the Bond Measure, less of the "capacity fees", still less about the engineering the Bond Measure.

These vermin will sell the community for some little soiled money. And then you have cronies of the Willie L. Brown Regime Bobbie Brown sits on the Southeast Commission that has no clout but has a daughter that works for SFPUC. A guy John Scott was facilitating the meeting and had no clue about the impending Bond Measure and related factors.

There were presentation made but one glance at the look of the audience and it was as blank as a block of ice. Then to add fuel to fire there were no Samoans from the community, no Asians from the Community, one or two Latinos and these idiots call this a work shop for the community. The meeting was held on a Saturday, March 24, 2006 and was to start at 10 am but started closer to 11 am.

A ploy used at these Dog and Pony shows are the eats provided. I saw more folks in the audience and those trainees from Young Community Developers (YCD) talking randomly while the Presentation were made and really into the eats provided. Many of them bused to attend the meeting with no idea about what is really happening.

It has become a trend to give some money and fill the room with YCD trainees that have no clue about what the meeting is all about. This is wrong - our youth should not be used as a ploy. And it would right for YCD to stop trying to impress us all educated folks with ignorant statements as we have seen at the recent meetings linked to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) and the Bayview Project Area.

SFPUC is all about wasting million of dollars. Our Regional Partners at BASWA are fed up with Susan Leal and her cronies. The 2.4 million folks that get water from Hetch Hetchy get poorer services as the years go by.

The Environmental Impact Report linked to the Clean Water rehabilitation, maintenance, and replacement has great flaws. The whole project has major Significant Impacts and SFPUC takes us constituents as fools that can be taken for a ride. This all stinks to high heaven.

The Clean Water projects now being handled by SFPUC are faltering. Now the SFPUC wants to take on the Waste Water projects using Katrina and other ploys to put fear into our hearts. It is amazing how Tony Winniker and Susan Leal feel and think that they can fool all the people all the time.

Hardly had Susan Leal and Sophie Maxwell made their fake statements they left the audience to listen to technical diatribe and convoluted language. Imagine the audience trying to cope at the Work Shop. Added to that John Scott the facilitator asked everyone to hold their questions and thoughts to the end of the long presentations.

Present at this workshop were numerous SFPUC employees all well taken care of by huge salaries - and then of course you had the mostly African American sell outs - so called consultants that have no clue about the highly technical infrastructure projects and complicated Bond Measure fiscal modes that assures the SFPUC salaries and wasting Public Money.

Susan Leal.

The audience.

The aging Sewer System.

Sophie making small talk.

SFPUC employee going with the flow.

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