Sell outs mostly ignorant Blacks adversely impact Bayview Hunters point by selling out to San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) for some bread crumbs. It is a shame that some Blacks have NOT learned much from slavery and that we still have the House Slave mentality among some sell out Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point.

To put things in perspective today only 15% of the population in the Bayview Hunters Point comprise of Blacks. In 5 years this population will be down to 5% if not less.

35% of the population comprises of Asians and very few Asians have been incorporated into the dialogue linked to the Project Area. SFRA is all about blight, creating a fake tax base line, stealing property, and using tax increment to satisfy its own needs. SFRA has been a failure all over San Francisco.

30% of the population comprises of Latinos and this number will grow in 5 years. It is possible that in 5 years 40% of the population will be Latinos in the Bayview Hunters Point if not more.

20 % of the population is White and this figure will increase slightly.

We have over 5000 small businesses in the Bayview Hunters Point - more if we take District 10 as a whole. FedEx, numerous electrical and lumber warehouses, restaurants, the Main Post Office, a large number of vehicle maintenance facilities, the Ford Maintenance Facility, the 7UP bottling facility, numerous warehouses that cater to house furnishings, tile and cabinet warehouses, large produce facilities, and so on. The largest industrial facilities are found in the Project Area.

The Department of Public Works has its facilities in the Bayview. The Raw Sewage Plant, the tallow plant, the Concrete and Aggregate Companies - in fact al the heavy duty industrial facilities are found in the Bayview. That includes Sir Costa and the Scrap Metal facility. Millions of dollars that would go to General Fund will now suddenly go San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Why would anyone want to give so much to SFRA? The City needs the money.

SFRA has failed us with the Bloomingdale Project and failed to maintain the Landmark Status. This building had a dome that the Project funded by SFRA promised to preserve but did not. The Project has done nothing much to give good permanent jobs to San Franciscans.

The SFRA has failed us with the Transbay Terminal Project. Promising money to do the Environmental Impact Study and helping the SF Planning and then suddenly backing off. SFRA is very interested in high density units so that it can make money. It has failed us time and time again.

SFRA failed us at Mission Bay. Millions of square feet of commercial space are NOT occupied. Many businesses do not want to move to Mission Bay because of the pollution and poor air quality. SFRA gave huge breaks to University of California San Francisco (UCSF) at Mission Bay. UCSF cannot use the basements of many of the contemporary buildings because of pollution issues linked to the groundwater. One must remember the whole area is landfill and prone to liquefaction and polluted from San Fe operations of the past years.

SFRA failed us in the Western Addition. The Negro Removal was so through that today 85% of the Homeless Population are Black and in one way or the other are linked to the Negro Removal by SFRA at the Western Addition.

If SFRA is given a green signal at the Bayview Hunters Point thousands of poor Blacks will be out in the streets. Crime will increase and impact areas such as the Portola District. We already have over spill of crime mostly committed by Blacks.

SFRA continues giving loans to Crooks that are in bed with SFRA. Marcia Rosen is evil and will do anything to hurt poor people. She has not learned much from the Holocaust and a few others that work with her and share her philosophy of taking property using Blight and making hay while the sun shines. SFRA is not about JOBS and has never been about jobs. The Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee (BVHP PAC) should understand that once and for all. Angelo King knows little about SFRA and if this thug agency is not stopped in its track - he should be held responsible.

Poor people that got SFRA certificates years ago have not got housing or a chance to own their homes. SFRA is not about giving anyone a chance to own a home as owners of the land and the property. SFRA always STEALS the property that does not belong to them and holds on to the actual property and land forever.

SFRA has failed us at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The development has been stopped in the tracks because in 7 major areas radiological elements have been found. SFRA is for building 1600 homes in the middle of Chernobyl. This is wrong. SFRA has given the corrupt and crooked Lennar BVHP LLC millions of dollars of tax payer money. Why is not the BVHP PAC aware of this fact?

Roy Wills a sell out Black from Los Angeles who helped convey Parcel A got a million dollar bonus and after selling out the community moved to Los Angeles. It is such Blacks that sleep with SFRA that will ruin the community. An Electrician without any education such as Sophina Maxwell is a curse to Bayview Hunters Point and the community at large.

There has been NO meaningful dialog with the Asian population and especially with the Samoan population that comprises over 35% of the population in the Bayview Hunters Point.

There has been NO meaningful dialog with the Latinos that comprise over 30% of the population.

African Americans make only 15% percent of the population but a few among them are selling out the community. Thugs that have been to prison, other loud mouth ignorant folks that cannot focus on the Environmental Impact Report - talk about jobs and other unrelated issues. The meetings are becoming a mockery where thugs are bused in to fill the chamber and the meetings. At one meeting I was intimidated by a thug. If this is going to be the future some Blacks including the dumb, ignorant, and arrogant - Sophina Maxwell has rung the death knell of the few Blacks. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

I urge the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to kill the SFRA plan. I will go to Sacramento soon and personally apprise the authorities there of the SFRA thugs in San Francisco and their plan to steal land and adversely impact innocent folks. Our tax payer money should go to the City and County of San Francisco and the General Fund and not be given on a platter to SFRA and especially Marcia Rosen the lying woman and Director of SFRA.

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