Tearing down buildings without permits.


All over Bayview crooked developers using minimum safeguards and with no environmental and construction permits are tearing down buildings. The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) the most dubious quasi-State agency is working with crooked construction companies to make hay while the sun shines.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisor should protect Quality of Life issues but prefers to waste time while being paid by the tax payer some $116,000 plus benefits listening to the diatribe of the SFRA Director Marcia Rosen while crooked developers with a hidden agenda work on property that the taxpayer pays for and make tons of money for themselves.

You can see the bulldozers coming and plowing down land and buildings and putting up these small congested buildings for so called Senior Citizens and others rooms so small that a Queen Bed leaves little room to move around all over Bayview and on 3rd Street.

Some Blacks mostly from out of down and stained with House Slave mentality have sold out the community. Negro removal has started.

Aurelious Walker thinks nothing of building homes near Yosemite Slough which is much polluted and on Brown Fields that are capped and very poisonous. He loves his expensive cars and luxury which is becoming fashionable with Reverends who wear the fake collar and have poor theological and philosophical training. The simplicity that Jesus lived and preached is lacking. These men of the collar lie, love women, and are in love with the materialistic world. Worse when they come to testify at City Hall and do themselves and their kind dishonor. Sophie Maxwell is no where to be found she got her cut and is vacationing. She thinks sleeping in bed with SFRA and crooks will bring her some money in the short run but the injustice that she has been part of will haunt her for the rest of her life. We have a number of killings all Black youth and Sophina Maxwell is no where to be found. Her office will not return calls and forget scheduling a meeting with her she has cancelled noticed meetings because she is busy spending ill gotten loot.

All over 3rd Street speculators are busy vying for property. I have got several calls asking me for help to find properties and if I know of home owners willing to sell - many promise cash purchases and how they do it I do not know.

So far on 3rd Street I have not seen one decent complex with large enough rooms for families. What I have seen are one and two bed rooms so small that the larger rooms in Public Housing would put the crooked prospectors to shame. It is all about taking advantage of the poor while pretending to help but making tainted blood money on the back of those that need help most.

Of course SFRA and crooked folks from SFRA are ready to use Eminent Domain, Blight, Tax Increment, other dirty tricks to steal land and build high density units while the SFRA holds stake to the land. You can lease the units and live in them nothing more and nothing less. No sense of home ownership - the highest type of exploitation by San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

Jesse Blout from the Mayor Office of Economic Development sees no wrong. The SF Planning Department sees no wrong. The crooked Commissioners from the SFRA see no wrong is exploiting people especially those that need help most. The saving grace will be when Asians and Latinos gather in force and teach the SFRA a lesson. These communities can bring Real Estate know how and fiscal clout to clam out the SFRA into oblivion. As to the Blacks they have rung their death knell and a few of us that went all out to help them were stabbed in the back. Crooked Black leaders in the Bayview will sell their mothers for a dime. Most of them talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Only scumbags sell out the community and sleep with crooks like the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. They will pander to the folks like Marcia Rosen for bread crumbs - that includes folks like George Davis from the Senior Center on Yosemite Street who speaks from both sides of his mouth. Time will tell.

This and more on 3rd Street.

These are jobs SFRA promises!

Strong Arm tearing down tax payers beware!

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