Black Churches number over 70 in the Bayview Hunters Point and loud as the Ministers can get on the podium in their Churches they all have failed when it comes to Black on Black violence - the gun shots have silenced the fake rhetoric and all we hear is the thud of the coffin as it falls into the grave and then we move on only to attend another wake.

Black Churches have remained silent and keep whispering that something has to be done. Jesus went out into the community and was not afraid to confront those that did not accept his teachings. Today we have fake Ministers and Pastors interested in the tidings and donations and less the welfare of all children, men, and women across the various denominations.

It has become a business for Funeral Operations to make money and if one does not have money then one cannot attain the goals and fulfill the memories that have become traditional. People borrow money to have a grand funeral but care less when the dead youth was alive.

Never in the Black Community did anyone plan that young men would die before they reached their twentieth birthday. Never did any one plan that scores of youth would die over turf, drugs, and battles of words that could be settled if there was a will in the community. The Black Ministers are supposed to be the back bone of the Black Community but again and again they have failed us all miserably.

I have spoken to young men that do not go to Church and ask them why? They tell me the Pastors are fake and when you see some drive the best cars and favor the company of fine women - the youth see the hypocrisy of the day. Our Ministers, Pastors, Reverends have failed the youth in large measure because they have failed to walk in the shoes of humility and are afraid to face reality because most of them live a fake life.

Spirituality is about sacrifice and without sacrifice there can be no love. Gangsters are tight and real because lies and cheats have no place where time is of essence and certain critical transactions keep the gang family alive. There cannot be the fake spirituality that the Pastors propagate because no one ever challenges them. Gangs keep all transactions real and tight.

Gangs have rules and if you do not play by them you can forget to see the sunshine that one takes for granted. Snitches have no place and rightly so. So, when some others that have no clue about survival and encourage snitches - these vermin reveal their character. The San Francisco District Attorney a mistress of a former Mayor and dubious in nature has failed the constituents of San Francisco by her action and more by her vain talk.

Why would the District Attorney try to reinvent the wheel and have her own Witness Protection? Why would we want to have some one from Alameda tell us in San Francisco about failed programs from another era that will not work in San Francisco? Why do we again and again continue to trust failed missions and failed politicians?

The talent of the youth we have in the Bayview Hunters Point cannot be touched by the youth anywhere. Hunters Point has the lyrics the world dies for. Music and other talent flows in the veins of the HP youth but many have been slow to fathom the depth of this immense source. Great women and men have been born in the HP but the Black Church in recent years has failed to keep the fire burning.

The youth of the Bayview Hunters Point involved in gangs are cognizant of those that think they are superior and think the gang members are imbeciles. The SF District Attorney plays to Spin and the Media and in doing so has jumped into a cesspool of her own making.

No one starts a Witness Program that defies logic and then turns around and calls gang members cowards. It simply does great disservice to the community at large. We have seen a number of folks like Kamala Harris that on a private level fail as persons with character and then in public try to pontificate. Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. has a way to place certain folks in certain positions to play the game behind the scenes. Some folks are positioning themselves to be the future Mayor but I will tell you that will not be done by spilling blood of Black Youth and using Spin and Media to foster an agenda that will fail in the short and long term.

Missing in Action are our Pastors, Ministers, Reverends they talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Our youth cannot be fooled by some all the time. In the given circumstances we seek Truth and Women and Men that are Sincere - not fake Ministers who are as fake as the $10 collar they wear. I studied Theology and I studied Philosophy and may be I have some sense about the cloth the clergy wear and watch those that drive fancy cars and keep many mistresses and so can gauge the slurry from pristine water.

We cannot afford to spill blood without repercussions and the blood of those that die young always cries for restitution. Mayor Gavin Newsom would not understand what I am saying. Nor would the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice and the various dubious players. Nor the SF District Attorney who now has to deal with Mayor Gavin Newsom who has seen her true colors and we are all watching the plays as they unfold.

In the interim the death knell has been rung and the Black Ministers have some time to get their act together.

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