Fun games for the youth.


The Brown Bombers held their Family Event Day on June 10, 2006 at the Bayview Playground. This is the 3rd time All Islanders Gathering As One (AIGA1) helped organize and provide the food with San Francisco Recycling and Disposal and Jose at the grill doing the honors.

The Brown Bombers have been doing a yeoman service helping so many disadvantaged youth in the Bayview Hunters Point making it to love the game of football. Many Brown Bomber players have gone to High School to do well and some even to College and beyond.

The Brown Bombers do not get too much funding but they have the love of the parents, coaches, volunteers, friends, and of course the youth to live for. Known also for the cheer leaders on and off the field the Brown Bombers aim at excellence and honoring the good sports stands for.

The President of the Brown Bomber is Ranon Ross and he has together with his wife and the close association as family the coaches and volunteers led the Brown Bombers team to victory time and time again.

In recent years other teams have tried to pull the youth that once played for the Brown Bombers. It is all good as long as the youth play and improve themselves - learn some discipline and strive to do well as contributing citizen through sports.

American football is very popular among the youth as compared to Soccer also known as football the world around. I say that because right now I am watching the World Cup with some of the best Soccer players.

It does not matter which sport the youth play what matters is what keeps the youth healthy. If sports leads them to studying better and improving themselves to be good citizens and bringing honor to their parents, the coaches, the school, the neighborhood, the City and of course the world.

The Brown Bombers have done well and we will be supporting them through the years.

Jose doing the honors 3 years in a row.

Youth keeping it tight.

God's gift - Ranon Ross and John Nauer.

Francisco and Rodney Hampton.

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