Majeid Crawford and Jeff Adachi.

BMAGIC 2006 (8/28/06)

BMAGIC (Bayview Hunters Point Mobilization for Adolescent Growth in our Communities) is more than just an organization- it is mobilization of a community united around children and families. Formed in 2004 by the San Francisco Public Defender's office, Bayview MAGIC has now grown to over 42 organizations, businesses, faith-based groups, teachers, juvenile justice workers, and people from all walks of life who want to contribute to the future of our children in San Francisco.

I have an especial relationship with Jeff Adachi the San Francisco Public Defender who believes that our youth and families need the best this City and County of San Francisco can offer and towards that Jeff Adachi and his volunteers work very hard. Kudos.

Jeff Adachi would not have been where he is now if many of us did not work hard for him to elect him. Remember in San Francisco our Public Defender is elected. There was a time when the Burton Machinery and the Brown Machinery chose to confront Jeff Adachi who for all practical reason should have become our next Public Defender when the previous one resigned.

How ever the then Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. chose to anoint his god daughter Kimiko Burton to the post of Jeff Adachi and later the two corrupt machines gathered millions of dollars to oppose Jeff Adachi come election time. I was furious and so were many of us who worked hard to elect our good friend Jeff Adachi.

Some of us used all our resources and worked very hard to elect Jeff Adachi and when the final results were declared it was perhaps the sweetest victory in San Francisco's election history. I will never forget Willie Brown attending the ceremony at City Hall in Room 250 at the inauguration of Jeff Adachi and admitting defeat and learning perhaps the single most lesson of his life that he had made a great mistake embracing nepotism and cronyism. It was nice to see Jeff and all his relatives and feel the sense of pride and humility at the same time pride because he had won humility because there was much to be done. I was shaking hands with Jeff Adachi relatives and friends most Japanese American and boosting that we had won a great victory. I will not reveal to anyone what I told Willie L. Brown but he will remember what I said for the rest of his life.

People have short memories but those that stood by Jeff Adachi still stand in unison because we are family united to confront those forces that do not care for our youth. I have never asked a personal favor for me from Jeff Adachi is all the years I have know him. How ever I have requested him a couple of times to defend the youth that I considered needing help and have got the best support ever.

BMagic has done a lot for the youth in the Southeast Sector under the leadership of Yvette Robles who is close to me and a person that I admire when it comes to serving those that need held most.

The four sub-committees Program Development, Youth Services and Mentoring, Technology and Media, and of course Juvenile Justice keep BMagic occupied throughout the year. I attend a BMagic Workshop held at Forest Hill a year ago.

BMagic's Website Design Program has learned BMagic the Kudos of many organizations and individuals. BMagic's Giveaway Program helps youth and others and has earned them thanks from the many that need computers. BMagic's technology training program has brought many to navigate cyberspace and become internet savvy. Many use the Computer Laboratory at 1601 Lane Street at the YMCA facility not far from my office at 4909 3rd Street.

It is critical with all the shootings, killings, crime, violence and closing down of the Joseph Lee Gym, the closure of the Boys and Girls Club that Safe Havens are provided for our youth. Our City has disowned the youth and we can see the result with the number of incarcerations on the rise. Of course the Public Defender's Office understands the situation better than most organizations. I am the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy and support BMagic and have from Day One. My website has given the best exposure to Jeff Adachi and his work. Now that Jeff has his own website his organization can further continue to inform and reveal the needs of our youth and their families - further the role of BMagic and rightly so.

The joy in life is meeting Yvette and seeing her smile. The joy in life is seeing Jeff enjoying himself after a hard day's work and listening to all the misery, sorrow, the turmoil that surrounds his work and sometimes the lack of support from City Hall. Some of us will take every opportunity to support Jeff Adachi because we understand he will stand by our youth and the families that need legal and other support.

Jeff Adachi has gone to Sacramento and to other authorities and challenged the California Youth Correction system. Jeff Adachi has held conferences and given the authorities and the youth opportunities to express their views and positions.

At one conference I got so carried away that I failed to notice the camera and later when I found myself watching me speak it really took me by surprise. Jeff Adachi gives you opportunities and when you seize the moment Magic Happens. That is what life is all about sharing and caring - making good stuff happen. Helping our youth a little and when they get back on track the world smiles and most things work out for every one.

I could not stay for a long time at the BMagic Event I had to attend the Unity Foundation Board Meeting at 1 pm. The Unity Foundation works with the United Nations and other organization on issues that affect Humanity and we love to bring about Unity. We cannot really do that on the International and National level unless we work hard on the local level.

The Samoans were rehearsing when I left and I know they must have put on a nice dance performance. I am sure they danced the HAKA and caught the attention of the crowd. The youth do well under the direction of Patsy Tito. The Department of Environment gave out some nice bags and I could not resist getting one and some information too. Jared Blumfeld did not bring his ass to the event but he sure gave some good goodies to those that were at the event.

My friend Rudy Corpus was there with the United Playaz and that was nice - always good to see Rudy and his team. I met Majeid Crawford and then I saw Jeff Adachi and I had to take a photograph. Yvette was busy and I hope everything went well. You go girl.

As I entered the Bayview/KV playground I saw hundreds line up outside to get a hand band. These youth then were given a backpack school starts Monday, August 28, 2006. I was told that over 2000 backpacks were available to be given away. Way of go Jeff and Yvette - I could use one too just kidding.

There were lots of stalls and everyone was doing their thing. I went to one stall and Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) had fruit for those attending the event. I was requested to fill out a survey form - I refused and was told I could not have my fruit. My bad - but that is how life works when you stand for principles. Pier 98 is a toxic dump and LEJ will take our children and expose them to toxicity and has been doing it for years.

As Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy I stand for my principles. I defend our youth and will not allow them to be adversely impacted by violence, crime, shooting, and most of all toxicity.

I met Espanola Jackson and she was making her rounds - she is running for District 10 Supervisor. Espanola loves children and will work for children and youth issues and has for over 45 years. I did not see Sophie Maxwell. She was missing in action.

The 49ers were not in full force but they were there and that was good. There was some one distributing leaflets linked to the Farmers Market on 3rd Street near by my office - I had just left the place and there was hardly anyone at the Market. I must say there were people listening to the music from a distance. Every year BMagic grows stronger and I have touched on some of the activities. There is more BMagic does for our youth and the families it serves in the Southeast Sector. Thank you to all the volunteers and thank you to Yvette Mari Robles and Jeff Adachi for your compassion and understanding.

BMagic volunteers meet on Tuesdays around 3 pm at the conference room at the Dr. Martin Luther King Swimming Pool. I have attended a couple of these meetings. I could attend more but Tuesday is rough for me the Board of Supervisors (BOS) meets and often I am advocating on behalf of the youth and the families at the BOS and other meetings. It is all good as John Nauer says he could not make it this year he was with the Brown Bombers in Sacramento.

Idriss was there he has his youth programs at Saint Paul of the Shipwreck, at Young Community Developers and now at YMCA. As long as our advocates and facilitators work hard for our youth it is all good. Let us serve our youth with truth and not deceive them. Some Community Based Organization do that exploit the youth and that is not good.

Our youth are poor and hungry so it does not mean that if you feed them you have to exploit them. Tell them the truth and take them to a higher level where Accountability and Transparency rule. I was talking to Majeid Crawford and he agreed with me on the little incident that happened with a LEJ volunteer trying to take me on. Now that is not cool.

I have taken a few photographs while I was there at the Bayview/KC playground left about 12 noon and I am sure the show went on until 5 pm. Enjoy the photographs and I cannot wait until next year to see, touch, and feel the Magic.

Samoan Youth.

Rudy Corpus and his friends.

Bmagic 2006.

Back to school.