Brian O'Flynn leads the charge.


San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) the most EVIL agency under the Directorship of Marsha Rosen suffered a defeat that it will remembered for many years and many more years to come. Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies can lick their chops san the gravy.

We all remember going to the very many meetings at all levels to express our concerns about this EVIL agency and the Project Areas in the Bayview Hunters Point. We expressed ourselves and told the Commissioners and the Board of Supervisors about the EVIL agency. The all kept ignoring the PUBLIC.

Again the again the people that should be heard were not heard. Again and again the views of the people were cast aside. Again and again the people were mocked. Even the Blacks on the SFRA Commission decided to cast their votes against the will of the people. Sellouts all and genuine Uncle Toms and we shall remember them for a long, long time.

Then along came a wild Irish man Brian O'Flynn and he led a campaign to collect 20,800 signatures to put the SFRA matter on the Ballot. Bayview Hunters Point could not initially muster the courage to lead this action it had to take a brave White Man to come to their rescue but he was Irish and the Irish have always been with the people.

The issue at hand - was it really necessary for SFRA to control over 2568 acres in the Bayview Hunters Point without any meaningful dialog with the constituents?

Over 60% of the constituents in the Bayview Hunters Point own their homes. 60% elsewhere in the City rent. Too many people do not know that. Too many people think all of Bayview Hunters Point is Public Housing. The Tourist Department for a long time did not have Bayview Hunters Point on the map. That area was covered with a large Advertisement. San Francisco is a Racist and more under Mayor Gavin Newsom. He should change his last name to Nuisance. We have some of the most beautiful and large homes in the Bayview Hunters Point. Now, we have some crooks trying to come into our neighborhood to steal our homes, our land, and build high density homes without much input from the home owners, less from the SF Planning Department and with little money going into the General Fund.

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is about Eminent Domain. It is about stealing land using Blight and phony reasons. It is about building high density homes and raking in money using Tax Increment. It is about every EVIL and nothing holistic. It is about using crooked developers that will do anything to rake in money. It is about GREED. The SF Election Department has some time to check the over 32,800 signatures. As I said 20,800 were required. When the results are declared - for the first time in California, San Francisco will have taught SF Redevelopment Agency a lesson that people power always wins.

Brian O'Flynn open the coffin stacked with signatures.

The coffin before City Hall.

A Hearse brought in the ballots.

Espanola Jackson.

Willie Ratcliff.

The media was in full force.