We shall not be moved.


At very short notice Power, Acorn, Willie Ratcliff from the SF Bayview, Environmental Justice Advocacy decided to have a March to commemorate the death of Matthew Johnson shot and killed 40 years ago.

Also, to bring to the attention of Mayor Gavin Newsom and some sell outs that the people will not be moved from the Bayview Hunters Point area. 33,000 signatures will collected to be put the matter of SF Redevelopment on the Ballot only to be invalidated by the City Attorney at the prompting of Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Hundreds marched down 3rd Street starting at Williams Street and congregated at Palou Street where the stage was set. The people set up a stage complete with an excellent sound system and the Nation of Islam provided the Security.

33,000 plus signatures had been gathered and certified by the San Francisco Department of the Elections. The City Attorney backed by the Mayor of San Francisco has chosen to defy "people power" by invalidating the signatures on flimsy grounds.

The City will be taken to Court so that the matter can be adjudicated. You have to take the devil to court because the devil wants to divide the people. We have dealt with forked tongued folks since they arrived in America to steal the land from the Native Americans. Nothing much has changed.

The March was a grand success and the people won.

Thanks once again to Power, Acorn, the SF Bayview newspaper, Environmental Justice Advocacy, the Nation of Islam, and the Branches of the Community Relations Policing Boards. It is not easy to organize such a meeting at very short notice but people made it happen. The sell outs have been put on notice.

The people spoke when over 33,000 signatures were collected. The people will not be silenced. We will not be moved. We will not be silenced.

33,000 signatures demand to be counted.

Bayview Deserves Justice!

We shall not be Moved!

The March on 3rd Street.

The March Begins.

Before the March.

Alicia and Willie - Time for Action.

Keeping it REAL.

Final touches to the stage.

It is all good.

Usos in the crowd.

Building the stage.

Brian O'Flynn the man that started it all!

Media in your face.

No Development without Community Involvement.

Minister Christopher Muhammad addressing.

People are United.