Minister Christopher Muhammad.


Enough is enough - the people will not be defeated. On October 16, 2006 City Hall was put on notice and the world will take notice that we will not permit in our life time the nonsense that went on in New Orleans to hit the streets of Bayview Hunters Point.

The time has come to channel the frustration into one of a movement that is spiritual in nature but practical in everyday life. This movement must come with purification of the heart and fine tuning of the mind.

We are in God's hands now that some leaders have cast the die and are ready to fight for the people. The people have been let down by pastors that are sell outs the likes of Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, and many more.

The Community Based Organizations that get money from the City are Poverty Pimps and have ruined the neighborhoods in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Some one called the 3rd Lightrail the White Lightrail and already we see the redlining of an area that is attracting the likes of a kind that we have not seen before. People are color are moving away and African American families are moving in droves out of State and into oblivion.

October 16, 2006 is a day that will go down in history as a day when non-aligned groups came together to start a movement that will take us to a higher ground. The people will regain respect and demand justice.

Jesus once went to the temple and saw merchants selling goods and defiling the temple. He chased the merchants and the money lenders and told them that the temple was sacred.

The time has come to chase those that have defiled our people and adversely impacted thousands mostly poor that cannot defend themselves. It was a Monday, October 16, 2006 and in spite of that many chose to stand united and attend the movement. It was great to see our Native American brothers led by Wounded Knee. Then we had our Buddhist sisters and brothers chant and bring blessings. When the time was ripe the speech making began.

We give praise to Allah and to his servant the Minister Christopher Muhammad for taking the lead to set the tone and so eloquently laying down the symptoms that plague the Bayview Hunters Point and City Hall.

The discourse that took us the path of the corrupt and the down trodden. The plan to uplift the forsaken and how to take back our respect that we have surrendered to a bevy of crooks that swim in the worst cesspool of lies and lack of accountability and transparency.

Speaker after speaker Archbishop Franzo King, Roberto Hernandez, Rudy Corpuz all were focused on practical issues that we deal daily in our service of the people. The poor we will always have in our midst. Blessed are the poor for theirs in the kingdom of heaven.

The Nation of Islam did us proud today because they walk the walk complete with the best security that put City Hall and those that thought they could mess with us to shame.

The coward Mayor was peeping from Room 200 not knowing that we too were monitoring his whereabouts. We have connections that tell us that the man has lost his wits and that he now seeks comfort with a young woman young in age and lacking in wisdom.

This movement has been blessed and soon it will take the high road demanding sacrifice and fortitude. We will focus on issues some will bring instant results and other will take time but in the end the TRUTH prevails and those that have the patience of Job will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We are blessed for the God has seen fit in the midst of all the shootings and killings created by City Hall and lack of community leadership to open new doors and invite some good women and men that have knocked on doors for too long. Now the doors are open. Our brothers and sisters too many to mention Jim Queen, Alicia, Jaron, Miles, Daniel Landry, Reverend Branner, Willie Ratcliff, Cati Hawkins, John Nauer, Brian O'Flynn, have all done us proud.

This is the time to pray for the forces of evil are attentive too but the devil fears those that are purified in the light that he is afraid of those that have gone through the fire.

We have one dubious in nature in Room 200 well versed in mundane ways and diabolic in nature.

Enough is Enough. The people will not be defeated. Our time is now. We want justice now.


Archbishop Franzo King.

The Group.

Enough is Enough.

More - Civic Center Plaza.

Roberto Hernandez.

Blessing before Speeches.

The Nation of Islam in attendance.

The audience in rapt attention.

No room at the steps of City Hall.

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