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Communities for Opportunity is the brain child of Dwayne Jones.

Nothing good comes from this individual that does not live in our community and does not live in San Francisco. Dwayne is an opportunist and he did well with Young Community Developers but he will NOT do well by fooling the Communities around Alice Griffith, Oakdale, up on Kiska Road and get away with murder exploiting poor people.

Change begins with people that have a good heart because only people with good hearts can plant a good seed. The Communities Of Opportunity (COO) is a plan to displace poor people and to throw them out of the neighborhood.

A few feet from the Oakdale Projects is Parcel A. Daily asbestos friables fly in the air - crushed SERPENTINE rock is asbestos and the children, women, and men have been breathing these tiny particles for the longest time ever. The San Francisco Health Department is doing nothing about this adverse impact that affects the Health and Safety of the residents. It is just a matter of time before they die a slow death. Where is the Accountability and the Transparency?

Then comes along Dwayne Jones a Black Man that throws bread crumbs to the poor people with ulterior motives to further the cause of Lennar and other crooked developers.

Further using other crooks to have Bar-B-Ques that dole out cheap sodas and inferior hot dogs to hungry folks. It is a shame when Blacks will use Blacks and feed them not with some good intention but to rob them of their dignity and shame humanity.

COO is not going anywhere it will fail. It is just like Project Connect, Project Homeless Connect, all of the Connect Programs where the dots are not connected. Some time ago the residents of Alice Griffith were promised the sky including WiFi that does not work. Computers were given to the community but the residents cannot use them as one does any regular computer. We must stop making promises and learn to walk the walk and less to talk the talk.

In the meantime the SF Police Department has listed a lot of sisters and brothers on an Urban Terrorist List. Over 500 plus and growing - most folks that live in Public Housing.

These are mostly African American - all of them Citizens of the United States America. But, now all of a sudden these Brother and Sisters are a Black Listed.

We must not forget the Civil Rights Movement, we must NOT forget the original Black Panthers, and we must not forget all those that fought for the people and for progress without discrimination. The first person that died in the Civil War was Black.

Dwayne Jones once worked for Young Community Developers (YCD). He then joined the Newsom Team and was appointed the Director of the Mayor Office Community Development (MOCD). He left that position and now works directly in the Mayor Office. He has given himself the title Director of Communities Of Opportunity (COO).

I have seen too many jokers in my life time - when I see a joker and I smell a joker - I know the consequences of that particular JOKER. Dwayne Jones is a JOKER and I am not afraid to tell him that to his face. The seeds he plants are bad and evil.

Dwayne Jones is working behind the scene to remove Black Brothers and Sisters that can think for themselves.

Working with the Law Enforcement to remove thousands of people of color - mostly Blacks from Public Housing.

We have a mole that tells us everything so we have the facts. Besides some of us are well versed with issues linked to Law Enforcement. Homeland Security is not created to Protect but to Discriminate. How many Whites have you read that have been held by Homeland Security and we know the key players that created mayhem were White and will be White.

In our community Whites have managed to bring in drugs and guns and divided the community. We know the role of Law Enforcement and it has been written in the Press - the role of snitches and the role of moles that have destroyed our communities. Make I ask what role will Law Enforcement play in the Communities Of Opportunity (COO)?

Back off Dwayne Jones or forever hold your peace.

We have a Racist Mayor Gavin Newsom that uses corrupt folks like Dwayne Jones, Michael Cohen, Jesse Blout, Marsha Rosen to depeople certain segments of the population that will not fit in with filthy rich folks and dubious plans.

Lennar BVHP LLC is famous for building homes on Toxic Sites. Now, we have Dwayne Jones working to throw bread crumbs before poor people while all the time they inhale asbestos? What type of reasoning is this? When will this nonsense stop? Who is fooling whom?

The people will NOT be moved. The people have the power. The people will fight the forces of EVIL and that includes Mayor Gavin Newsom and all those folks that are working with him against the people that live in Public Housing that come under the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and land that belongs to the Federal Government.

We the people collected over 33,400 signatures to fight San Francisco Redevelopment Development to safe guard the rights of the poor people in Public Housing - rights that were safe guarded in the South Bayshore Plan. The plan was amended to take away the rights of those in Public Housing at Alice Griffith and the neighboring area.

I say Communities Of Opportunity (COO) is a ploy that will fail.

I say that we will fight SF Redevelopment Agency all the way and win.

I say the People will NOT be defeated. I say the people will NOT be moved by crooks and Mayor Gavin Newsom.

The most contaminated land in California.

Organization of the take.

Poor folks sign and are fed crumbs.

Lennar's Small Posting.

More Asbestos.

Crushed Serpentine Rock a few feet away.

Rev. Jackson in red and Dwayne Jones.

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