Torn down Milton Meyer Gym.


Mayor Gavin Newsom has his heart in the wrong place when it comes to Hunters Point and the surrounding area. The White Boy talks the talk but he simply cannot walk the walk. Gavin has harmed our youth.

When it comes to the Olympic Village and the Olympic Stadium he is quick to point to the last frontier that is Bayview Hunters Point. But, when it comes to recreation facilities for our youth the White Boy and his cronies simply fall by the way side.

There was a time the White Boy came to play hoop and there were crazy folks thinking his ass may not be black but his heart is in the right place. Well, he was checking the turfs and the sets and when he saw the opportunity he took it all - just moved the carpet from under the feet. This White Boy is cold - as cold as they come.

We all remember the Night Basketball and the time when the courts were fixed. Good times back on 195 Kiska Road and good times at Joseph Lee Gym. Now, all that is history and in place misery for our youth day in and day out.

Oakdale has been under siege by the City Attorney Dennis Herrera. Time to get rid of this scum bag also the Mayor who thinks he has it good.

Why would any City Attorney pull a fast one and without having one single meeting in the community place the name of hundreds of youth on a list linked to Urban Terrorism. Why would any City Attorney harm youth that can be helped and violate the Civil Rights of the youth and their elders for no real valid reason?

Our youth have no place to recreate and this nuisance has been brought about by the City Attorney and the Mayor of San Francisco among others. The City Attorney Dennis Herrera has been targeting the Bayview Hunters Point harassing youth and trying to get away with murder. With Community Support this nonsense will stop. Well, the City Attorney took his dubious case to court and the judge ruled in favor of the youth. It is simply wrong to come out with devious ploys to harm hundreds of youth using Judicial Terrorism on American Citizens. The Temporary Restraining Order was a slap on the face of Dennis Herrera.

Anyway, you look at this ploy it is Racism. I have stated many times that Mayor Gavin Newsom is a Racist. Now, joining him among the Mayor's many cronies that work for the City of San Francisco - Dennis Herrera. Targeting innocent youth that have not been given opportunities.

Our youth do not have Recreation Facilities. Our youth do not have Health Facilities. Our youth are NOT given good jobs. Our youth are bombarded day in and day out with the most harmful toxins many of them radiological in nature. What is the City and County of San Francisco doing to help our youth at Oakdale and in the Bayview Hunters Point?

Communities of Opportunity (COO) is a joke that is led by Dwayne Jones. Dwayne Jones has been working with the Mayor and creating projects much like his failed Connect Project - that do not connect the dots. Dwayne Jones an African American is an Uncle Tom.

The Injunction against our youth will fail because the Community will NOT take this nonsense sitting down. For too long have we seen too many White Crooks exploit people of color.

Anyone will tell you there are worse gangs in others parts of the City- but the City Attorney wants to zero in on some youth that are not organized, do not have jobs, have made some mistakes but are NOT gangsters that the City Attorney Dennis Herrera makes them to be.

Give us good jobs. Give us Recreation Facilities. Help us with our Health needs and give us good schools. You take away our taxes and bombard us daily with toxins and you think you can shove your Urban Terrorism down our throat! Enough is Enough.

Gyms torn down during Summer.

These Entities adversely impacted the youth.

The other gym next door torn down.

Joseph Lee Gym no more.

Demolished Joseph Lee Gym on 3rd Street.

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