Parents and children at SFRA Commission hearing.


Lennar, Bayview Hunters Point Limited Liability (BVHP LLC) has been hood winking the constituents of San Francisco ever since they were invited to develop Treasure Island and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Parcel A was conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco. San Francisco then decided to permit SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) to develop Parcel A.

SFRA is a quasi-State agency that thrives on debt. Led by corrupt and dubious leaders the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein the City and County of San Francisco has failed to address Quality of Life issues in and around Parcel A and Bayview Hunters Point.

Lennar participated in a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA). It planned to build 1600 in the middle of Chernobyl that is Parcel A. The Tabernacle Group a group of Faith Based individuals mostly Black sell out pastors helped Lennar with the dubious plan and was given the opportunity to provide some Community Benefits.

From day one the plan has evolved into a mess and Lennar keeps sinking in a cesspool of woes and tribulations. First Lennar chose to amend the DDA. In doing so it reduced its obligation to provide cheaper housing units - opting for more Market Price Units.

The City and SFRA keep doling out money to Lennar. Even at yesterday's meeting Lennar was given more money by SFRA because of changes made to the DDA. Why would anyone be giving Lennar extra money when it has not produced anything substantial on Parcel A?

Lennar, got the land for free. Now why would any one demand money when it has the land as equity and is trying to develop something without spending any money acquiring land which is very expensive in San Francisco? Why are we helping Lennar with tax payers money? Yesterday, it was pointed out to the SF Redevelopment Commission that Lennar has had a number of Notices of Violation Notices. Most of them from local and State regulatory agencies and 5 of them by the U.S. Navy. Parcel B, C, D, E and F are still under the control of the Navy.

November 21, 2006 in Room 416 the SF Redevelopment Commission was taken aback when they saw the room packed with parents and children from the Muhammad University situated at 195 Kiska Road.

The SF Redevelopment Commission was shocked to hear speaker after speaker state clearly that the children were exposed time and time again with asbestos dust. Some one put the children in harm way with intent. The innocent children have been adversely impacted time and time again.

Lennar, and its sub-contractors has failed time and time again to take the minimum safeguards and has with INTENT adversely impacted innocent children. This is totally uncalled for in today world of fair play and where health and safety takes precedence especially when it pertains to our innocent children.

The SF Redevelopment Commission heard the speakers testify among them Environmentalists, a Doctor, Scientist, a Minister, the School Dean, long time residents, advocates, and even a victim that tried to warn Lennar and the sub-contractor but was fired from his job in doing so.

The City and County of San Francisco often touts that we have the Precautionary Ordinance on our books. This ordinance is powerful and only some of the most progressive and sound Cities have this ordinance on their books. Yet, when it comes to children of color our RACIST city will look this other way and compromise on our sound ordinances and principles.

Our children deserve the best and not the worst.

It is a high crime when our children are now suffering from the adverse impacts brought about by being exposed to Asbestos Dust. Where is Mayor Gavin Newsom on this one? Where are Senator Diane Feinstein and the Speaker of the Congress Nancy Pelosi on this one? Who will take Lennar to task? What is become of our children and others exposed to Asbestos day in and day out - because Marcia Rosen, the Director of SFRA failed to do her job? Where is City Attorney, Dennis Herrera on this one? Where is Sophie Maxwell on this one? What about the many sell outs mostly Blacks the likes of Aurelious Walker, Willie B. Kennedy, Doris Vincent, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell, and many more.

Lennar BVHP LLC thinks it can buy its way out. It has been helped by crooks like Dr. Rajiv Bhatia and Amy Brownell from SF Health Department. Air Monitoring Devices have been defective. No logs have been kept. I have requested for this information under the Privacy Act and it is long coming.

The Department of Toxic and Substances Control have been informed. The San Francisco Health Department has been informed. The SF Board of Supervisor has been informed. Everyone has been informed. Where is the justice?

The City and County of San Francisco have long known about the naturally occurring Serpentine Rock and that when it is crushed can cause Cancer and other Respiratory Diseases. Why would anyone want to cause harm to our children?

Lennar BVHP LLC has been ordered to shut down the operations. We want to see the Order in writing. We also want some compensation to the harm caused to innocent children attending the Muhammad University. Also, the residents from around Pacel A living in Public Housing.

Daniel testifying.

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