BRING BACK THE MUNI 15-Third (4/14/07)

The 15 -Third MUNI bus has befriended thousands over the many years. From workers taking it early in the morning to work and back home in the evenings to thousands of students taking it to schools, colleges, and other learning centers and destinations. The MUNI 15-Third mostly brings back good memories.

It was always fun to see the composition of the passengers change as the 15-Third bus made its way through the various areas of our City to down town or if you took it from Fisherman's Wharf all the way to City College.

Passing through the Mission then may be Sunnydale to the real 3rd Street, by Dog Patch through Mission Bay, suddenly town down, through the Financial District and back to Fisherman's Wharf.

Over the years the bus schedule and route was fine tuned. It mostly arrived on time and what was kosher about this trip was that you could time yourself and stay on it until you reached your destination. It served the workers and took them to work on time.

The MUNI 3rd Street Light rail is a mess - some say to give it time. Well, think about a Light Rail system that starts in the middle of no where in Visitation Valley and then it goes so slowly - only to stop so many times and sometimes not move for hours. T-Third Light Rail brings bad memories.

I have experienced mostly half hour delays and on two occasions 45 minutes delay. Excuses, excuses, excuses - bring back the MUNI 15. There is only so much one can take riding the T-third Light Rail.

The MUNI 3rd Street Light rail costs over $700 million more then the total budget of the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA). It gave but some few jobs to the local residents and saw that hundreds of good business went away. Now, tell me what that dumb Sophie Maxwell has to say. What have the Black sell outs to say? Nancy Pelosi was there for the official opening of the T-Third Light Rail spewing lies and diatribe at the Bayview Playground. She said all the right things people wanted to hear but most of them were sordid lies.

Huge tents were put up on the rainy day with House Negroes acting as if the days on the plantation were not over. I could name them but it is best they see themselves in the mirror. Many of them were eating like pigs as if tomorrow did not exists and today was the day to hog.

Willie L. Brown Jr. took the podium and yes he brought MUNI Light Rail to our community and with it redlining and the displacement of thousands of African Americans. You aint seen anything yet.

Nathaniel Ford the MUNI Director was trying to say something but with the abject failure of Tthird Light Rail - I doubt in good conscience he could say anything - smart. He is left holding the bag.

On the podium were the scum bags we wish not to see Nancy Pelosi, Sophie Maxwell, Willie L. Brown Jr., and the Rev McCray who sits on the MTA.

There was lots of food and people were busy having a feast. I did not eat at all - I was busy taking photographs and getting stares from those that did not want their photograph taken.

The police and fire personnel did their best and I said hello and even decided to pose with Heather Fong the Police Chief and my good friend.

I did not see Mayor Gavin Newsom and thank God I did not him. I did see Bevan Dufty leaving - I believe with his child in a perambulator. I heard Jake McGoldrick spewing diatribe - when will that jerk ever learn? Some one said Ross Mirkarimi was in the house.

The Black sellouts and many from the Bayview Hunters Point were gathered in force but there was no good vibes surrounding them. May be the rain gods kept the many others - good riddance of very bad rubbish. The T-Third is going no where - endless problems, starting with the operators who are not trained - then the tracks that are not aligned, the two bridges are not complete seismically on par and off course the endless waiting for the Light Rail with out of whack schedules make the project and the operation a night mare.

Bring back the 15-Third Bus line and get rid of the slow T-third Light Rail - now.


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