It is time the many sell outs and I have named them before quit selling out the community in the Bayview Hunters Point area. Unfortunately many of them are Black and they continue to propagate the Plantation Mentality linked to the day of the Masta.

Most of these sell outs are sweet talking and all but ignorant to the core when it comes to issues linked to the any Housing Element, Transportation Document, Environmental Impact Study or Report, the Final Historical Radiological Report linked to Hunters Point, the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Parcel A, the recent studies that reveal very poor Air Quality in the Bayview Hunters Point by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and so on.

At a recent Land Use Committee Meeting at SF City Hall in Room 263 the sell outs came to defend their bread crumbs and the measly doles that they get mostly doled out by bigger crooks who will not come out of their dark filthy holes.

Supervisor Sophie Maxwell has her behind the close door meetings with Amy Brownell from the SF Health Department, Michael Cohen on the Conceptual Plan linked to the present area called Double Rock, Candlestick Point, and Hunters Point - an area that is still under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy.

Sophie Maxwell is a sell out and was paid well by Lennar Corp. using a conduit Roy Willis. Lennar Corp. continues to pay some House Negros who should be ashamed of themselves. When these scum bags come to testify each and ever time for Sophie Maxwell they betray their ignorance. One of them is Aurelious Walker who is moving to Vallejo.

Bayview Hunters Point does not belong to African Americans in large measure. Those days are over when African Americans by their own selfish volition have moved their asses from Bayview Hunters Point. If African Americans were united we could have stood the test of time. What we have done is preferred to be on the pay of someone else, got easy money from someone else, sat on our fat assess and done little. Allowed our children to be pawns for someone else - mostly outsiders who are profiting. Leading the charge has been Sophie Maxwell who came here from Haight Ashbury and is NOT welcomed in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Sophie Maxwell with her fat ass is at home with White Folks from Potrero Hill. She will smile and say hello to me but each time I see that smile I think of all the close door meetings that are reported to me. Sophie Maxwell is a liar and one that has sold out the Black Community.

On May 7, 2007 I did get emotional because I know for a fact that Sophie Maxwell could have done much to save our children in the Bayview Hunters Point but has chosen with full intent to harm our children by not standing for what is right.

The Samoan Community has NO tackled Sophie Maxwell and been direct she has harmed thousands of Samoans. Time to give her the Island Treatment and less Talofa. Who has the balls to take on this scum of the earth maauli.

Sophie Maxwell has sold out to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA). We collected 33,200 signatures against the Project Plan and SFRA, we got our certification from the SF Department of Elections - in came Sophie Maxwell and showed her true colors. Sophie Maxwell the ignorant and arrogant woman chose to join Aaron Peskin and Dennis Herrera to harm 33,200 San Franciscans who know better and invalidated our signatures.

Right now the matter is in Court and will be in Court. We will take this matter to the Supreme Court and win. In the mean time everything stands still - very still and we are watching each and every scum bag.

The Conceptual Plan on land that has NOT been cleaned that is a Superfund Site is a dream. Some times when you awake from a dream you may encounter a night mare. Well that is what is happening - some one wants to sell a plan but the plan is full of too many unknowns. Bottom line no one should have anything to do with Lennar Corp. Lennar Corp. is the devil and Lennar Corp. has with intent harmed our children in and around Parcel A. Lennar Corp. has a very bad track record when it comes to Real Estate all over the Nation. Lennar Corp. is a loser and its present Stock is seventy three percent down and spiraling. Lennar Corp. and all the crooks must fade away.

Back to the Land Use Meeting on May 7, 2007 at Room 263 at City Hall. It was packed and some those who had come to back a plan that made no sense were many sell outs. But, this time they were in for a surprise -there were community leaders and ordinary citizens that could not tolerate the nonsense. Enough is enough and they came to state that clearly to Sophie Maxwell and her accompanying sell outs.

There were eloquent speakers like Minister Christopher Muhammad, Pastor Ernest Jackson, Brother Landry from the Fillmore, Archbishop King who lives in the Bayview, Espanola Jackson from the Bayview, Lynne Brown, Brian O'Flynn, Jim Queen and many more.

Sophie Maxwell had some idea that perhaps she would be questioned about the Asbestos Dust and the lack of monitoring on Parcel A. The issues had nothing to do with the Conceptual Plan per se. But the dumb woman thought she was doing right when she introduced Amy Brownell to speak about the issue and Sophie Maxwell opens a can of worms.

Amy Brownell who works under Dr. Rajiv Bhatia is a liar. For years she has lied representing the SF Health Department and this time she will pay a heavy price because there is sufficient cause for her to lose her job. She has not been diligent and she compromised the health of many with intent. She is White does not live in San Francisco and comes here to San Francisco only to earn her salary. She has been the voice of the crooks and she has been against the people - mostly people of color.

Lennar Corp. during the months from April to August for sure and even before that did not put in place any verifiable mechanism to monitor the most dangerous dust emitting from Parcel A - much of it Serpentine Rock when crushed is Asbestos, added lead, many variables of radiological elements that the U.S. Navy buried and left to the winds and so on. Added on Parcel E there is a constant source of methane gas flares that constantly pollute the air and in very close proximity to Parcel A. Very close to the Muhammad University, neighboring Mariners Village, and with a few hundred feet from Public Housing.

It is a shame that Lennar Corp. did not take into account Cumulative Pollution and exposed so many for so long a time - compromising human dignity and adversely impacting so many thousands within a 3 mile radius.

It is a shame that the Environmental Protect Agency, the Regional Water Board, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the San Francisco Health Department, the Department of Environment, the Mayor Office of Economic and Work Force, Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Supervisor Sophina Maxwell have NOT lifted a finger to help those that have died, are suffering and will suffer in the future.

Sophie Maxwell is a sell out and thinks by having some hearing on Hunters Point that she will redeem herself. The time has come to remove her from office the same tactic that has been used on Jake McGoldrick. Enough is enough.

We must name the sell outs and sue them for being conspirators and adversely affecting the lives of thousands of innocent human beings. Among them babies and innocent children not to mention our Elderly.

Of course Sophie Maxwell has no qualms of conscience she is on the take. She has also carved out her house on Jerrold Street out of the Project Area and it is not in the Project Area. Such blatant disregard for duty and immoral action speaks for itself. How ever ignorant people do not understand this and she thought she could fool me - but she cannot and will not.

I have brought this fact to the attention of every one and people after all these months are just beginning to understand the tip of iceberg and the extent of this immoral action linked to other actions initiated by Sophie Maxwell - her links with the corrupt SF Redevelopment Agency. Parcel A is a burden to the people living close by and to the City and County of San Francisco. Proposition P mandated a total clean up of the U.S. Navy Shipyard. The Precautionary Principle that has not been followed forbids harming any living being with intent - and that is what Lennar Corp. has been doing even to this very minute.

Lennar Corp. is so bold as to use a contractor that has no license to do the kind of Asbestos Removal as found on Parcel A. We have brought this to the attention of Sophie Maxwell and the City and County of San Francisco, to Regulatory Agencies and have yet to hear from these bodies.

Lennar Corp. must go away from San Francisco - lock, stock, and barrel. Aho.


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