Hundreds of community folks most living in are around Parcel A came to 195 Kiska Road by the Muhammad University at Hunters Point to unite against the exploits of Lennar BVHP and those cronies many Black that support the worst Real Estate Developer in the Nation.

The First People graced the occasion with chanting and drum beat after local leaders set the tone to be united against any entity including the City and County of San Francisco that has with intent adversely impacted thousands in and around Parcel A.

For years Lennar BVHP LLC went on a rampage polluting the areas with dust and more so with Asbestos Dust. Failing to put in place - Dust and Asbestos Air Monitoring Equipment and failing again and again to follow the protocol laid in the Disposition and Development Agreement a legal document. Regulatory Agencies went with the flow.

Those days are over when the community gave Lennar some lee way and the sell outs some from the community and many NOT from the community that got money from Lennar BVHP LLC and the community thought things would change. Enough is enough.

Those days are numbered - we are united and we want Lennar BVHP LLC out of our community. Thousands are united and hundreds showed up on a Saturday, June 23, 2007 to show support and stand united to drive Lennar out of our community.

Gathered were families with strong family values ready to listen to the pertinent issues of the day. The over whelming support shown clearly indicated that the people are ready for a revolution and a movement to see the demise of Lennar BVHP LLC and all those sell outs that think they can make hay while the sun shines.

We will NOT stand for the depopulation of our community and the pollution of innocent children and others wile Regulator Agencies look the other way. Shame on Mayor Gavin Newsom and those leaders who are not doing their jobs - the people will not take this nonsense laying down. Enough is Enough.


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