July 9, 2007 in room 263 at San Francisco City Hall a historic land use hearing took place regarding Parcel A situated at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the adverse impacts created by Lennar BVHP LLC affecting thousands of innocent people.

Lennar BVHP LLC has for a long time relied on lies of the worst nature and done this by spreading money among certain City officials and others involved with enforcement of laws. Lennar has with intent harmed our children, others and that is very wrong.

There is only so much of evil power that anyone can buy and today Lennar BVHP LLC is at its wits end. It has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar. It has been caught lying. Lennar has done all in its power to be greedy and has failed to follow the basic principles of decency.

The Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) was negotiated by us all and Lennar BVHP LLC did not follow it. There was a Dust Mitigation Plan and Lennar BVHP LLC chose to ignore this document.

Proposition 65 demands certain standards when it come to health and Lennar defied the constituents of San Francisco and California. The San Francisco Health Department decided on Article 31 and Lennar saw that this was not taken into any consideration and ignored.

The City and County of San Francisco has the Precautionary Principle on its books. Not once has Lennar BVHP LLC given a rat ass about this principle. Lennar has defied all logic, ignored accountability, spat on transparency and has operated like an evil cartel of thugs that it is.

The world is asking how can a corporation with intent decide to operate in such a manner and put so many innocent folk in harms way. For months on end - the dust monitoring equipment was not in place. For months on end the Asbestos monitoring equipment was not in place. Lennar BVHP LLC thought it had bought everyone but failed to take into account the all powerful that watches every action - God. Lennar at this late hour has deemed it necessary to have diversity training and has flown in the rank and file to address this situation. A discrimination suit filed by three Lennar employees is being handled by Attorney Angela Alioto - who can take Lennar to the cleaners - Asbestos tainted, arrogant, mafia tactics and all.

At the land use hearing held on July 9, 2007 - Minister Christopher Muhammad started by giving the definition of who is a liar. The supreme liar was in the Chair and her name is Sophie Maxwell. One of the most despicable women in San Francisco - given the harm done to thousands and that includes our children.

Sophie Maxwell has been coached to lie and has done this because of greed and money. Money has the power to destroy anyone and neutralize standards, transparency, and accountability. The Sunshine Task Force has had several complaints against Sophie Maxwell linked to lying, disinformation, conspiracy, and so on.

If Sophie Maxwell needed a lesson in humiliation and honesty then July 9, 2007 was that day. Sophie Maxwell should remember this day for the rest of her evil life. Sophie Maxwell has with intent - planned, heard, agreed, and connived to harm thousands by polluting so many all because Sophie Maxwell chose to rake in money and enjoy life without paying any attention to decency, morality, and caring to address genuine quality of life issues.

Sophie Maxwell is black and a disgrace to the African American community. She is known to talk like a white, surround herself with whites, has whites controlling her office, and for all practical purposes cannot comprehend and address issues linked to minorities.

Her only limited base in the large District 10 area is Potrero Hill that has Whites in the majority. Sophie Maxwell has targeted small developers and has gone out of her way to embrace big developers. She has initiated Community Benefits in some areas including Visitation Valley so that she can personally profit. In other areas she has aligned with whites, formed dubious Task Forces such as the Power plant Task Force, the Backstreets Task Force, and other dubious bodies to steal land, rezone and harm many decent, small, hard working entities. Sophie Maxwell's days are numbered. We the people will form one single Task Force and rid her ass once and for all. Sophie Maxwell chose to have a Hearing on Parcel A because pressure was brought upon her by some decent human beings.

As part of the early negotiations I could see this woman is not only dumb, inept, ignorant but as I have said for a long, long, time arrogant. Sophie Maxwell does not fully comprehend what it means to be a representative. In order to be a representative one has to be educated on issues and that ties to her personal education of which is has none.

Her temper tantrums are well known and she has been known to conduct herself like a mini dictator as Chair of the Land Use. Some have tolerated her nonsense but others have not.

Recently two complaints were filed against her for disrespecting two individuals during public comment by delaying them to speak even though requests were made to have these individuals speak early. The two individuals were present and submitted their speaker cards half an hour earlier then the Land Use Committee began. This was not the July 9 Land Use but an earlier one. Sophie Maxwell accommodated her cronies but saw it that these two individuals were on purpose and with intent - permitted to speak very late while others who came late could speak first.

At the Land Use meeting on July 9, 2007 many spoke very well and explained to the dumb Sophie Maxwell the issue at hand the adverse impacts to the constituents of the area in and around Parcel A.

Sophie Maxwell put her faith in the San Francisco Health Department, the Mayor Office of Economic Development, Lennar, other entities that have not done their work and failed the people of Bayview Hunters Point.

Sophie Maxwell has no clue about the Precautionary Principle, has not read and understood the Dust Mitigation Plan, has not read the Disposition and Development Agreement, has no clue about Article 31 of the Health Ordinance. Sophie Maxwell surrounds herself by vested interests that fill her coffers and massage her ego. Sophie Maxwell is a disgrace and shame on that stupid Board of Supervisors that tolerate the harm she has done to our children - they all have blood on their hands.

The time has come to send this woman packing. We have had enough and enough is enough.


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