I have written some articles about this now narrow bridge that was pushed to be built by the now defunct Catellus Corporation. The bridge is meant to connect the on going operation on this side of Pier 80 - connecting Pier 92, 94, 96 and beyond on the other side.

The bridge was built to permit millions of vehicles - most huge trailers, rigs, trucks that carry recycling materials, garbage, concrete, aggregate and so on. It was meant to divert the heavy traffic that plies on 3rd Street - side by side with the Third Street Lightrail which now creates very heavy traffic congestion.

The San Francisco Port Authority under Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and the then Director Douglas Wong forced the concrete, aggregate, sand, recycling, and others to fork out $100,000 contribution to build this now narrow bridge. All these businesses are on the other side by Piers 92, 94, 96, and 98.

The bridge was meant to connect the other side by light rail - with cars, trucks, bicycles and others using the bridge - all at the same time. There was a grand vision and the bridge costs over $35 million to build.

The area around which the Islais Creek Bridge is built over the Islais Creek is very sensitive. There is already another bridge a stone's throw away on 3rd Street - and the idea makes no sense but the arrogant policy makers wanted to have it their way.

Shimmick and Homer won the contract. The outreach was done in a manner that defies logic. There were a number of meetings held where the artists, those that live in the Spencer Building and others - protested. They went on their own to the SF Port Authority meetings.

Videos were created to show the actual traffic that would spew particulates and harm the environment. No one heard the cries and no one dared check the facts. No one paid attention to Cumulative Pollution.

The bridge has been built and looking at it - it looked narrow so we went and measured it. It is so narrow that two cars would NOT be able to pass by one another without crashing into one another. Now imagine how this bridge would manage to permit heavy truck traffic.

The Islais Intermodal Bridge was targeted to be opened months ago but who is to say? How does anyone think about such a project where the public was ignored and corrupt forces pushed for the narrow expensive bridge that now does not serve its original purpose? How can anyone spend so much money and not attain its goal?

The bridge is an Intermodal Bridge which means that anytime a small boat or ship wants to cross the Islais Creek - the bridge can mechanically create a passage way and permit access. Much like the Intermodal Bridge on 3rd Street which everyone can now see in operation?

Go to 3rd Street by 3rd Street and Marin Street and check out the new narrow bridge for yourselves. Now imagine bicycles riding by the heavy traffic. Think for a moment the millions of vehicles and the tons of particulates.

Now think about what this City says and what we do? We call ourselves a Green City? This bridge will be a source of very dangerous particulates, heavy metals like mercury, lead and so on. It will affect the near by Muwekma Park and Sanctuary which was adversely impact by the Force Main collapse years ago. The drama goes on and on.

The City and County of San Francisco has the Precautionary Principle on its books but no one is paying attention to it. It says that if there is any doubt where any life is adversely impacted - we must halt the work and access the damage. We protested but no one paid attention.

We never expected a narrow bridge and one that costs over $35 million. Enjoy the photographs:


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