The Southeast Commission meeting held at 1800 Oakdale from time to time is suppose to serve the needs of the constituents in and around Bayview Hunters Point. One was held on February 27, 2008.

This Commission was formed when the Southeast Facility was built as a result of a mitigation measure and linked to the expansion of the near by Waste Water Treatment Plant situated on Phelps Street.

A near by Nursery and rents from leasing some rooms at the facility were put in place to bring in revenue to help needy students in the community. No one knows where the revenue is going to.

The ground floor was set aside for Seniors. There were other plans laid out but never, ever executed to help the residents of the Bayview Hunters Point. The Commission sits on their behinds and does nothing.

No one knows if ever any scholarships were ever given.

Students that once gathered to complete the General Education Degree were debarred from the Southeast Facility and now most of the rooms have been rented to City College.

Dubious characters float around the Southeast Facility with little intention of helping the local residents and every intention of dividing the community and depriving the community children of help.

From time to time I said the Commission meets it has no clout. The Commission can talk all it wants but it is really is a Council with no clout - lots of hot air and no action. City Hall laughs at this Commission.

Members like Willie B. Kennedy are found on the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Shipyard where she makes a salary of over $90,000 money set aside for quality outreach - never happens.

Willie B. Kennedy also sits of the Southeast Commission is useless when it comes to any genuine contribution to the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point. She opens her mouth and put her dirty foot in. She did it yesterday using her position to bad mouth the community and announce workshops that are part of her job on the Hunters Point Citizens Advisory Committee that is going - no where.

Many of the Commission are lackeys of the present Mayor and perform their jobs much like the silent, obedient slaves on a Plantation. Foremost, Willie B Kennedy who made money on the Bart Board placed there by Willie L. Brown Jr and now leaches of SF Redevelopment Agency with a $90,000 salary plus - as some sort of consultant.

At the meeting held February 27, 2008 Willie B. Kennedy announced some workshops linked to Lennar. Lennar Corporation that is a Rogue Company and the community will NOT trust this company. Willie B. Kennedy is so removed from the situation with the community that she still thinks - Lennar will help the community.

Lennar with intent has poisoned our children and Elders but the aged Willie B. Kennedy is some how impressed that Lennar will deliver - but not so thinks the community at large.

The Commission from time to time to perk their own enthusiasm by calling in some Speaker and request them to speak on some high flown topic "What is your Vision from the Bayview?" for example.

The last two speakers Mr. Moala and Blackwell are not from the community and did their best to address this topic to placate the Commission. One is the manager of the Waste Water Treatment Plant and the other the Director of the SF Redevelopment Agency.

The Commission itself must have a workshop and answer this question. But the Commission has not - and has in the last few years taken the community to a place of no return. The community is worse off with the present Southeast Commission in place.

The Commission thinks it can command the respect by sitting on their behinds and spew diatribe.

Things have changed and with reports about OUT-MIGRATION, thousands of homes in the pipe line, Sell outs pandering to Lennar - a Rogue Company, hundreds of youth killing one another, drugs galore, and other elements all detrimental to the community - the COMMISSION is looking to a dream - some Vision - to bring the Community together.

The reality is that the Commission has contributed to confusion and divided the community- does not have its pulse on what is really happening at ground zero. What a bunch of morons, jerks, despicable individuals that have no Moral Compass.

Our children and Elders are being poisoned and this dumb Commission has not said a word. This Commission has done NOTHING for our children. You have some jerks sitting on their behinds, ignorant to the core, and pretending to say something but the words spewed from their mouths mean nothing - nothing at all.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has been dividing the Community appointing jerks on the Citizens Advisory Community to the Hunters Point Shipyard. Appointing, others to the Southeast Commission that must be shelved as they have nothing to offer to the community.

Every time I go to these Commission meetings I am astounded, perplexed, confounded, and confused as what these folks really think about what is going around them? Soon - may be the skunks and the raccoons will the only ones that will wander and attend these drab meetings - nauseating to say the least.

Our children are dying, our Elders confused - out youth are gunning one another. The land that really belong to the Muwekma Oholone: is being given on a platter by such folks that sit on the Citizens Advisory Committee and the Southeast Commission - and these IDIOTS expect us to attend their stupid meetings?

What has this world come to? Who will save our children so that some goodness and light flows to a better place with some working moral compass. For sure with individuals that make up this present Southeast Commission we are already doomed to failure.


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