Proposition F is winning big time and the reason is simple - God is on our side- on the side of the people - our simple grass roots movement, with little money but a BIG heart is going to a better place. Those on the team have a sensitive moral compass.

Our opponents have spent over $4 million and continue to waste money. Lennar Urban is backing the ³thugs² and really they are not going anywhere. We on the other hand have not spent more then $8 thousand but have received God¹s blessing in abundance.

The issue linked to Proposition F is simple - we say the land over 700 acres is worth $5 Billion dollars. We consider this equity - and we say do not give it on a platter for free to a Rogue Company - Lennar Urban.

We demand the City and County of San Francisco - to put out a Request for Proposal and have half of the land, developed for Affordable Housing and the rest for Market Rate. We also want the area to be cleaned up and not capped. We want issues like liquefaction and Cumulative Pollution addressed. We want Quality of Life issues address with the peoples input.

On May 27, 2008 there was a huge rally at the Palou Plaza. Lots of good people attended from all over San Francisco and we all felt good. As the Proponent of Proposition F - these last weeks are difficult for me - very long hours and using all my training in the Army to win this war ­ one battle at a time.

Come June 3, 2008 we will win - because God is on the side of the people. He will defeat those that are with the devil - Lennar, the Rogue Company. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all that have supported Proposition F.

Enjoy the photographs from the Palou Plaza Rally on Third Street:


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