The San Francisco Health Commission is impotent - they talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. One criterion anyone can use to fathom the sincerity of any body and that includes the San Francisco Health Commission - is the manner in which these bodies permit the General Public to express their concerns. We had important concerns and all we got was a measly - two minutes.

If the SF Health Commissioners thought they did justice on August 5, 2008 - at 101 Grove Street on the 3rd Floor - far from it they - blew it. Mr. James M. Illig simply does not get it. When you compromise the Health and Safety of the community - permit some rogue Health Employees the likes of Doctor Rajiv Bhatia and Doctor Mitch Katz compromise the health of our children and Elders - then you have a situation comparable to the Holocaust.

Lennar did not abide by the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) a legal document linked to Parcel A. Further Article 31 and the Dust and Mitigation document was flawed. It was amended once and should be totally reviewed and modified.

The rogue San Francisco Health Department staff was given ample time to spew lies and make statements that were not true. When the time came for the Public to give Public Comment- the Public Comment was kept to two minutes. This fact will never, ever be forgotten by the Public present and the leaders and community from the Bayview Hunters Point.

There is no doubt that thousands of constituents from the Bayview Hunters Point have been hospitalized because the Lennar Corporation chose with intent to grade large areas of toxic land without taking the precautionary measures - laid down in the Dust Mitigation Plan - better known - to the idiot policy makers as Article 31.

It is sad that Doctors that take an oath to heal - actively, compromise the health and safety of the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point. Two come to mind - Doctor Rajiv Bhatia and Doctor Mitch Katz - scum bags that should be ashamed of themselves.

Doctor Rajiv Bhatia and Mrs. Amy Brownell were given an opportunity to tell the truth and bring about some solution. They chose instead to inform Lennar about their drab Presentation. The Lennar representatives, fake witnesses, and the sellouts that continue to come to represent the crimes of Lennar should be ashamed of themselves. Both Dr. Rajiv Bhatia and Amy Brownell - lied during the presentation linked to Parcel A and the adverse impacts on innocent constituents in the Bayview Hunters Point.

There is a higher law that has already come into affect. Lennar is sinking in a cesspool of its own making. Lennarıs Stocks and Shares are now single digit and soon it will fold up and die. All over this Nation - Lennar is declaring bankruptcy.

As to the conspirators the likes of Aurelious Walker, Sophina Maxwell, and the many that follow the evil ways of Lennar - the time has come for reckoning.

Our innocent children from the Bayview Hunters Point are Godıs children. Decent women and men have stood up and raised their voices - and dutifully so. It is not fair that our Elders have to suffer when in their last days they need all the help to live out their last years - gracefully and in peace.

We gave the San Francisco Commissioners - James Illig, Sonia Melara, Edward Chow, Margine Sako, David Sanchez, Steven Tierney, and Catherine Waters a chance. Only two Commissioners saw fit to show some compassion Steven Tierney and David Sanchez.

Two SF Commissioners for whatever reason chose not to be present. This is a sad day in the history of San Francisco. This City and County of San Francisco continues to harm innocent constituents and more the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point.

We now appeal to a Higher Power and leave it all in the hands of ONE that will adjudicate our plight. We know that even during this painful journey we have been blessed. It pains our hearts that so many suffer and this is difficult to comprehend.

We know that greedy humans that work for Lennar and those that are supposed to protect and look after our Health and Safety are duty bound to protect all San Franciscans. Sadly, in San Francisco that is a Racist City - this has not been - so. The San Francisco Health Department has failed us and so have the SF Health Commissioners by their final - adjudication.

Here are some photographs from the meeting:


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