The workers working now after being laid off and the Bayview Hunters Point community joined hands at the Jack Rabbit Trial site at the San Francisco State Park by Candlestick Stadium to celebrate a Victory BBQ.

The attorneys that worked pro bono and spent hours taking depositions joined in the celebration and in the preparation of delicious dishes. There was lots of food and all those that wanted - ate their fill.

It was a fun celebration to see the community at large and children and parents come to celebrate this one of a kind victory - to honor the workers.

It all started when some rogue sub-contractors hired by Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) discriminated and fired many workers. When the matter was brought to the attention of the community some decent and honest community leaders with no vested interest met at the Grace Tabernacle Community Church by Ingalls and Oakdale and addressed the situation.

The attorneys, the workers and the community leaders forced the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to have a hearing - on the faulty AIMCO project and help the workers. One thing led to another and most of the workers that were fired got their jobs back. The AIMCO project is back on tack and most workers happy.

The BBQ was an idea of the workers to thank the community for standing by the discriminated workers. The community leaders who really had the best interest of the workers were present for the Victory BBQ celebration. All the attorneys who worked pro bono were there - some their significant others. It was a great pleasure to see the unity and feel the joy in the air.

Kudos to everyone who took great pains to prepare the food and bring the ice cold drinks for everyone to share. We had the workers, inter-acting with the community in the best of spirits and total unity. We had the children having fun and the adults knowing what it means to work - together.

AIMCO and other rogue developments have been put on notice. Put also on notice the sell outs in the Bayview Hunters Point - most of them Black who will sell out the community and in some cases the workers - for bread crumbs.

All not is over - there is an on going case that may go to trial if the other side does not want to settle the matter out of court. Anyway, the community leaders for once showed that working with the fired and injured workers who were adversely impacted - we, all together could bring some - sound resolution.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I want to thank everyone for attending and making it a joyous day. I could not stay until the end - that to deal with an emergency that worked out fine in the end.

Enjoy the photographs:


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