The United States Navy purports that it can make a substantial change relevant to environmental concerns; if there are significant new circumstances or information relevant to environmental concerns and bearing on the proposed action and its impacts.

The above hog wash simply means that dubious entities and political forces have pressured the United States Navy into creating a situation where the Navy purports it can hand over the Shipyard and wash it hands. The main factor that brings this equation into play is the proposed Stadium that the 49ers do not want to have anything to do with. Try as one may to mention Proposition G.

At the Public Scoping Meeting held at the Southeast Commission Facility at 1800 Oakdale linked to the Hunters Point Shipyard SEIS - the Public at Large was vocal and the choice among the plans - the Public endorsed was the:

   - HPS would not be disposed, reused or redeveloped
   - HPS would remain a Federal property under caretaker status
   - Environmental cleanup would continue until completion.
   - Existing leases would continue until expiration or termination, although some could be renewed or extended

Out of the sky the United States Navy began explaining that the situation that brought the discussion of the Public Scoping Meeting was Proposition G. Proposition G was about Parks, Jobs, and Housing with no clear legal language. Anyway, you look at development on any part of the Shipyard it must meet some standard that does not adversely impact any living being.

The United States Navy and the Environmental Protection Agency must remember the City and County of San Francisco has on its books the Precautionary Principle. It also has on record a Proposition P passed in the year 2000 that mandates the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard be cleaned to Residential Standards.

Again, yesterday we saw cronies that do not live in the community but work for the City and County of San Francisco try to hoodwink the Public at Large. Missing from the audience were the usual suspects the sell out that we have named before - they fear to express themselves without cover from the City hoodlums and the Pacific Heights Mafia.

It is the contention of the Public at Large - mostly that live in the Bayview Hunters Point to clean up the Shipyard to meet the Precautionary Principle but hold to a higher standard and rid the toxic dirt so that NO living beings are adversely impacted.

Since eighty seven percent of the constituents of San Francisco that voted for Proposition P mandated a standard and chose Residential Standards - on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Add to this the Precautionary Principle and you have the right Equation. Follow the mandates of the Muwekma Ohlone the First People from whom the land was stolen - and your have a Holistic Approach.

The United States Navy would be wise to uphold this legal right. Further, since the United States Navy polluted the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - it must follow the laws of the land - abate and mitigate and make the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - whole.

We the people are organized, educated on issues, and will not tolerate any Regulatory Agency hoodwinking the Public at Large. So, we say to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bay Area Air Quality Management Board, the Regional Water Department, the San Francisco Health Department, the other local, State, and Federal agencies to do the right thing.

In the interim thousands of our children, our elders, and others have been adversely impacted. The toll on the health of the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point is well known. However, the Pacific Heights Mafia thinks little about minorities - racists as they are. They think only of being greedy and making money. These greedy developers want to build facilities and homes on a Superfund Site where Depleted Uranium was tested - that will cost BILLIONS to cleanup.

Much before the strangers came to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard there were two hills. These hills were demolished and the earth used to fill in the wet-lands. On these hills were the remains of the Ohlone - the United States Navy in their ignorance - desecrated the remains and spread them all over the Hunters -Point Naval Shipyard. Until today - the year 2008 not one square inch of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has been Archeologically Surveyed.

The present United States Navy personnel do not understand the spiritual significance much as it did not understand the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One of the bombs dropped left from Hunters Point - so there is Karma to deal with - and no one can run away from this historical fact.

Hundreds of minorities mostly Blacks - worked at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and most of them were exposed to radiological and other very toxic material. None of them were warned when they sand blasted the ships that they were abating that were brought in from the Bikini Islands - having just participated in top secret atomic experiments. So, there is restitution to those that were used in the War Effort so that some could make - millions in blood money.

The United States Navy and other dubious characters will be quick to talk about Hunters Point once employing thousands of folks as much as ten thousand. But, not once will anyone say under what circumstances and how many precious lives were sacrificed. We know until the late 1950s - Blacks were treated like dirt and expandable. History has been slow to reveal the truth and some Blacks will not speak out - because they are not educated on issues and ignorant of the facts.

The sell out Blacks the likes of Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson, Willie B. Kennedy, Sophie Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Bishop Green, Boyd and McCray, Gary Banks, Angelo King - lack the information and are in for the money. Well blood money will come to haunt these individuals and they will pay a price. All one can do is inform them - all one can do is bring the facts to their attention.

No good will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The possibility of the Earth opening up and destroying all - is a reality waiting to happen. In less then five years there will be flooding that will signal worse things to come. No human can dabble with Mother Nature - the Big One is coming and it will not sound the clarion call. We must be spiritual to understand this. Today the living dead want money at all cost - even though this Nation is Fiscally Bankrupt. More is it Spiritually Bankrupt that no Environmental Impact Study will address.

The Spiritual Leaders from many Tribes have told me what will happen to those that defy the Laws of Nature. All I can do is reveal and speak out. Nothing more and nothing less.

For sure the Lennar Corporation is doomed to failure. It has lost its assets and it floating in a cesspool of its own making. Even as it is declaring bankruptcy here, there, and everywhere - it is using misinformation to build its equity on land that he does not control and will not control.

Today, thousands of homes are in foreclosure. The Housing Market will take years to recover. As for Lennar is cannot be trusted and I will never, ever trust it. Not for a second. Proposition F was at attempt to reveal to the Pacific Heights Mafia and to other dubious entities - that an Initiative could be put on the Ballot by collecting the required number of signature in record time. This could be done only because God was on our side. So, in nine days with inclement weather as a test - we the Children of God - collected the signatures and put the Initiative on the Ballot. The two legal proponents were Francisco Da Costa and Jim Queen.

We spend less then ten thousand dollars on Proposition F and won the hearts of thousands. The Devil spent five million dollars and thinks it has won. You ainšt seen anything yet - the children of God will be protected and those that make a pact with the Devil - will suffer here on Earth and then for all Eternity. This is the TRUTH - that history has revealed it in many books and other revelations.

Proposition G stands for Gangs and Goons even at Proposition F stands for Fortitude and Fairness.


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