The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is the lead agency that is mandated to monitor the adverse impacts linked to the Quality of Air and Dust in and around Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - in San Francisco.

A Dust Mitigation Plan linked to the Disposition and Development Agreement includes Article 31 which spells out the details linked to Dust Mitigation and Asbestos Structures. The cap agreed on Asbestos Structures was slated at 16,000 structures per cubic meter. Article 31 has not be implemented as it was supposed to be implemented and has failed the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point and the various advocates that have fought for the community at large.

Lennar a Rogue Company has had over 700 exceedances and there have been comparatively very few work stoppages. It is the duty of the BAAQMD to enforce and it should be helped by the SF Health Department - both entities have failed the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. More it has failed our children and elders that were poisoned and are dying slowly.

Recently, the BAAQMD fined Lennar a Rogue Developer $515,000. In reality this fined should have been greater. The word is that a back room deal was made by Lennar and the BAAQMD - if this is true shame on the BAAQMD. In this deal only two Notices of Violations were taken into consideration. A slap on the wrist and an affront to all children, women, and men of good faith.

Some of us have had a track record going before the BAAQMD and expressing our concerns to the BAAQMD. The BAAQMD Board Directors listens to us and have not done much - except make promises that mean nothing to the community. Environmental Justice Advocacy has a track record of serving the community and taking NO money from any Regulatory Agency and absolutely nothing from the City and County of San Francisco.

The BAAQMD permits its legal team headed by one Jack Broadbent to make major decisions and adjudications. It is only in very recent times - Mr. Jack Broadbent and his team - have come to some what understand - the pressing concerns of the Bayview Hunters Point Community.

The BAAQMD has been working with the Executive Council to the Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) and a Memorandum of Understand is in the pipe-line to further a better understanding on the community. The focus is on testing our children and elders. The details are being worked and we hope that this holistic approach sees the light of day - in the very near future.

On December 29, 30, 31 of 2008 we saw exceedances in the high numbers - many of these Asbestos Monitors belonged to the BAAQMD and the numbers noted were over 250,000 structures per cubic meter. One was over 290,000 structures per cubic meter linked to a BAAQMD monitor.

One Amy Brownell from the San Francisco Health Department has NOT been forth coming and has lied to the authorities and failed to protect the interest and health of the community hailing from the Bayview Hunters Point and surrounding areas.

Amy Brownell - works for the Environmental Department within the SF Health Department that is a party to the Disposition and Development Agreement. (DDA) - that is a legal document but has failed to protect the health of the community at large. I have the distinction of attending the over 40 meetings plus held in a month to push the DDA by corrupt and vested interests amongst them one Willie L. Brown Jr. - the former Mayor of San Francisco.

The BAAQMD has now - because community pressure begun releasing a Fact Sheet on adverse issues that are important and are linked to Projects that have adversely impacted an area and people. Recently, at the BAAQMD meeting held January 12, 2099 - such a Fact Sheet - was released linked to Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. This Fact Sheet and the other Fact Sheets released are a step in the right direction. The lay person must have an idea about the mentality of the BAAQMD which must improve and what is important the contents of the Fact Sheet must be very factual.

This is the year 2009 and there are changes at the highest level with President Barack Obama in charge and drastic changes at the Environmental Protection Agency and other Regulatory Agencies. We trust that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - serves the constituents of the Bay Area and works for the people and not for some Rogue Company such as Lennar.

We want to thank the various constituents from the Bayview Hunters Point and others that have chosen to stand with us - more fight with us - that have helped us in this fight against Lennar a Rogue Developer. We know for sure that Lennar will drown in the CESSPOOL of its own making.

Lennar and Blatant Fraud

Pertinent Info linked to Parcel A


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