San Francisco is a RACIST city but few have the guts to say that in public and more so to the many devious public officials called Representative that are the scum of the earth and keep harming innocent and poor people living in Public Housing.

Public Housing in San Francisco was designed and built some seventy years ago and built as interim housing for those Army and Navy personnel who worked for the Department of Defense. It is mostly in these areas that greedy developers want to grab what they can - and all of it mostly in the last frontier that is the Southeast area of San Francisco. Potrero, Sunnydale, Bayview Hunters Point ­ you know what I mean.

About a year ago a panel of mostly sell out - folks that really do not care met to decide what is best for poor people and in public housing. It is funny when this City wants to harm poor folks they will come out with a charade to camouflage their real intention.

Hunters view has about 267 units and a full eighty percent of them boarded up. The same at Potrero Public Housing some 628 and more then eighty percent boarded up. Then you have 767 homes in Sunnydale and many are boarded up but to fake it - some have been painted to give the residents a false sense of hope.

Why would any one talk about tearing homes and building new ones complete with logistics that make no sense - yet, do not explain to the residents the details and what is important and do not put it in writing. Line up developers to tear down housing and build smaller units with smaller rooms for another kind of clientele - completely different from the people living there now.

You have Mercy Housing and other dubious organizations selling a vision that makes no sense - using Power Point presentation that is so heavy on the mind that many left one meeting I attended in disgust. Then when I spoke the truth and told them is was a bad idea to constipate others with too much information - they felt bad but had to swallow the bitter pill.

You have about 133 units at Hunters Point and over eighty percent of the homes in this area are boarded up. You have the Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club but you have no youth to come and participate in the activities. Youth are bused from a far off and no one knows much about what is happening.

At Hunters View the John Stewart was poised to build about 887 units where now there are 267. This is the stuff I am talking about. The John Stewart is the same monster that controlled the Geneva Towers. If this City was not racist it would have nothing to do with the John Stewart Company. But is does.

At the Presidio the John Stewart Company rents homes from $10,000 a month to $2800 mostly. It is such a ³thug² that this City is trying to bring in to send poor folks a message. The John Stewart Company will created a ³gated community² complete with security guards and if you do not belong to a certain kind - the wrath of the guards will be leashed on those trying to challenge these Property Managers more thugs of a kind.

Mercy Housing has partnered with three other entities but is the lead organization trying to bluff the poor constituents that now make their living in Sunnydale. These so called new owners have no intention what so ever to help poor people. They have every intention to propagate - gentrification.

Samoans make forty percent of Public Housing but no one cares to explain to them the details. When one woman spoke from her heart the truth - a sell out Samoan who happened to be the translator failed to translate the truth - further adding fuel to fire.

Right now the rooms are large at Public Housing and if there is a queen or king bed - sufficient room to move around the bed. The proposed units will be small - so small that if one places a queen bed and forget a king bed - there will be no room what so ever to walk around the bed.

These Racist developers do not care for families and less for children. They care for their kind and their kind of living. Most of them have no extended families. And if you talk of relatives and close friends and think of these factors as part of housing it is too far removed from those really corrupt and devious in their intentions. The bottom line for these scum bags is the Almighty - dollar.

Asians, Latinos, Native Americans, poor Blacks and Whites and others living in Public Housing have no clue what is happening. I spoke a little about the Samoans they are the worst of all - they really think this racist City and Count of San Francisco will take care of them.

Mayor Gavin Newsom with his side-kick Dwayne Jones recently has been promising the residents free Wi-Fi at Alice Griffith. What about good health services and testing the children and elders? What about nutrition and child care? What about good opportunities and career jobs?

What about putting in writing that those now living in Public Housing without any conditions what so ever will be grand-fathered into future brand new housing and stop evicting innocent folks on minor charges that cannot be proved. Mayor Gavin Newsom is a LIAR and do not trust this evil man. The sad thing is that some Blacks and Samoans are working with the evil forces and we will call them out at the appropriate time.

Alice Griffith is a mess and nothing much will come there with the 256 units that are falling apart and more bombarded with the most toxic elements from the surrounding area. Just walk around Caroll Street and you will witness raw sewage running all over the place. This City and County should be ashamed of itself and the San Francisco Health Department will not do a thing. The mess has been covered with wood chips and the City thinks that they can fool all the people all the time. The leaders mostly Blacks are bought and these sell outs have blood on their hand. Foremost - Sophie Maxwell but also all those that supported Proposition G like Aurelious Walker.

There are plans to tear town Westbrook Apartments and Westside Court as part of Hope SF and developer crooks have all lined up to do their dirty deed. The only element stopping them is the present fiscal crisis where the banks will not lend much and the State of California is broke. John Stewart once worked for Fanny Mae and he has a bad track record - but this City will do business with him as it has with Lennar another Rogue Developer -who has a stake at Alice Griffith housing.

There was a time when pro-bono attorneys fought for poor people and President Barack Hussein Obama must be told about how the Pacific Heights Mafia and other dubious entities - using ploys and evil machinations to ruin the lives of innocent and poor people in Public Housing but in other places too. Who will save the poor and those most in need? This City is named after Saint Francis Assisi!

Tenants must form Tenant Associations and stay put. Unite and fight and not live their units - even if they are offered money. At Hunters View people have been offered Section 8 - these folks leave to their new abode and cannot afford the rents after some time. Then just like that they are homeless and most of them are found in areas like the Tenderloin in District Six.

In years past you never saw one single Samoan homeless but just go to the Tenderloin and see for yourselves. So what have all the Matais or Chiefs to say about this? And since the Samoans Pastors are so holy and want so much money - what are they doing about the situation at hand? Some one told me - some of them are pissed off at me for speaking the truth. Well, Christ spoke the truth and he was not afraid to take on those that harmed the poor and those that made the temple into a den of thieves. Bring it on if you have the guts.

I have not heard of nor seen on single Samoan come to City Hall and talk about the plight of the poor Samoans and especially the housing and health - crisis. Why is it? Where are the genuine Samoan leaders and do you think I am making this up? I have written about this crisis years ago and written again and again with no results. What is happening to the Warrior race?

When are those in Public Housing going to be educated on issues? Surely not all of them are dumb. At Hunters View the folks are all like zombies - they all have been bought - and soon they will all leave Hunters View never to return to those panoramic views - they now enjoy.

Soon it will be turn of Sunnydale and then Potrero Annex and Terrace what a fancy name. Westbrook Apartments, Hunters Point, Westside Courts, Alice Griffith and the other sites that only the ³thugs² know about.

What are we going to do about this on going nonsense? Do we owe something to our elders, our children, those that are in need and need help - now? Where are the leaders and why are so many so blind and fail to see this speeding train coming at them with no time and place to run from?

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