There was a time - when there were leaders who had the community in mind and not their own self interests in the Bayview Hunters Point. Things have changed and started recently more or less when Willie L. Brown Jr. the former Mayor of San Francisco - bought some community leaders and in doing so divided the community.

In recent years Lennar a Rogue Company gathered some sell outs the like of Sophina Maxwell, Willie B. Kennedy, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Doris Vincent, Angelo King, Veronica Hunnicutt and others that I have named before and divided the community.

You have ignorant mostly Blacks sitting on the Bayview Hunters Project Area Committee (BVHP PAC) and the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the Hunters Point Shipyard that have NO clue what are the serious implications - if the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is not abated and mitigated.

These folks that are suppose to represent have no clue that there are hundreds of radiological elements that the United States Navy is mandated to clean up. But, these fools want the land to be capped and homes built. This will never happen and it will not happen as long as the present Economic Crisis - prevails.

Some weeks ago the community met at the Southeast Facility Commission at 1800 Oakdale and discussed about the Draft Urban Design Plan to the Shipyard. The message was clear we have to address the radiological elements the most serious of the polluted elements. This is the right thing to do.

Also, the issues linked to liquefaction and flooding at the Shipyard are critical. I attended this meeting and reported on it. I saw a glimpse of hope with some sell outs beginning to understand that a through clean up was essential and that the community was demanding this from the United States Navy. After all the Navy polluted the Shipyard and the Navy is mandated to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

It is very important to remember that the land that is the Shipyard belonged to the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone. I represent them and so does Espanola Jackson who lives in the Bayview. It is disgusting to hear some Blacks make pronouncements that because they have lived in the Bayview some fifty years or so - they think they have a right to speak as if the land belongs to them.

For sure there were no Blacks living in great numbers in the 1920s and even in the 1930s. There were Chinese and a growing fishing industry. In the current discussion the Asians, the Samoans, the Latinos, the Native Americans, the decent Whites and the decent Blacks and others are kept out of the discussion brought about by the BVHP PAC and CAC. This is disgusting but these sell outs are so full of it - that they are the laughing stock of the City and County of San Francisco - the entire world. More so when they are seen on YouTube as the one posted at the end of this article.

Some idiotic Blacks will talk without thinking and in a manner that defies logic. These are the ones that think Lennar a Rogue Company that has poisoned our children and elders will offer these ignorant folks jobs and opportunities. These folks have no clue that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar recently - $515,000. Promising to build 10,000 on Mare Island Lennar declared bankruptcy and in other places has never, ever kept its promise.

That Lennar has hundreds of Notice of Violations and does not really care about the people living in and around the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. I just do not know - how to educate these ignorant folks - they seem so nonchalant and behave like zombies - they are the living dead. More they are a curse because they adversely impact the community. They are slaves in this day to the Pacific Heights Mafia.

For over two and half year Stop Lennar Action Movement has been educating those that are decent, educated, more have a moral compass, a cadre of people that have discipline and want to take the Bayview Hunters Point Community to a better place. We are thankful to have Ministers Christopher Muhammad and Keith Muhammad join us in prayer and communion of good thoughts and actions. Bishop Ernest Jackson and Archbishop Franzo King bless us in communion. Pastor Daniel Solberg and others righteous leaders create situations that the Bayview Community needs to heal.

We have over 70 Churches in the Bayview - all Christian Churches and majority of them have NOT come out to defend our children and elders that have been poisoned. I know for a fact if Jesus were alive He would do the right thing - He would take on the Rogue Company Lennar and chastise those that harmed - especially little children.

Instead with witness pastors mostly Black dress in Blue and Pink suits talking from both sides of their mouth - working hand in hand with those that do not have the best interests of the community. Where have you seen the good Shepherd desert the flocks and fall for stale bread crumbs and work with the devil against the people that need help most?

Lennar is a rogue company that has no intention of building one single dog house on any land. Lennar has NO money and if it thinks it will get something from the so called ³stimulus package² being offered - it is strictly mistaken. At the end of this article - I am posting the new Environmental Protection Agency - Administrator¹s policy speech - she is an intelligent Black woman and she practically covers the important aspects dealing with Urban and Inner City - linked to adverse impacts and pollution.

We have a Black President in Barack Hussein Obama. We have a Black Environmental Protection Agency Administrator in Lisa Jackson - we have Black Federal Attorney General. They all want to do much good - but guess what - we have too many sell outs in the Bayview ­ that cannot see beyond their noses.

These scum bags have no ties to the land as the First People do - in this case the Muwekma Ohlone - they cannot even share any good with any community because of the cesspool in which they live filled with deceit and corruption of the highest order. They take break crumbs as did those few on the Plantation always working against their own - to keep their own down and suppressed.

The righteous must and will stick together. We are NOT afraid of thugs and folks that have NO moral values. Ignorant about issues - they talk the talk and fail again and again to walk the walk.

Message from Lisa Jackson

YouTube: SF Bayview Hunter's Point CAC/PAC Lennar Community Meeting

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