Eric Jaye who is behind Mayor Gavin Newsom and heads his California Exploratory Committee for Governor - is at his wits end. He and his ilk can go about with their masks - looking honest - their dishonesty stinks to high heaven. At the Napa Town Hall Meeting - children raised their hands to ask valid questions. The devils looked at them are pretended they did not exist. It is such behavior - that defies the MORAL COMPASS - that will being down Mayor Gavin Newsom and those fake cronies that surround - him.

Mayor Gavin Newsom talks a good talk - but when it comes to walking the walks - he stumbles into the cesspool of his own making.

On Tuesday - March 10, 2009 in Oakland while conducting his Town Hall meeting - seeking to be the next Governor - the constituents gathered - gave him hell.

He got the same medication on Thursday - this time is was very bitter.

The poor man could not answer truthfully.

Reminding me on what Mark Twain once scribbled in his note book: " The insincerity of man - all men are liars, partial or hiders of facts, half tellers of truths, shirks, moral sneaks. When a merely honest man appears he is a comet - his fame is eternal- needs no genius, no talent - mere honesty - Luther, Christ etc ...

On Tuesday he was told by those hurting from the exploits of the Rogue Company Lennar that our children - innocent children were being poisoned. Mayor Gavin Newsom brushed it aside. Well, Mayor Gavin Newsom - you have BLOOD on your hands.

We are a Spiritual Movement. In our eyes you a poor soul - cannot serve God and Mammon. We know you serve Mannon it is written all over your face. And when it comes to moral turpitude you excel - you and those that support your evil ways.

Now, Eric Jaye who panders and makes his money - by consulting - touts the same lines and lies. Tests have been conducted in the Bayview Hunters Point - and there is nothing wrong with the children in the Bayview Hunters Point that have been - bombarded by Lennar and its wide scale grading.

Crushing Serpentine Rock and releasing thousands of Asbestos Structures - on certain days in the high 50,000 range. The cap has been set to 16,000 structures per cubic meter. Over 380 Notice of Violations have been issues against Lennar.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has fined Lennar - $515,000. Fined Lennar not the United States Navy.

The Whites Folks in Napa had gathered to talk about water issues, the proposed wine tax - that the current Governor thought he could impose but is having difficulties, the present Economy that is the worst since World War II. The role of Government and of course the impending Stimulus Plan - and so on.

These White Folks were surprised to see so many visitors - one told me from where have so many of these folks come from. I ventured to ask him - what he was talking about. " You know these people you see". " These people you see " - think about it - the audacity.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is steeped in his morass - he has no holistic picture on any issue.

Daily - some of his cronies wind him up with ideas and concepts that are far fetched. Of course when he spews his diatribe - most folks that are NOT educated on issues - agree with him or just nod their heads - thinking he is speaking the truth - when is fact - he is lying through his teeth.

San Francisco has a $6.5 Billion dollar budget. And the fact is San Francisco today - is forced to lay off employees and trim SF City Department Budgets by over twenty five percent. As things stand today - San Francisco is over $750 million plus in the hole. It will get worse.

Anyone with the knowledge can review the sad state of affairs when in comes to Health, Safety, Education, Transportation, Homelessness, our Recreation and Parks Department in San Francisco - and make their own conclusions. They are pathetic!

Front line workers in the Health Department have been cut. The result of the twenty five percent plus cut more thirty percent. People are suffering. Witness the long lines at SF General Hospital.

Dr. Mitch Katz openly declared that the Mentally Ill and those availing themselves of Drug Rehabilitation will suffer. He has imposed a fifty percent cut in these areas. Never mind the consequences.

Recreations and Parks in San Francisco will suffer - with the fifty percent cuts linked to programs, staff reductions, and so on.

Under Mayor Gavin Newsom - Gentrification has increased and thousands of decent families with their children - have left San Francisco.

Does anyone think for a single moment that Mayor Gavin Newsom cares about the above issues?

Now if Mayor Gavin Newsom cannot manage his own back yard - how will he manage - California?

Mayor Gavin Newsom, Senator Diane Feinstein, and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi are in bed with the very corrupt Rogue Developer - Lennar.

As much as the people for the last four years and I for the last nine years - have been saying stay away from Lennar - Mayor Gavin Newsom has given Lennar prime access to Treasure Island and has backed Lennar - endorsing Proposition G.

As the Proponent for Proposition F - F as in Fortitude - we the people demanded fifty percent affordable Housing. And we spelled our plan in detail - those making below $80,000, those making below $60,000 - low income and no income.

We said we could go along with fifty percent Market Value housing. And we did insist on total clean up of the area. Paying attention to liquefaction and flooding.

While we spent about $10,000 if ever on Proposition F. Those backing Proposition G - spent over $1 million. One of those that profited most was Eric Jaye - who today is using the campaign coffers that Lennar filled - to back a devious, inept, lacking a moral compass, spewing diatribe, spineless politician - that happens to be the Mayor of San Francisco.

Eric Jaye and his cronies are put on notice. We the people - and we - Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) - will follow you - and be in your face. Remember that every single day you wake up. Put a post it on your window - on that mirror when you wake up and see the lying eyes that have spewed lies - the day before you went to bed.

You thought for that single second you had it made in Napa - you thought we were not coming - we came - we saw - and we won.

I witnessed Mayor Gavin Newsom - stumbling, lying, making no eye contact - and even as he was speaking half-truths - some one was whispering in his ear. He stopped twenty minutes - clear before the Town Hall should have ended. Gavin was catching too much flak.

Mayor Gavn Newsom says he is Catholic, he says he was educated by the Jesuits - but, he has not learned much. Jesuits train one to discern. In order to discern one has to have a moral compass.

Mayor Gavin Newsom you lack fortitude - but most of all you are full of Spin - and your fake Media stances - will take you over the precipice and you will drown in the "cesspool' of your own creation.

Pandering to Archbishop Franzo King, and saying that you are in the know about Environmental issues you have no clue about. Being openly insincere to your constituents - while trying to fake embrace the constituents of the whole of California - is not in your make up. You need a complete brain transplant and with that an over haul of all that is you. Than is impossible and thus you are deemed an utter failure.

Governors in Sacramento use to send our EDICTS - to kill Native Americans up until 1924. Not too long ago.

This land all of it - was stolen by folks that love GREED and have no moral compass.

Recent Governors have not been kind to those that need help - the poor and those that are decent and pay taxes. We have failed our teachers and those very hard working California - constituents.

I know for a fact that you will never, ever be the Governor - but while you are at it - let me tell you to your face - you are a disgrace to the human race.

Anyone that will not respect children, innocent children - is despicable.

Check out the photographs from the Town Hall meeting held in Napa - March 12, 2009:

Newsom in Napa

Francisco Da Costa
Director, Environmental Justice Advocacy




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