Candlestick Recreation Area is situated just opposite Candlestick Stadium and is a well know site where all the tail-gating before the 49er games goes on in San Francisco. Candlestick Recreation Park was created by the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point area and is the first and only State Park in San Francisco.

Lennar a rogue developer, not satisfied with the over 900 acres of toxic land that has yet to be cleaned up by the United States Navy at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, is pushing to buy forty acres of Candlestick Recreation Area depriving San Franciscans of precious Open Space that comes under the Public Trust Land Act - land that belongs to all Californians.

California State Senator Mark Leno has gone out of his way to accommodate corrupt entities to fill his campaign coffers. This time Senator Mark Leno has crossed the line and has met with very strong opposition. At the Appropriations Committee held in Sacramento the Chair, Kevin de Leon admonished Senator Mark Leno for not having meaningful discussions with the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point and beyond.

The constituents of Bayview Hunters Point will not surrender one single square inch to the Rogue Developer, Lennar. Never mind if the Rogue Developer is backed by Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Pacific Heights Mafia and the sell outs mostly Black that are on the take. The likes of Sophina Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, Lola Whittle, Gary Banks, and many more.

Public Trust Lands really should not be given to rogue developers, especially not to Lennar that has a very bad track record of building inferior homes and mostly on toxic land. Lennar promised to build 10,000 on Mare Island and after ten years had nothing to show and declared bankruptcy adversely impacting the City of Vallejo that relied on the tax increment and itself declared - bankruptcy. Lennar cannot and will not be trusted by any decent entity, person, or organization.

Senator Leland Yee and Assembly person Tom Ammiano have fought for the constituents of San Francisco on this issue of Open Space and Quality of Life issues, linked to Candlestick Recreation Area. These two stalwart Representatives have done right by the people. They need to be appreciated and supported.

Senator Mark Leno has been a failure when it comes to inter-facing with real people and people of color. His campaign coffers have been filled by corrupt folks waiting on the side-line for favors. At one time Senator Mark Leno promised to serve the people but he has not. He has failed the leaders like Harvey Milk and Harry Britt. He has chosen to run against a Queer Representative just to massage his EGO and work for his own petty, selfish goals.

Senate Bill 792 introduced by Senator Mark Leno to take over Candlestick Recreation Area and give it to the rogue developer, Lennar, is a very bad idea. The sooner this Bill is shot down and relegated to the waste paper basket the better. On this one Senator Mark Leno, a slithering snake tried to hoodwink the decent, hard working constituents, the tax payers of California. This time around the indecent Mark Leno was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Shame on him.

This struggle to keep Open Space and save Candlestick Recreation Area is our goal and we the people, will do whatever it takes to save Candlestick Recreation Area. Five SF Board of Supervisors support our action Chris Daly, John Avalos, Eric Mar, Ross Mirkarimi, and David Campos.

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