The inept United States Navy has decided on its own terms to disband the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. This decision could not have come at a worst time. This decision clearly reveals to the world exactly what has been the main objective of the inept, sordid, United States Navy at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - convey the Shipyard dirty to the City.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard some 980 acres plus was operated by the U.S. Navy during the War Effort and the U.S. Navy did not take care of the pollution and other adverse impacts, polluting not only the watershed, the land, the Bay waters, the air, but most importantly all human life.

It is well know that the National Defense Radiological Laboratory (NDRL) was established at the Hunter Point Naval Shipyard where Depleted Uranium was tested. The present Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an off shoot of the NDRL. So, it is no wonder when the U.S. Navy mentions the EPA while relieving itself of its obligation to clean up the Shipyard and be challenged from time to time by the RAB - being in bed with the EPA on this critical issues and aligning themselves with the other evil entities, to the community this does not come as a surprise.

The RAB as the name denotes is just there in an advisory capacity and does know very well what the community is experiencing. Contrary to the other sell outs that the U.S. Navy embraces, including some White members on the RAB board that will tow the line of the sinking U.S. Navy. The current RAB Chair has done well.

Historically, the U.S. Navy has polluted the Hunters Point in more then one way. In the early 1800’s the land that is now the Shipyard was pristine. That was until the strangers came and mostly used it as farm land. Then the U.S. Navy saw the opportunity to use the land to build ships and contribute to the War Effort. Took over 989 acres using Eminent Domain and the rest is toxic history.

Two hills containing sacred remains were demolished and the remains spread all over the current Shipyard as part of the then infill. The Serpentine Rock was crushed and spread all over the Shipyard, further polluting the land. At that time the dumb U.S. did not have a clue about the real adverse affects of crushed Serpentine Rock. Later the area was polluted by all the nefarious activities linked to the Atomic Bomb.

Hundreds of large animals were radiated and buried all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Ships that took part in the Bikini Island experiments where ships were exposed to atomic bomb explosions were towed to Hunters Point to be cleaned. Mostly people of color sand blasted the hulks and the residue landed in the Bay and the rest buried or thrown all over the Shipyard. The same holds true regarding toxic radials that were just buried anywhere. No one in authority took care about pollution and toxicity. One has just to review the contents of Parcel E and E2 to truly learn the sad state of affairs.

The U.S. Navy as far as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is concerned has made a fool of themselves and their operations. The current disbanded Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) was instrumental in challenging the U.S. Navy after all these years of nonchalant meetings. Previous RABs tongue in cheek mostly adhered to the U.S. Navy’s way of thinking. Some of the present RAB members that are now disbanded were instrumental in bringing the U.S. Navy and other experts to discuss and have a dialog about liquefaction and flooding. Address, other issues that the U.S. Navy was sitting on and in hibernation.

The present U.S. facilitators, one Mr. Douglas Gilkey and Mr. Keith Forman have been unfair to the Bayview Hunters Point community at large. They have failed to listen to those that took time off to participate in the various RAB meetings and the many dog and pony shows that the U.S. held more to divert the minds of those that were thoroughly following the nefarious activities of U.S. Navy. These two men have blood on their hands. I have requested to speak to one Mr. Douglas Gilkey, face to face on without any hidden agenda. I represent the First People, the Muwekma Ohlone on issues linked to Base Closure and related operations, policies, laws, regulations, and projects.

The U.S. Navy will not divulge the millions that were wasted by one former contractor involved in the fake clean up of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - International Technologies (IT). Some, say as much as four hundred million was wasted with kick backs going to many in authority.

We, the community need to find out how many millions have Tetra Tech made in all the years it has been pussyfooting at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Could it be in the realm of about five hundred million?

Disbanding the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) sends a wrong message to the world. Remember, one bomb left the Hunter Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco and was dropped on Japan and killed millions of innocent civilians. We must remember no other Nation has done that and remember that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard contributed to the killing of millions all over the world.

The U.S. Navy chooses to wheel and deal with politicians just like it is doing all over the world and putting innocent men and women in harms way. I know what I am talking about having actively participated in the logistics of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Today the U.S. Navy has failed to clean up its past mess and continues to march ahead and create fresh confusion mostly leading to death and destruction all over the world. The RAB challenges the U.S. Navy to clean up the shipyard at Hunters Point but the U.S. Navy wants to hear nothing of such talk.

You can find some drab information about the U.S. Navy and its dubious machinations at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard at:

You can learn more about the Radiological elements that pollute the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard by visiting the Main Library on Grove Street in San Francisco and reading the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report. Further you can learn about toxicity, radiological elements, dubious killing operations, lies and more lies by visiting the above website above and commenting if you care.

The sad part of these recent happenings it that the U.S. Navy has joined hands with Mayor Gavin Newsom, Michael Cohen, Amy Brownell, other evil people including the Environmental Protection Agency and Lisa Williams that have been dragging their feet on the Shipyard issue. We have as a community gone before the various Regulatory Agencies and spoken up. You can drag a horse to the edge of the water but you cannot force it to drink.

The U.S. Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) personnel linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard must be investigated. They are corrupt but what is most appalling - disingenuous. The U.S. Navy is sinking and this time it has lost all credibility. The latest ploy took place at 1800 Oakdale and the U.S. Navy’s last resort to trick the people having a Dog and Pony show that failed. Some exhibit was held with no introduction, no explanation, the U.S. Navy wanted the public at large to come, see, and by osmosis learn about the exhibit that cost thousands to put up. Of course in the mostly, people of color community, the consultant was White and lived far way from San Francisco and had no inkling about the culture, less about the facts linked to the Bayview Hunters Point community at large.

The United States Navy has no clue about the Precautionary Principle that is law in San Francisco. The real purpose of the Restoration Advisory Board was to engage the community at large, the Latinos, the Asians, the Samoans, the Native Americans, the decent Blacks and Whites, others - this never happened.

The many so called outreach events were tailor made to deceive the community and not tell them the truth. Who is their right mind will reveal the real truth about Parcel E and E2. Those that know say that it is a time bomb waiting to explode. As I said before I hope this time bomb explodes in the face to those right now making convoluted decisions without any meaningful dialog. The U.S. Navy must remember it CANNOT call fool all the people all the time.

I worked for the Department of Defense and was connected with the Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco. I know how the U.S. Navy works and the psychological games they use. This time around they will meet their match. We have not engaged the evil and the corrupt directly. But, the time has come for the hand of God to do that. It will happen and remember you heard it first - here.

The United States Navy’s actions and operations at Treasure Island and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard are deplorable. The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is the one of the ten most toxic sites in the Nation. It is on the Superfund list and will remain on the Superfund list. The U.S. Navy wants to cap the land and carry on shady clean up actions without any input, no accountability and less transparency. This is not Iraq or Afghanistan where some one is getting their asses kicked. This is San Francisco where the land was first stolen to begin with:

Some of the readers will like to learn more about radiological elements and other cool stuff take your time and always monitor the devious, corrupt, inept U.S. Navy as carefully as you can:

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