The San Francisco Department of Elections continues to accept prospective candidates to lead San Francisco's District Ten - that is large and comprises of Visitation Valley, Portola District, Silver Terrace, Little Hollywood, Dog Patch, Hunters Point, Sunnydale, Oakdale - a very large area indeed.

About forty thousand people make their abode in the District Ten and it has the largest amount of youth - for sure those that are eighteen years and below. The present Supervisor, Sophina Maxwell has been at utter failure and most of the candidates that have aligned themselves with Sophina Maxwell - are making the worst mistake of the life. Time will tell.

Sophina Maxwell did nothing much for the youth. And those youth who through no fault of their own had no opportunities for years - fell prey to machinations and ploys that she put in place. History will not be kind to her and those who think they carry out the same policies. The blood of our innocent children is upon them. Make no mistake; history has recorded the deeds of the EVIL.

Most of the candidates have NO clue as to what the constituents in District Ten desire. In the past crooked politicians and the San Francisco County Central Democratic Committee has taken the constituents for a ride. Not, this time around. Prepared slates that had the blind leading the blind. Time for a spiritual awakening. Time of good sound leadership with accountability and complete transparency.

At the many District 10 forums held, drab questions have been posed to the candidates. Most of the candidates in the running are looking forward to a position, to a salary, and creating a cozy nest. Well, this is exactly the type of attitude that has created the divisiveness in District 10 and left the constituents hanging in the air.

In the last ten years the Black constituents have been decimated. Thousands left for Suburbia - only to jump from the frying pan into the fire. Those that left sold their homes, bought homes and many fell prey to the sub-prime loans. The younger Blacks both women and men are confused, confounded, bewildered, and perplexed as to what is really happening to their community. Every time they seek help - the present leadership makes promises and delivers nothing at all. How much of the nonsense can any decent community bear and less endure?

The demographics of San Francisco's District Ten has changed dramatically. Thousands of Latinos, Polynesians, Asians, Native Americans, others that now live in District Ten, many of them home owners - feel left out but not for too long. Instead of building trust the mostly Black Representatives on the local committees have chosen to divide the community and follow corrupt City officials and leaders that do not have the better interests of the community at large.

The poorer Blacks living in Public Housing be it Potrero Hill, Huntersview, Kiska Road, Oakdale, Sunnydale are all slated for complete removal better know as Gentrification. Few have read the Unfinished Agenda and less the Out Migration Report. Corrupt Blacks gathered and rewrote history, sold out the Black community. Few speak out, say the truth most take the money and keep silent.

The candidates in the running do not feel the pulse of the constituents of District Ten and that include members of other minority population. The November 2010 election will be one of divide and rule. Too many candidates, many of them wanbees that have done NOTHING concrete for the community at large. Have no recognized community service - a worthy track record.

For over four years a rogue developer Lennar has poisoned our children and our elders. Many of these candidates for District Ten have NOT taken a position. They prefer to sit on the fence and jump on whatever side is green - but in this case - these tricks will NOT work.

None of these candidates have discussed about the $515,000 imposed on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) for poisoning our children and elders linked to Parcel A. None of them have take a strong position on behalf of the community linked to the fake Draft, Environmental Impact Report (EIR) linked to Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point. Most of them have no clue about the National Environmental Policy Act, the California Environmental Quality Act, and the Environmental Impact Studies. In short they think they can run for office, not educated on issues, no compassion for the suffering people, and that it will be business usual. Not this time.

Mayor Gavin Newsome and his many cronies have tried their best to defeat a segment of the constituents that have challenged them in writing and I count myself as one of them. Some local newspapers, magazines, blogs have continued to support the community at large. The Main Media continues its Spin and reports gossip, ploys, and machinations. This is a crying shame

The Hunters Point Shipyard will always come to haunt the leaders because they have not studied the issues at hand. Maritime use of Hunters Point began in the 1850s. After buying the property in 1939 the United States Navy began to expand its Shipyard and build facilities.

Uneducated folks are not aware that between 1939 and 1974, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was home to the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory (NRDL). The Shipyard was used to decontaminate ships that had been used during the atomic weapons testing under Operation Crossroads. NRDL conducted thousands of experiments in the numerous buildings on the Shipyard. Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Ninety five percent of Hunters Point Shipyard is landfill and most of it contaminated. The entire Watershed is polluted - much of it with radiological elements.

Thousands of animals that took part in Operation Crossroads were brought to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and buried all over the place on the Shipyard. We still have employees, who worked for the U.S. Navy living in the community - they are nearing their death, most do not keep in good health, but they know the "dirty secrets" of the United States Navy.

The U.S. Navy closed the Shipyard in 1974 and leased most of the property to private ship repair company. This company took the liberty to further pollute the Hunters Point Shipyard. In 1989 the Environmental Protection Agency placed Hunters Point Shipyard on the National Priorities List. In 1991 as part of Base Closures the Department of Defense listed Hunters Point Shipyard to be on that list. The Environmental Protection Agency - has failed to "protect" the constituents of San Francisco and more the constituents of District Ten and beyond. The EPA takes its responsibility lightly favoring Early Transfer, Capping, and signing off on Record of Decisions - transferring dirty parcels for development. The President of the United States and others are asleep.

One has to read to Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report to understand the Radiological contamination that rightfully places the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard on a Superfund List. Only the worse of the worst Department of Defense (DoD) facilities and sites are placed on this list.

There are over 80 installation restoration sites on the Hunters Point Shipyard. Over 100 radiological sites and the U.S. Navy has spent millions of dollars and doing this job at a snail's pace. Over $600 million has been spent to date as part of the clean up but this is just the tip of the iceberg. A billion plus in needed to do a through job. Parcels E and E2 have radiological contaminants, Volatile Organic Compounds, Methane gas spewing in the thousands of tons. One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. So much for all the Green and Sustainable talk that this corrupt City and County of San Francisco and Mayor Gavin Newsom - espouses.

Parcel A was conveyed to the City and Count of San Francisco in 2004. The City conveyed the parcel to San Francisco Redevelopment Agency under a corrupt person named Marcia Rosen, who is turn conveyed the parcel to Lennar a Rogue Developer whose current President is Kofi Bonner. Present at the signing ceremony in Washington DC – Willie L Brown Jr., Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson, and other corrupt individuals too many to mention.

In the year 2000 - eighty seven of the constituents of San Francisco voted to clean up the entire Hunters Point Shipyard to the highest standards. One has to read Proposition P and the candidates in running - better do so. Going against the will of the people to transfer Parcel A surrounded by other polluted parcels is wrong. Why build thousands of homes in the middle of Chernobyl? Greed.

Parcel B, C, D, E, G, UC1 and F which is the Bay are all polluted. The tip of the iceberg clean up now going on - is a façade that the U.S. Navy exhibits to foster Early Transfer and Capping - two processes that the many candidates running for District Ten Supervisorial Seat have NO comprehension of, nor will ever understand. The reason is simple an evident, no one wants to read the documents, study the empirical data. Most of them want to be briefed by corrupt folks - so called experts - and that includes some of the community leaders - that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The City and County proposed to build a football stadium. Most people jump on the bandwagon - including most of the buffoon candidates. Imagine building a stadium in the middle of Chernobyl to facilitate ten or eleven games a year.

The San Francisco Planning Department and the SF Redevelopment Agency produced a Draft, EIR linked to the Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point. Complete with wrong maps, false data, and a transportation document that makes no sense. Building 10,500 units on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - bringing an added population of 30,000 and adversely impacting the entire Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Providing a Draft, EIR that does more harm then good - that is inadequate, with fake maps, wrong information and not following the intent State and Federal laws to protect the constituents of San Francisco and District Ten. Failing to provide adequate time and dumping the over 4000 pages on us during the Christmas holidays for review and written comment - to fast track the process and in the bargain divide the community at large. Such ploys and evil intentions will not bring about progress. As I said a long time ago: "No good will ever come at Hunters Point".

The Hunters Point Shipyard comprises of 417 acres of dry land, 443 of submerged land, and 76 acres called Parcel A - East and West was conveyed in 2004 and is NOT considered part of the Federal Action. The new proposed Federal Action is a change in reuse from, and represents an amendment to, the original proposed Hunters Point Redevelopment Plan, as addressed by the Navy in the Final Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for the Disposal and Reuse of Hunters Point Shipyard - March 2000.

These two alternatives will be considered as part of the disposal and reuse action. Stadium Plan Alternative and Non-Stadium Plan Alternative. These two Alternatives and linked with the fake Proposition G that was approved by the constituents of San Francisco without fully comprehending the issues at hand.

The constituents of District Ten have short memories and have forgotten about Proposition F. They, further know less about Proposition G but have to live for the rest of their lives with this huge rock hanging round their necks. The SF Labor Council, ACORN, and the SF Organizing Project were quick to back Lennar and agreeing to a thirty three percent affordable model that has yet to be resolved. Of course the three entities got paid and the rest in history.

In the year 2009, California Senator Mark Leno initiated Senate Bill 792 and took over 23 acres of State Park Land that most constituents of District Ten are not fully aware of. Lennar now wants to build seventy five percent of its development on Alice Griffith, a parcel bought by SF Redevelopment Agency next to Alice Griffith Public Housing, and of course the adjacent 23 acres of State Park Land passed under Senate Bill 792.

The National Environmental Policy Act has some general policies that the candidates would do well to read, comprehend, and fathom: 1. Fulfill the responsibilities of each generation as trustees of the environment for succeeding generations; 2. Assure for all Americans safe, healthful, productive, and aesthetically and culturally pleasing surroundings; 3. Attain the widest range of beneficial uses of the environment without degradation, risk to health or safety, or other undesirable and unintended consequences; 4. Preserve important historic, cultural, and natural aspects of our national heritage, and maintain, wherever possible, an environment which supports diversity, and variety of individual choice; 5. Achieve a balance between population and resource use which will permit high standards of living and a wide sharing of life's amenities; and 6. Enhance the quality of renewable resources and approach the maximum attainable recycling and depleted resources The Congress recognizes that each person should enjoy a healthful environment and that each person has a responsibility to continue to the preservation and enhancement of the environment.

Needless to say the candidates trying to vie for the District Ten seat are clueless of the priorities of the constituents most of them linked to Quality of Life issues.

Politics is a dirty game, where cut-throats make deals, try to hoodwink the innocent, and rake in thousands and millions to fill their campaign coffers. Most of the corrupt get the heads up and are back by current Representatives that have not served the better interests of the community at large in District Ten and San Francisco at large.

District Ten in San Francisco has failed to attract one single candidate that is educated on issues, has a fine tuned moral compass, has compassion, and has a blue print that was created via meaningful dialog and other communication to better the lives of those that most need help.

Corrupt developers are building thousands of high density housing for a completely different populace that will live in gated communities.

The San Francisco Unified School District has bused our children and is proposing methods to further create difficulties forcing our children to cross different turfs to get to schools far away from their living communities, putting them in harms way.

Radiological elements and other toxic dust have adversely impacted of all living beings in District Ten - more those living in and around the Hunters Point Shipyard. The former Schlage Lock Company, and the many brown fields on which hundreds upon hundreds of high density homes are being built.

The Precautionary Principle in on the books and is law in San Francisco but no one cares to read it less enforce it. Corrupt folks look the other way when it comes to people that are poor and cannot defend themselves.

Public Housing at Potrero Hill, Hunters View, Kiska Road, Oakdale, Sunnydale are all carved out to the given to the Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing, and the John Stewart Company. Even as we speak hundreds have been evicted, many thrown on the Streets. The most affected community the Polynesians and the Blacks. Where are the leaders and if you are alive why are you not dong something to help your people?

Poverty Pimp Pastors and others mostly Black Leaders with a low IQ talk the talk and less walk the walk. They are on the take and the Shepherd does not care for the sheep. The sheep are scattered and dying and the Shepherd is feasting on food bought with blood money.

Caught up in this mess our children that are innocent and do not know what to do. Astute as they are they are constantly bombarded with mixed signals. They look at their parents the many strung on drugs, using filthy language, that eat and drink and delve in unhealthy practices. The youth come to me and pour their hearts and what they say is the truth but what surrounds them are the corrupt and LIES. Who created this environment that once was not present?

Of the 40,000 constituents that make their abode in District Ten - less then twenty five percent vote. The many Asians and Latinos, the decent Blacks and Whites, the Native Americans and the Polynesians, others - are lost with little or no outreach. You mention the names of the candidates and you might as well talk about the planet Pluto - imagine constituents that pay taxes and do not know their representatives

The Pacific Heights Mafia has set shop on Bayshore and other pertinent places. Ready when the Green Signal is given to do the devil's work. It is all about land. Those that control the land - control most everything. But, we are a Nation of laws and education is critical to stand your ground and take a stand. There is no more powerful weapon then education. Those that want to Represent District Ten pay heed. Walk the walk and less talk the talk.

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