The United States Navy still has jurisdiction of Parcel B, C, D, E, F, G, and the many parcels that the U.S. Navy carves out at will and wants to hand over as abated but is still much polluted. The City and County of San Francisco has NOT exercised its Precautionary Principle and while it wants to hoodwink the people by fast tracking the process, leading to conveyance - it must remember that it cannot fool nor hoodwink all the people - all the time.

At a recent San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Commission meeting Mr. Richard Swig was fed up with the staff of the SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA), the Municipal Transportation Authority (MTA), and the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and Workforce. He said you give me so much of these documents and much of it contradicts what I see and learn that I get cockeyed. He expressed his concern about the contaminants and wanted the staff to inform him better and less contradictions.

Well, the time has come to take a reality check. The Hunters Point Shipyard is a Superfund Site and belongs to the Federal Government. The U.S. in now working on a Environmental Impact Study and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is NOT going to sign any conveyance agreement this time as it did with Parcel A. President Barrack Hussein Obama has been informed about the Rogue Developer and the Pacific Heights Mafia. Now, this fight will NOT be an easy one - but I can tell you from the nervousness in one camp that the people of Bayview Hunters Point that are fighting this fight against the present developer are winning hands down.

At the recent SF Planning Commission you had the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development side-kick, one, Tiffany Bohee lie through her teeth. She talks about 200 meetings held in the community that has been divided and many of those attending bought and paid for by the Rogue Developer that wants to build 10,500 homes at Hunters Point Shipyard. This same developer promised to build 10,000 homes at Mare Island in the Bay Area and after 10 years had nothing to show. Being a Limited Liability Company it declared bankruptcy and has the City of Vallejo singing the blues to this very day.

At this present time there is a glut of condominiums and many home owners have fallen prey to home foreclosures in San Francisco. The SF Redevelopment Agency, the other local agencies could work together to buy some to these properties and if they had a heart - loan some money and put the home owners back on track. But, this has not been the case. Conceptual plans are floating around that look good. A conceptual plan is a dream and many a time you can wake up from a dream and face your worst nightmare.

One SF Redevelopment Agency planner is talking about “form based development” not really comprehending that we in San Francisco do not have such a model in the pipeline. And even the so called hybrid model of planning lack the expertise and financial resources to deliver. For sure this City and County of San Francisco has no resources and cutting its workforce and other elements to make ends meet is in the news everyday. We have a few planners that think they can fool us with diatribe and long winded presentation that are clouded and full of ploys and machinations. All this will come to an end soon - because as I said - no one in their right mind can continue pure diatribe, spew hot air, and think for one nano second that they are doing the right thing.

Some time ago the SF Planning Department released the Draft, Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to the Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point. This document was full of errors - fake maps, false data, a vague transportation document, no respect given the Muwekma Ohlone and Cultural Resources, no sound empirical data when it came to Cumulative Pollution, and no alternative plans on what could be possible besides the fake Draft, EIR. The forces behind this fake Draft, EIR - simply want to push their hidden agenda that favors GREED.

Climate change and flooding, coupled with the imminent danger of a Big One - cause us all to pause and address these factors. Recent world forums advise that a base-line of 60inches or 5 feet is safe when it comes to the shoreline and areas that are surrounded by large masses of water - linked to flooding. Surely the Pacific Ocean will take in a lot of melt down from the very large glaciers - that in forty years will be moving by the Golden Gate Bridge just like we venture to see the Whales today on their way to Baja. It is mind boggling when you see inferior data incorporated in models and part of the conceptual plan by the Rogue Developer - Lennar.

Ninety five percent of the Hunters Point Shipyard is landfill. This landfill of poor quality, meaning it is not as compact as when modern landfill is engineered to meet certain standards. Add to this fact, two hills containing the remains of the Ohlone at Hunters Point were desecrated, demolished, and the remains cover the Shipyard together with the dirt that was removed from the two hills. This is plain desecration and the United States Navy as much as you remind them - have not archeologically surveyed one square inch of Hunters Point Shipyard - as mandated by law.

The watershed at Hunters Point Shipyard is polluted. The dirt cannot be toiled and no one can go to the nearby beaches ever in the near future. These areas are “out of bounds”. Now who would like to buy a home in the middle of Chernobyl?

I have given qualified structural engineers, friends from the Corp of Engineers, Geologists, Hydrologists, documents to read and then taken them to the Hunters Point Shipyard. I have shown them the contents as revealed by the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report on the Shipyard. All of them agree that the contaminants of Parcel E and E2 must be removed in toto. The contaminants then trucked or shipped to a legal remote dump for disposal. Much of the contaminants are radiological in nature. This action done correctly would cost about $800 million.

Recently, after much persuasion some of those reading the documents to the Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point, fully understand that without any clean up to the highest standards the entire San Francisco Area and the Bay Area is prone to adverse impacts. If there is an earthquake the Bay will be polluted for sure because of its close proximity. But what is sure too is that the wind will carry the radiological contaminants far and wide and many innocent folks will die.

Mayor Gavin Newsom a spineless man with poor leadership has been an abject failure. He has proved to be a man without vision - embarking on a failed gubernatorial campaign, trying to reduce the City’s workforce using illegal means, acting as a moron when under pressure, fleeing to Hawaii. Immoral to the core sleeping with his best friend’s wife. This immoral scumbag is in bed with Lennar on Treasure Island and Hunters Point Shipyard to fill his campaign coffers. The plan will fail and nothing good will come at Hunters Point Shipyard.

One Atomic bomb left Hunters Point Naval Shipyard area to kill millions of innocent Japanese during World War II. There is something called Karma that supersedes the decisions made by crooked and morally bankrupt - politicians. Let the land stand as Open Space and let it heal. There is no mandate to develop each and every square inch. The concrete jungle that we see is nauseating and yet some want more - the greed never ends. The paradox the land was stolen from the Ohlone and the thieves want more and more - and even more.

At a recent SF Planning Commission meeting those desiring to participate and speak were told that the agenda would be taken at 6:30 pm. The Commission meeting started at 1:30 pm. Those participating and wanting to speak had to wait until 10:30 pm and then were told they would get a measly two minutes.

In the mean time evil people are trying to fast track the process. Trying to dump thousands of pages of pertinent information - now, that we have commented on the fake Draft, EIR with the many false data contained in that sordid report. The Final EIR to the Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point is due in May and then within 60 days - the scumbags want the responses in to begin their dirty, sordid, ploys and machinations.

Tiffany Bohee an incompetent person that lies once worked for the SF Public Utilities Commission as a peon and now commands a position as the frontline liar of sorts. The Bayview Community is left in the dark especially the many Polynesians, the Asians, the Latinos, the decent Whites and Black, others, the Native Americans.

A few Black are bused to meetings, paid and told what to say. These vermin will tell you to your face that they are making money and think nothing of this disgraceful behavior. I call them sellouts to their face. Included in this mess are politicians and one of them is the District 10 Supervisor - Sophie Maxwell. The Citizens Area Committee to the Hunters Point Shipyard are all anointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom. The Bayview Hunters Point - Project Area Committee have a Chair and some that work against the community interests - one of them for sure Angelo King, another Linda Richardson.

This fight to do the RIGHT thing has not been easy. I have toiled since 1998 the year Lennar registered as a Limited Liability Corporation in Sacramento. Since then three times they have changed their Corporate name and are now a Limited Liability Partnership - headquarter in Delaware where all the Credit Card Corporation that steal money from poor victims - make their den. Why is it that we have to deal with such evil people? Who will take a stand for what is right?

Here are some photographs from the San Francisco Planning Commission held Thursday, March 25, 2010. By the time the meeting was over, most people were tired. Some of us came home 1 am in the early morning:


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