It has become fashionable to listen to the many morons in the Planning Department and Big Developers to build on any land that they deem vacant. Once San Francisco was pristine with lots of Open Space, wet-lands, trees, rivers, hills - then came the strangers and stole everything.

Eighteen treaties signed with the United States Government and the First People - also known as the Native Americans were never ratified. Of course the strangers also better know as thieves - would have nothing of this "TRUTH". With a corrupt San Francisco Labor Council - things will get worse before they see the light of day.

Mayor Gavin Newsom the mostly immoral Mayor ever to step foot at City Hall and the only Mayor that has defiled every square inch of Room 200 at City Hall is a disgrace to anything - decent. If a camera was placed in Room 200 - it would reveal all that I am trying to say. And I am not talking of Ruby but more.

There is no need to build on any Open Space that is available, jut for the sake of building. Some lands are very toxic in the Southeast Sector. These lands could be abated and mitigated and left to heal. Once there were miles of pristine rivers and creeks in San Francisco. Most of them were drained and covered. A lot of the land was wet-land again the GREEDY saw no benefit is Tule grass, frogs, fish, and other life and killed it all. Our watershed is polluted.

The present San Francisco Board of Supervisors are a bunch of idiots - each and everyone one of them. One or two of them position themselves to say something right, just for a moment or two but, then screw themselves - over and over again. Recently all to them agreed to waste $2.3 million to place a prefabricated building on Parcel A Lot D that is polluted more by Cumulative Pollution. Bottom line Stimulus Money is Federal Money - out tax payers money, and when all of these morons agreed to place this prefabricated building - they all announced their death knell and their astuteness when it comes to sensible - politics. Spineless to the core each and every one of them.

HOPE SF has been touted as a model to bring HOPE to those that do not have it. The TRUTH is that HOPE SF is a tool for gentrification. The results will be far greater that what happened in the Fillmore - better know as the Western Addition today. The paradox is that many of those who were victims of the Fillmore Gentrification moved to the Bayview Hunters Point into Public Housing, into Public Housing in Sunnydale, and in to Public Housing at Potrero Hill. Many into the old Army Street Public Housing and in to Valencia Gardens and more. Now, for the second time around they are being shafted and even as they are being shafted - some of them sell outs - have no idea what the "MASTA" has in store for them.

First we had HOPE SIX and those in the know - really know what happened to HOPE SIX. How we have HOPE SF - the model and the language paint a rosy picture but when you look at the details - you see misery, discrimination, blood, and the total destruction of a people that are poor, ignorant, and left to fend for themselves - leading to slow, painful - death.

The John Stewart Company has been given the land at Hunters View what most of us know as Middle Point. Seniors have been uprooted and put in homes that were once boarded up, now rehabbed a bit, but still contaminated with Asbestos and other fungi and mildew. There is no accommodation mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act and these Seniors are left to fend for themselves. Time will tell - plans are afoot to sue those that with intent want to cause harm to the Seniors that were moved from units nearby that the John Stewart Company wants to demolish to build a gated community.

Some 267 units will be demolished. In their place over 800 high density units will be built with less Open Space and very poor public transportation. The gated community will not represent the demographics that you see now. It is written all over the place for those that can see - but those that are blind cannot see beyond their noses. Mostly Blacks selling out other Blacks and more - with Whites grinning and counting the blood money.

The only Tenant Association has been propped up at Middle Point is fake; the Votes cast contaminated by fraud, one person from the SF Housing Authority - collects the votes, counts them behind close doors, and then declares the results. The President of the Tenants Association named does not represent the better interests of the community and the tenants. What is more did not get sufficient votes as per the verbal declaration. Other members far more intelligent and decent - have been kept out of the Election Process by their names struck off even though they received more votes. All this happening in the year 2010 right here in San Francisco.

At the Dog and Pony Show held at the ground breaking April 7, 2010 - though, it was announced people would be able to ask questions - the show was orchestrated so that questions and any relevant opposition was kept out.

The Mayor, Gavin Newsom was spewing lies and diatribe surrounded by San Francisco Police Department - Security and plain clothes Law Enforcement - watching the Mickey Mouse entertainment of sorts. These folks must be ashamed of themselves - doing everything in their power to cater to thieves like the John Stewart Company, a Property Management Company that is dubious in nature. Some of us remember them from the days of the Geneva Towers. Just like all of us will remember the devious methods employed by Communities of Opportunity and one Dwayne Jones who does not live in San Francisco and is Mayor Gavin Newsom's, Black - side kick and exploiter of mostly Black folks.

The land all of it belongs to the Ohlone in San Francisco. We saw the blatant discrimination when the San Francisco Planning Department and the Mayor's Office of Economy Development and Workforce left the Ohlone out - when the Ohlone were not invited as provided by law and mandated to comment on the Draft, Environmental Impact Report on matter pertaining to Cultural Resources, linked to Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

On another level we saw blatant discrimination when our Children and Elders were poisoned by LENNAR, a Rogue Developer from the activities on Parcel A. Some of us advocates and Environmental leaders from the community attended the Disposition and Development Agreement process. At part of that process we agreed to the terms set in Article 31, the measures that should have been put in place on Parcel A - the dust and asbestos monitoring equipment and so on. The San Francisco Health Department, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Environmental Protection Agency , the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - all let the community down. Our children are suffering and many have died. Are children expandable just because they are Black? Are minorities expandable just because they are NOT - White?

The mostly Black leaders the likes of Aurelious Walker, Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt, Angelo King, Calvin Jones, Bell, George Lee, Willie B. Kennedy, Amos Brown, Arnold Townsend, Sophie Maxwell - and more, have divided the community and the blood of the innocent is on their hands. I have seen them pandering to the corrupt and the City Officials - begging and salivating at the mouth - for some few, stale, bread crumbs.

It is a great pity that we do not have ONE spiritual leader worth his or her salt that is educated on issues. Most, will blow their horns, little knowing that the enemy cares a hoot about loud noises - but, it is the facts and TRUTH that can bring victory to the community. We must be focused on the children mostly and everything will fall in place. No one can for a second with intent harm children and think all will be well. That is why I continue to write and record the many adverse impacts and I know the victory will come with the righteous at the helm of affairs at the right time and place.

Plans are an afoot to build over 30,000 units in the Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley, Sunnydale, Potrero Hill, and Candlestick Point. Do we really need all these units? Right now at Executive Park no one has the money to buy the many good condominiums. Once for sale now they are for rent and no one is renting them.

In the Bayview hundreds of homes are in foreclosure. The District 10 Supervisor knows this but in her ignorance encourages thieves and those GREEDY developers to take advantage of the poor and those that thought they could get some protection but are now driven from the homes. With no money and no place to go, for years they made their homes in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Our youth are left to defend themselves with no community leadership and given NO opportunities to excel themselves. This summer there will less opportunities to attend Summer Classes at City College. No one is talking about this - less taking any concrete, action. Shooting and killings happen in broad day light. We have over 20 candidates running for the District 10 Supervisors race - three or four supported wholly by LENNAR. So, we have the devil in the cockpit trying to win support and be in charge at the helm of affair. No candidate supported by LENNAR will win. We know the facts and will reveal them at the appropriate time.

The San Francisco Planning Department is a mess. The turn over at the Department is pathetic. Now, there are plans to encourage development by not fronting the permit fees. At the same time, models are being developed to raise funds using dubious techniques and fronted by Sophie Maxwell at the Land Use Committee. Let me say this - "no good ever comes from Sophie Maxwell ".

Sophie Maxwell favors the development of Browns Field. Former toxic sites that should be abated and mitigated but the Department of Toxic and Substances Control does a very poor job each and every time. One such site in the former Schlage Lock Company. Over 1200 units are planned on land that is toxic, near the Brisbane Petroleum Tanks, near Highway 101 with millions of vehicles plying, next to the railway and all the noise made by the Caltrans traffic, near Hunters Point with all the radiological contaminants, and the over 20,000 tons of Methane Gas that spews in the air. One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. Go figure.

No one seems to care about Quality of Life issues. Innocent people are tricked to live on a site where once Depleted Uranium was tested. Now the old Schlage Lock Company - is another site where some ignorant folks are pushing for development. Those that will fall prey are the ignorant and the innocent.

There is nothing wrong in San Francisco and in the Southeast Sector to abate the land and let it heal. Right now tons of very toxic contaminants leech into the Bay not only from Hunters Point, but Mercury from the old mines whose run off enters the Bay, then PCBs and other contaminants from places like Yosemite Slough that Arc Ecology and one member from the Sierra Club, Art Feinstein - have no clue about what the contents are and less how to abate the situation. Suddenly, these White folks seem to know more then the First People, the Ohlone and their representatives. Who is funding these vermin?

The Regulatory Agencies be it the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the Regional Water Board, the other local, State, and Federal Regulatory Agencies all seem to favor Big Development. Big Development is falling prey to our Economic dire straits and will not recover in the next five years. Sufficient time to purge the crooks and re-invent those that can survive - survival of the fittest.

The present Economic situation will NOT go away in another five years. Wait till Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) - meet and formulate a way to manage a monetary system away from the WEAK dollar. In an instant those BIG DEVELOPERS and their plans will drown in the CESSPOOL of their own making. The pangs of Sub-prime loans and other dubious ploys and machination will hit those responsible so bad - that they will flee from any factor decent. The Banks have money but they waiting for this hurricane to hit them and subside and want some buffer - they know not when - but, it will be within three years.

Those in the construction business working with the UNIONS with leaders like Tim Paulson will have their day of reckoning soon. Proposition G, backing LENNAR was as fake as they come. We spent $5 thousand on Proposition F and the thieves, the Pacific Heights Mafia spent $5 million. Let the story be told, how San Francisco and the present SF Board of Supervisors and Mayor Gavin Newsom; exploited the TRUTH and made their bed with the DEVIL.

The time of reckoning is here - those that did not support the innocent will pay a price. You think forty percent unemployment in the construction industry is high - wait until it hits sixty percent.

There is no leadership in the Union not with drab speeches made by Manny, the local Carpenters spokesman at City Hall and poor leaders like Tim Paulson. We saw him with Senate Bill 792 and the stealing of 23 acres, Public Trust Land. Then we saw him work with ACORN now shut down for corruption, the SF Organizing Project, and of course his pathetic, failing - Labor Council. He laughs best who laughs - last.

Organization like the Residential Builders Association be very careful not to pander and be too close to the corrupt SF Labor Council that has failed its members. You must now reorganize yourselves and bring your members to bid and win contracts with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. San Francisco Bond Money for workers that live in San Francisco, failing that the SF Labor Council will pander and give jobs to folks from Sacramento, Tracy, Modesto, and other far off places. Once in San Francisco the SF Labor Council was something to talk about - no more. Remember - Bloody Thursday, today the SF Labor Council has no guts less balls. Anyone that panders to a Metro sexual, like Gavin Newsom, vain and spineless - favors destruction and is pathetic.


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