Polluted land.


Over the last 20 years the Trade Unions in San Francisco have forgotten the members preferring to rip them off their dues while paying lip service to the rights fought by the Union Members by previous ardent Union Leaders some of whom laid their life so that Union Members could live a decent life. How many of us remember Bloody Thursday in San Francisco and if we do not - shame on us.

It has become fashionable for thousands of Union Workers from outside San Francisco compromise their principles and steal job from Union Workers who continue to live in San Francisco but are treated like second class citizens by the rank and file and yet these Union Leaders keep demanding the dues but give many of the San Francisco Union Members - little, if not no work.

The leaders of the Trade Council and the Labor Council are involved in ploys and machinations - mostly, political in nature with no consideration what so ever for the welfare of the union workers. We see this clearly with San Francisco Trade leaders and San Francisco Labor Council leaders working with a Rogue Company - named Lennar Urban. We saw this with Proposition G and the Unions pandering to corruption and a deal that has gone sour.

Why would these so called Union Leaders back a company like Lennar that after 10 years on Mare Island promising to build 10,000 homes failed to do so and declared bankruptcy? Why would anyone back a company called Lennar that has thousands of law suits? Lennar build homes with inferior building materials, built homes on toxic soil, defrauded thousand of innocent home buyers - and the list goes on and on. Yet our corrupt Unions support Lennar and its wrong.

At this juncture Lennar Urban in San Francisco does not have the resources to fulfill its obligation on Parcel A and has defaulted on the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Parcel A. It is just a matter of time when Lennar Urban will be taken to court and its tentacles and head will be severed. This monster has been playing hell with the lives of our children and elders. Now, mostly everyone has awoken and Lennar Urban is on the verge of extinction. Fortitude and hard work pays good dividends but also most importantly faith in God that most folks do not want to incorporated in any equation of value linked to the community at large.

Recently Lennar Urban tried to play hard ball sending a former San Francisco Police Officer to a Town Hall meeting with a loaded gun. Such a ploy is unwarranted and reveals how desperate Lennar Urban is. They have chosen with intent to break the law and invade a Public Town Hall with professional people in attendance, from several Federal Agencies. The main speaker was a scientist, her name Wilma Subra and there were other employees from the Environmental Protection Agency. Further Board Members from San Francisco City College, teachers from the San Francisco Unified School District, Clergy and many other professional people.

Most importantly attending this Town Hall Meeting on February 18, 2010 many children, their mothers, other women and men of good faith - and in comes this White man at a Town Hall meeting with some ulterior motives - signing a false name and address and makes a fool of himself. Lennar Urban should be ashamed of themselves and all the letters of fake apology will not let this matter settle - not as long as Mr. Kofi Bonner comes to one of these Town Hall meetings and apologizes. The problem with Mr. Kofi Bonner is that is listens to one side but does not have a holistic approach in this fight of the people that Lennar Urban has chosen with intent to fight the community and will lose.

Earlier in 2004 when large scale grading went on at Parcel A - Lennar Urban with intent chose to bombard the community and harm our children especially. Mr. Kofi Bonne fully knew there were no sound dust and Asbestos monitoring equipment and chose to hoodwink the community and therefore does not have the trust of the community. No one in their right mind can fool all the people all the time. I know Mr. Kofi Bonner thinks he has the ear of Willie L. Brown Jr. the man that invited Lennar Urban to San Francisco and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Willie L. Brown Jr. is not respected by the community because as the Mayor of San Francisco - he failed San Francisco and we all know about Willie L. Brown Jr. - machinations and ploys behind the scene none of which are sincere and none benefit the community at large.

Recently at City Hall we had a hearing before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and at the hearing a Resolution was passed 8-2 favoring the Bayview Hunters Point Community and Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM). The Resolution mandated Lennar Urban apologize to the Community at large and SLAM in particular. The City and County of San Francisco is not Miami, Florida. We do not tolerate any Mafia Operations here in San Francisco. This is clarion call to Lennar Urban stop your antics and get out of our City - the sooner the better - we do not want to do business with you.

The present situation linked to Workforce in San Francisco is perilous. City Build and other fake programs do not provide sound jobs and no jobs that favor Career Building and long term jobs. The present economy is pitting the thousands of Union Workers mostly living outside San Francisco coming here to San Francisco who will work below Union Wages to survive. It is dog eat dog and the Union Leaders are busy making deals, pocketing the money, and painting a rosy picture. Union Leaders have failed the Union workers.

Bottom line the Union Leaders cannot deliver jobs and many of the Developers do not have the money to build. Banks want liquid equity and demand forty and sixty percent of it upfront - very few have that type of money and so - developers have stopped building and Lennar Urban too does not have the financial capacity or the support of the community and must cease all its operations and leave town. Let the United States clean the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Then let the land heal and at the appropriate time it can all be a pristine wet-land just like it was when the Ohlone collected Abalone and other whole some food.

Lennar Urban wasted $5 million dollars on Proposition G that promised the world but cannot deliver on Hunters Point Shipyard - less at Candlestick Point. I was the Proponent of Proposition F, that had we won we could have delivered because we had the community on our side. We were not so much involved with the Stadium Proposition - that would hold ten games a year and is really a waste of money. Lennar Urban mostly backed the Stadium deal with Carmen Policy and Willie L. Brown Jr. behind that idea - that has failed as I predicted.

The 49ers Football team has chosen to go to Santa Clara, closer to their Corporate Headquarters and will build a stadium on land that is clean providing the best of amenities and sound environment for their many fans that live near by. By far the majority of 49er fans are not from San Francisco. It is easier for fans that live near to the Stadium to be built at Santa Clara to go for the games and waste precious fuel and time. It is all about being sustainable.

Some of us that fully understand Workforce wants development but we want the land abated, mitigated, cleaned up so that our workers are not adversely impacted. Not so the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce. Time will tell. Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point are polluted. The land must be abated and this operation takes money - millions of dollars that are no where to be found in this very dire strait - economy.

The Union Leaders are ignorant and want to help build homes and high rise building on toxic land. Then on 555 Washington Street in San Francisco, the Unions backed a project that did not meet the minimum standards of a sound Environmental Impact Report. Choosing to build a 400 foot building where 200 feet is the cap. Incorporating variances that contradict the principles and more the defined principles of sound building lay down by Planning rules and regulations. The Union Leaders seem to not understand the fundamentals - forcing some of their members to make vague statements about jobs while failing to address the issues at hand.

At the various hearings before the San Francisco Redevelopment Commission, the San Francisco Planning Commission, and the Land Use Committee - we are now witnessing, paid speakers, many of them Chinese that do not address the issues at hand but demand for Jobs and Housing. Why would anyone want to work on land that is polluted? Why would anyone want to live on land that is polluted? Prior to this we call the same tactics with some ignorant African Americans not addressing the Environmental Impact Report but asking for housing and jobs. Let me make it clear to this folks Lennar Urban will NOT attain its goals and they have no intention, what so ever to help the poor.

It is foolish to believe what they tell you and especially what Tiffany Bohee says. This woman will look at you in the eye and LIE. The Alice Griffith Public Housing folks are being fooled and have no clue. The best think for these folks is to form Tenant Associations not one but a couple and then demand their rights. Work with pro bono attorneys and other entities that can come to their rescue at this late - date.

This is America and we do not build nor live on land that is polluted. Fundamentally, if folks do not understand Quality of Life issues it is on them to get educated. If they do not comprehend the California Environmental Quality Act or the Environmental Impact Report or Study - they must learn and educate them on issues. One cannot just come and speak nonsense - it will simply not work. Those corrupt paid speakers are not following the Democratic Principles that we all must adhere to - primarily we must safe guard our Health and Safety concerns. Lennar Urban has failed to provide us any Safety and less takes care of our Health.

Rhonda Simmons and Dwayne Jones the lackeys that work for our City and get their pay are really not San Franciscans. These crooks earn their pay - dividing the constituents and have a hidden agenda in mind. Once Gavin Newsom moves away - these jackals will flee - and this will be within six months. Already, they are planning their exit but we will follow them where ever they go.

The Workforce ploys and machinations linked to the One Stop and other fake Workforce Projects in San Francisco are NOT working. Nor are the machinations at the various sites that do Case Management - these folks are linked to the past corruption and entities - same snake different heard. All these entities want is money they have no intention to serve the community less help those that need Career Jobs. Some of us are monitoring these corrupt folks that have failed San Francisco and more our youth.

Once there was Private Industry Council (PIC) and if you follow those that belonged to PIC - you will notice they are still around doing the devil's work. It is a shame that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors know little about Workforce and less about training. They continue to fund these dubious, entities.

Our youth need career jobs. We do not need the four and eight week training programs that gives the youth a little and then leaves them to face the real world without any support and less guidance. These ploys have back fired and will back fire. We want Career Jobs with at least six months of sound training by qualified and certified teachers.

Let us have the statistics posted on the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce. Let the statistics reveal how many of those that passed Citybuild have been at their jobs for a couple of years? Let us see the empirical data. These crooks are wasting tax payers' money - over $7 million three years ago, $15 million last year and will waste $20 million this year. That is taking into account the high salaries, benefits, and wasting money on fake conferences and travel. At this time they can play with Stimulus Federal Money and take credit for it by providing short term jobs and will expire come September, 2010.

In the meantime large developers get City Contracts and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is on the verge of spending billions - over 3 billion dollars within two years and 6 billion dollars over 6 years on the Waste Water Projects. Over 2.4 billion dollars of San Francisco Bond money has been spent on the Clean Water project - in total 4.4 billion dollars when you add the entire region - with fewer career jobs given to San Franciscans.

The Jobs Director working for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been pandering with the corrupt Unions and has failed to embrace the youth of San Francisco, both men and women that need help. Her racial antics will be revealed and heads will fall.

There is legal language on the books that mandates that San Franciscans should get sound training and sound jobs but our City Attorney, Dennis Herrera has not been doing his job. The SF Public Utilities Commission has been harboring and giving jobs to certain folks within the Agency based on life style which is not correct. Time will tell. The old adage that " good faith efforts" will be made must be flushed down the commode - there is a new day and fresh ideas that must wipe out the old way of thinking and acting when it comes sound jobs that are not given to San Franciscans.

We want Career Jobs with training from experts that can produce and not the present poorly training staff that has no sound idea, less training, about the latest Green Jobs, less certified to train students to attain very high standards. Right now we have folks that cannot pass the seventh grade level tests but are kept in the program to create some statistics so that the teachers can be paid. But, the training defeats the principles of producing youth, trained well for Career Jobs that pay well.

From where are we going to get the Certified Employees to work on the Central Subway Project, the TransBay Project, the Waste Water Projects - linked to tunneling, operating heavy equipment linked to the latest technology, reading and following blue prints that are in four dimension, and so on. Do the students we train understand and comprehend the 4th Utility and more do they have the fortitude to be proud to say they built this City like the SF City worker of old? In those days most of them did because they lived in the City and cared for the City and County of San Francisco.

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