Exposed infrastructure.


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission continues to baffle the constituents of San Francisco and the Region that supplies clean water, it has jurisdiction over our Energy projects, operates Waste Water Plants, has jurisdiction on certain Transportation regulation, interacts with Regulatory Agencies - but fails the constituents when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

Again and again the SF Public Utilities Commission pats itself on its back and gives kudos to those that really do not perform their duty well - feeds off the constituents of San Francisco and the tax payer - and man employees create a nest based NOT on qualification but life style issues. This is a crying shame.

It is a JOKE to watch the SF Public Utilities Commission deliberate in a nonchalant manner, whisper sweet nothings, and without comprehending complex engineering issues, vote in unison as if all is well.

The many Clean Water Projects in the pipe-line face dead-lines that are far off target in the execution of making the system work with the required upgrades in place and tested. While on the Environmental side some issues have been resolved, if the BIG one strikes in 2012 and if we refer to the timelines when many of the major projects should have been in place - we continue to fool ourselves while pretending all in well.

The Calaveras Dam project anyway you look at it - looks at us in the eye as we try to address the failing issues - the SFPUC acts as if they can tackle the project easily, in a matter of fact manner - but it is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Millions of dollars have been expanded to consultants and the bond money that belongs to us tax payers is doled out to those that have influence and have been wheeling and dealing for years. Willie L. Brown Jr. that "thug" can make one telephone call and millions can flow faster then the water from any of the major Hetch Hetchy pipes that bring in the clean water - slowly.

On the Waste Water Project - which should have been tackled a long time ago - some attempts are made to address it on various levels but as far as the engineering is concerned - the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. We did pass a Bond Measure and the constituents were promised that the BIG ONE, is coming and that both the Waste Water and the Clean Water projects would be up-graded and sound. But, no one is questioning why the Waste Water project fell by the way side - and why are we tasking the tax payers, some 850,000 plus to pay more, with another Bond Measure, for what was already paid for in the first place.

In recent times the SF Public Utilities Commission has failed by wasting millions trying to place three Combustion Turbines in the Bayview Hunters Point area. Failed, by trying to build a conduit under Islias Creek and compromised the Force Main that carries over 300 million gallons of secondary effluents and dump it into the Bay. Failed to have a plan early on to embrace Clean Energy and is failing again with Candlestick and Hunters Point Shipyard Phase II.

The SF Public Utilities Commission must fully understand that Hunters Point Shipyard is a Superfund Site. It was here that Depleted Uranium was tested. It was here that Ships were brought from the Bikini Islands where the ships were exposed to Atomic Bomb experiments. Large animals aboard the ships were experimented upon and exposed to the Atomic explosions. These large animals many of them died in the hundreds and were brought to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and buried all over the place.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has failed the public by cooperating with dubious entities to bless the infrastructure at Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point. The infrastructure is polluted with Serpentinite Structures that cause Asbestosis. The polluted pipes sooner or later will affect large areas of the Infrastructure. The SF Public Utilities Commission may fool itself that it can flush the system - but where will the contaminants - land?

The SF Public Utilities Commission has chosen to follow the lead of Mayor Gavin Newsom and has been in bed with Lennar a Rogue Developer. Lennar failed to build 10,000 homes at Mare Island linked to the City of Vallejo. After ten year no homes were built and Lennar declared bankruptcy. Vallejo followed and today is in a mess. The same will happen to San Francisco at Hunters Point.

This Martin guy who thinks he knows it all and too much and acts like a weasel is a disgrace to the human race. He has sneaked in first working for the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce and now making his nest with the SF Public Utilities Commission. Such vermin have blood on their hands. All they are interested are in their pay check and the ploys and machination that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

The SF Public Utilities Commission the one that now sits must be ashamed of themselves. Not once have they conducted themselves asking questions that we remember and appreciated that were asked by now deceased Richard Skylar and Dennis Normandy. The rubber stamping, inept SF Public Utilities Commission has shot itself in the foot and will soon shoot itself in the head and butt. Small talk and sweet whisperings and not taking your duties seriously, take you to one place only - the cesspool.

The presentation given by Martin, a novice and one who wants to make big bucks while deceiving and telling LIES, working as a proxy for the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - is a shame and disgrace to any decent standard, lacking transparency and accountability.

I will address the SF Public Utilities Commission today, May 25, 2010. They may not like what they hear but they will hear a clarion call that is loud and clear. For too long, have too many scumbags tried to fool too many people. No one can fool all the people all the time.

Here is the presentation linked to Candlestick Park and Hunters Point Shipyard Phase II.

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