San Franciscans have the privilege of having very astute constituents who live here and know a lot of what is happening around them. So, when we have corrupt politicians the likes of Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and joining them a twit like Gavin Newsom - the astute constituents, joined by qualified historians, comprehend fully the ploys and machinations that corrupt and evil politicians use to foster GREED and abuse whatever little good past military operations left as reminders on these three large tracts of land of demonic operations.

The first one is Treasure Island a man made island and next to it Goat Island now better know as Yerba Buena. The City and County of San Francisco with Nancy Pelosi and Willie L. Brown Jr. present signed an agreement with the current Under-Secretary of the United States Navy to purchase this very contaminated land, prone to liquefaction and flooding to build tall hotels, inferior housing - all on contaminated land that will take BILLIONS to do a through clean up. This was done not too long ago.

The man made land was first created for a Trade Fair then used as an Airport - only for the U.S. Navy to use it for its War Efforts and operations. In recent years numerous soil tests have revealed hot spots and severe contamination. Tests on the many buildings at Treasure Island - reveal very large amounts of asbestos, lead, mercury, PCBs and other very harmful elements to all life.

The City and County of San Francisco has on its books the Precautionary Principle but these mostly Greedy Developers - seek to use the land to build hotels, residential units, and other facilities to generate money. In this very stagnant economic times, these greed fools with have to wait for years.

In the interim some other greedy enterprises touting to be sport enthusiasts have covered some tracts of land with Astroturf laden with lead - contaminants galore under the Astroturf, exposing thousands of innocent youth and adults to these contaminants at Treasure Island. These sorry ass folks will never learn that it is totally wrong to make money at the expense of our youth and others that are innocent and have no knowledge of such abhorrent contamination and dubious operations.

Nancy Pelosi the lying Speaker of the House was speaking at the Treasure Island transfer ceremony, spewing lies in the company of like minded mostly corrupt politicians and other lackeys that were captured on video and will have to answer for their sins to future generations. The U.S. Navy really does not have the money to do a proper cleanup and so willing is dumping hundreds of acres of very contaminated land and in doing so putting the burden on the City and County of San Francisco that does not have the ability to do any through cleanup linked to the over 600 toxic hot spots found all over San Francisco, itself. Less at Treasure Island by Yerba Buena. Time will tell.

Yerba Buena aka Goat Island is solid land and was claimed by the Muwekma Ohlone exercising their Right of First Refusal in 1990 - soon after some military bases were put on the Base Closure list, starting in 1988. In recent years thousands of remains have been found at Yerba Buena, very little revealed and the shameless authorities with the blessings of the very corrupt politicians including Gavin Newsom - have failed the constituents of California and San Francisco to do the right thing.

No one can desecrates the Sacred Remains of those that were here thousands for thousands of years and think for one second that they can bluff and desecrate Sacred Remains as they have done on the Presidio of San Francisco, Hunters Point Shipyard, and now Yerba Buena. Time will tell.

Nancy Pelosi was instrumental in creating the Presidio Trust and has chosen very corrupt entities to create a Mafia Type operation to permit like minded entities to do business while keep out minorities and decent entities at the Presidio of San Francisco. Not too long ago Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of the House created a Political Action Committee at the Presidio of San Francisco to conduct her nefarious activities. The Ethics Commission faulted her on this sordid action, the media exposed her inherent corrupt ways.

The Presidio of San Francisco has been declared a National Park but is replete with very toxic and contaminated sites. Two sites in particular will interest the arrogant and ignorant. One is Battery Caulfield near the 15th Avenue Gate where thousands of brand new residential units have been built mostly occupied with filthy rich folks that have connections with the Presidio Trust.

Battery Caulfield is contaminated with atomic contamination mostly linked with the NIKE missile experimentation and operations. The Public Health Hospital stood where the brand new residential units now stand. Behind these residential units lies an unmarked cemetery where over 600 Marine Sailors mostly indigent were buried without any grave markers. The world knows about this and so does Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, and a slew of other very corrupt officials including Craig Middleton who is the Director of the Presidio Trust.

These scumbags could not care less that less unfortunate laymen who served this Nation in refueling our War Ships - many a time losing their lives at sea and when they landed on land - falling prey to illness and diseases. Such are the ways of those that have no soul, heartless, lacking compassion, and good for nothing - vermin. Time will tell.

Another Battery near Fort Scott at the Presidio of San Francisco lies underground as is Battery Caulfield but this one named Battery Wagner - and is contaminated with Bacteriological Contaminants from the many very dangerous Bacteriological Army experiments and totally sealed for many years. Few know of these very dangerous sites - and all in a National Park called the Presidio of San Francisco. Such are the designs of the corrupt, greedy, heartless scumbags.

Finally, at Hunters Point over 1200 acres is contaminated. Here two were two large hills that the U.S. Navy until today cannot fathom when I bring to their attention that there were demolish and the dirt used for their sordid designs. These two large hills were demolished and the Ultramaphic Serpertinite Rock and the remains of the Ohlone were spread all over the Shipyard which was once Wetlands.

This desecration has been written by me many times - but Gavin Newsom, Willie L Brown Jr., Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Sophie Maxwell, and a host of others that want the Hunters Point Shipyard developed think it is fine to desecrate and all will be well. As I have written and stated a long time ago - "No good will ever come at Hunters Point".

At Hunters Point the U.S. Navy established the National Defense Radiological Laboratory. The most heinous experiments were conducted at Hunters Point and linked to other Atomic experiments near the Bikini Atolls. Hundreds of large animals that were radiated were buried all over the Hunters Point Shipyard. The entire Shipyard's watershed has been polluted and the U.S. Navy does not have the money or the ability to thoroughly clean the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. It conducts fake so called Technical Meeting with dubious individuals present, one of them being Amy Brownell who works for the City and County of San Francisco and has blood on her hands.

Over one thousand barrels of atomic waste were taken from Hunters Point Shipyard and dumped by the Farallones Islands off San Francisco paradoxically named a Marine Sanctuary. Such are the machinations of ignorant people that will take short cuts to get rid of pollution by polluting once pristine Marine areas and then having the audacity to call it a National Marine Sanctuary. Think about it. From Hunters Point an atomic bomb left that was dropped on Japan - millions of innocent people died - when atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In the year 2000 the constituents of San Francisco voted by 87% to clean up the entire Hunters Point Shipyard. Today, one parcel has been conveyed to Lennar, a Rogue Developer that is over $200 million in the hole and has no inclination what so ever to develop Hunters Point. The others parcels are all contaminated and the U.S. Navy makes vague promises to clean them but we know who is telling the truth and who can be trusted. For sure NOT the U.S. Navy not by any count, remember the follies of all the commands - JETTISON.

In good faith I have been informing the U.S. Navy and one Mr. Douglas Gilkey but this man has not been listening. You can lead a horse to the edge of the water but you cannot force it to drink. He that rides a high horse has a steep fall. Mr. Keith Forman thinks he knows it all but has not been sincere in his evaluations.

Parcel A was conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco - dirty. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the Regional Water Board, the San Francisco Health Department, and other local, State and Federal authorities knew about this. Imagine after the Record of Decision was signed - radiological elements were found under foot prints of homes and after 400 mature trees were felled without any permits.

The City and County of San Francisco handed Parcel A on Hunters Point to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency under Marcia Rosen. She was fired and her position taken by Fred Blackwell. I have tried my best to be sincere with Fred Blackwell but he is beholden to the devil - Gavin Newsom as he was before to Dwayne Jones who now works for Platinum Consultants controlled by Willie L Brown Jr. The SF Redevelopment Agency handed Parcel A to a Rogue Developer called Lennar. Lennar with intent poisoned our children and elders. Lennar will be held accountable - it does not matter that is won a fake victory over the more fake Environmental Impact Report with many SF Board of Supervisors voting for this fake document. Time will tell.

Just like Catellus Corporation used Land Banking at Mission Bay - Lennar thought it could use the millions given by Ross Periot Junior to do the same. In this case - Lennar will fail and the blood is on the 8 SF Supervisors that voted in favor of Lennar. Leading that charge on that fateful day - Sophie Maxwell whose days are numbered; Sophie's legacy is one of being ignorant and arrogant - she is well known in the community as a sell out.

Sophie has so divided the community that we have 26 candidates running for District 10 Supervisorial Election - most of them uneducated on issues and yet vying for her tarnished seat. The constituents of District 10 were failed by Sophie Maxwell and I can see her mother Enola Maxwell turn in her grave as she witness the demonic actions of her ill-fated, daughter - a disgrace to the human race.

Michael Cohen was the Director of SF Economic Development and Workforce. He leaves this position to join the former Director of SF Economic Development Jesse Blout and another partner to form a Real Estate Venture. If you may consider for a moment, a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). No one works so hard and gives so much not to reap from the bounty that are in store for them - not good ones but evil ones. Ali Baba and the forty thieves. We are monitoring them carefully from a distance.

Walter Shorenstein recently passed away and has hundreds of buildings in his portfolio more in the Financial District, on the side lines is Richard Blum the husband of Diane Feinstein, and of course the ever crafty weasel Willie L. Brown Jr. and beyond that - those that control 5% of this Nation's wealth. They are all set to first acquire land - and with this EQUITY try to amass wealth. All would be well in another time - but today our ECONOMIC ENGINE has stalled and these scum bags are sweating it out and will for a few years.

Some of us trailed Gavin Newsom on his failed Gubernatorial Race and we know Newsom's future is one of failure. Gavin Newsom may talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. The land belongs to the Ohlone and those that stole the land MUST pay restitution and this is not money but the respect that cannot be bought. Aho.

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