Those true San Franciscans who have lived here for years are familiar with the Goodman's Lumber Hardware Store as they would with Portola Hardware Store on San Bruno Avenue. Both these stores are closer to a bigger population of home owners living in the Portola District, then in between a large industrial area, and the far away the Bayview Hunters Point area.

At first Home Depot wanted to make its home on this site and fought hard to get the permits. Prior to that Home Depot want to establish an Expo Site, a Home Depot Expo Site at the former Schlage Lock Company. However Sophie Maxwell, Fran Martin, and other dubious individuals gathered forces spreading false information to shoot the plan down. These individuals do not have a problem putting thousands of home units that will not be built now - because of the prevailing stagnant economy.

When Home Depot with great difficulty tried to lay the foundation for the permits at the former Goodman Lumber Site - there was Sophie Maxwell, Angelo King, other consultants that I can name to force Home Depot to fork out money for training they took the money and waste it.

Cole Hardware that is being investigated for corruption led the charge at City Hall to stop Home Depot with the flimsy excuse that no "Big Box" was wanted near Bernal Heights. Bernal Heights constituents can and should speak for themselves but we here in the Portola District have never being thoroughly represented not by Tom Ammiano when he thought he was Supervisor and did not represent Portola District properly, nor by the other corrupt representatives and that includes Sophie Maxwell who will sit on the fence and jump on any side that is green.

The City and County of San Francisco has craved out large areas of Portola and divided the area between District 9 and District 10. The constituents living in the Portola District are not full aware of this. For example all of San Bruno from Silver Street to Bacon is District 9. But if you go to San Bruno today all the Candidates vying for the District 10 seat ˆ do their campaigning on San Bruno Avenue that is District 9 - just because business is thriving without any help from the representing Supervisors and the City of San Francisco and that includes Mayor Gavin Newsom. If that is not so I challenge Mayor Gavin Newsom to visit Tiffany's a popular Breakfast place and he will be told by the owner - how much he is despised for taking this City down the wrong path.

This time around after all the haggling, Home Depot sold the permit to LOWES and the rest is history. In a few weeks the site at 491 Bayshore Boulevard will be ready. Sophie Maxwell is ready to cut the ribbon trying to impress us all and of course patting herself on her fat back - while all the time taking money under the table. Shame on her - her legacy as she leaves office is one of a SELL OUT. The community at large has suffered with her very poor representation and more corruption of the highest order.

Behind the scenes, previously thousands of dollars were delivered by Home Depot to Young Community Developers for training and all the money wasted. Then when LOWES agreed to build, there was Sophie Maxwell holding the cup and asking for more money for training and fake jobs. So, this time another $750,000 was channeled to Young Community Developers with the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce and one Rhonda Simmons playing an important part. Again little, if no substantial training was done. A Director was hired at Young Community Developers - his name Derrick Toliver and when he wanted some Accountability and Transparency - he was fired.

The Young Community Developers directors are corrupt and use dictatorial tactics to hire and fire and waste training money and have for these many years. In the last nine years - eight Directors have been hired and fired. The only one that remained for some time and played the game was Dwayne Jones and he will be investigated even as he has made his nest with Platinum Consultants and has an office at 66 Dorman Street not far away from LOWES.

It is sickening how Dwayne Jones, YCD, Angelo King, Veronica Hunicutt, and the other so called consultants line up to leech on any project that comes into our community. The constituents of Portola District are home owners and have a thriving business corridor on San Bruno Avenue. The corridor on San Bruno Avenue is thriving even with the present lagging Economic Situation and the lack of help from the City and County of San Francisco. The constituents look after themselves and know a leech from a far off.

When the time comes LOWES will witness who really can afford to shop at LOWES. And if asked they will represent themselves and state who really stands up for them when they need help. I can tell you not the past Supervisor of District 9, nor District 10 and for sure not the present ones. We will take a stand and when we take it - it will be seen and noted far and wide.

Besides the $750,000 that LOWES was forced to hand over for some training that has not been accounted for, besides money going in the wrong places. Another $100,000 to be used for a Community Center but there has been no discussion with the community at large. Less Bayview Hunters and even less the Portola District and the over 60,000 constituents that have been kept in the dark. Some years ago the City and County of San Francisco acknowledged the Portola District through the good offices of Dwayne Justino.

Folks like Toye Moses who is on YCD Board and another Director who does not live in San Francisco but comes all the way from Oakland to spread his corruption in our area have decimated the Bayview community. We are not dealing with Candlestick Park and Art Agnos commitment to do one thing but conceded to Lennar at Candlestick Point. We know what we speak of and if it warrants - we will spell it out in detail. It is time the YCD get rid of its present Directors, all of them, who have been there leeching, and bluffing the community at large for so many years. Failing our youth and raking in millions over the years - wasting money and helping themselves from the cookie jar.

Of the 26 candidates not one candidate really knows what is happening at Young Community Developers. The candidates all will be in for a surprise when some through investigation reveals this cancer at YCD, that has been festering, living off the community and preying on the ignorance of those that know little about process and have left these thugs to steal, lie, and do and they please.

And so when Sophie Maxwell endorses Lynette Sweet, you know why she is doing that. Lynette Sweet will permit the corruption to go on unattended. I hope Tony Kelly, Dwight Lacey, Espanola Jackson, Nyese Joshua, Chris Jackson, Marlene Tran, others with a conscience among the candidates running for the District 10 District - say something on this topic - after doing their own research.

LOWES will play an important part and I will make sure that due investigation is done so that those that have taken LOWES for a ride are visited and their books open. YCD has been audited before in recent years and not once have their books been in order. If that is not so I challenge these fools to say otherwise.

Dwayne Jones, Claude the crook, Toye Moses, other old hags that have been catering to the crooks and themselves selling out the community should be ashamed of themselves. For how long can you vermin leech on the community that is suffering? The Bayview Community has over 45% unemployment and no one has a plan - not one of the candidates running for District 10. They talk about it in general terms but they have no blue plan.

Thousands of skilled workers, many of them UNION have not worked for years. These workers are fed up and here we have CityBuild with its drab training trying to vie for the same jobs that these UNION workers are listed to work on and have not be called to work for years. Add to that the DEVELOPERS that hire who they want to with no compliance officers from Human Right Commission and the Labor Department doing anything much.

I visited the LOWES job site and took the opportunity to ask some questions. The seasoned workers laughed and told me how some young workers were sent initially and could not work for long hours. They also were not trained properly. Some tried their best but they had problems including smoking and let us leave it at that. LOWES could not take a chance and hire unworthy workers just because the SF Mayor's Office of Workforce and Economic Development wanted them to do so. LOWES completed their job on time with professional workers and the paradox is that most of them are not from San Francisco.

So, again LOWES has been fleeced for $750,000 for some type of training on the LOWES facility that is near completion. Can we get some report on the training and how the money was spent? Now, we want to know how the added $100,000 will be spent. I hear Dwayne Jones is driving in a Bentley that is supposed to be some type of fancy car and he has a den on 66 Dornan Street in the Industrial Area not far away from the Clam House and near the Bank of America.

As Sophie Maxwell leaves office she must remember as a SELL OUT her legacy will be one of corruption and having no representation. Spewing LIES and selling out every segment of the population. The Pastor Alex Toeaina testified before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and stated this fact ˆ how Sophie Maxwell used his congregation and then shafted them. The good Pastor serves the Polynesian Community. Hundreds of innocent children testify that they will not forget Sophie Maxwell for poisoning them with INTENT and allowing the Rogue Developer Lennar to do so. Our Elders who have endured so much are suffering and have no respect for Sophie Maxwell. Sophie Maxwell has not represented the Seniors that we love and will remember Sophie Maxwell as the Ultimate Sell Out.

Hundreds of brand new housing on Third Street - 5600 and 5800 are vacant for months. Rental units that no one wants and cannot afford. No one wants to live in and near any area where Safety is compromised. Sophie has to her credit a legacy when it comes to the death of young people - during her tenure hundreds died where shot and killed. The thug Sophie Maxwell looked the other way and will take the blood on her hands - to her evil grave.

Sophie has been on the take linked with all these projects within her reach and time will tell. This woman has to go to jail and the Feds must investigate. The junkets she has taken cannot be taken with her Supervisor's salary. Lennar has bribed her and so have the project that she claims are, in her District - and that includes LOWES at 481 Bayshore Boulevard closer to the Portola District where thousands of constituents pay their taxes and are home owners. San Bruno Avenue is brimming with good business in these very difficult times without any help from the City and County of San Francisco.

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