Throughout history those in power and mostly corrupt powers have meted out injustice to those that cannot defend themselves. It should not come as a surprise that one of the richest cities in the United States; well known all over the world, San Francisco has fallen prey to corruption of the worst kind.

The home of the Environmental Goldman Prize, the home of many so called impotent Environmentalists, filthy rich citizens the likes of the Getty's, Shorenstein's, Blums, Schultz, others - all despicable in nature - did not move a finger, did not speak a word in favor of our children, our women, our men, our Elderly who were bombarded by toxic dust, dangerous particulates, radiological elements, Asbestos friables - by a Rogue Developer - Lennar. An area covering over 3000 acres.

We have some great Universities ˆ the University of San Francisco run by the Jesuits, State University, the Golden Gate University, University of California Berkeley, University of California, San Francisco - you get the picture. None of these so called institutions of learning - lifted a finger, said a word , addressed the concerns of our children, our women, and men - all adversely affected by a Rouge Developer - Lennar.

It did not help much when the San Francisco General Hospital, the University of California San Francisco a large institution of medicine, with thousands of interns and doctors, Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco, Pacific Medical Hospital, other hospitals - all kept silent, while these healing institutions and so called protectors of our health, looked the other way; knew that thousands of innocent children, women and men were adversely impacted - and kept SILENT.

You just have to Google Lennar and Hunters Point and you will get thousands of articles, videos, photographs, legal briefs, what you have. Why this blatant discrimination? Why this racism against the COMMONS and those that are people of color?

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books the City and County of San Francisco has it as an ordinance, a law - but failed to enforce it. Why? If the victim were White, there would be a hue and cry but our babies were made to suffer. There is justice, Karma, and the hand of God is there and will stifle those that have BLOOD on their hands. Make no bones about it.

When some of us took upon ourselves to take on the corrupt, the Mayors of San Francisco both Willie L. Brown Jr. and Gavin Newsom - the SF City Department, the SF General Hospital, the Mayor's of Economic Development and Workforce, the SF Redevelopment Agency - all banded together backed by Nancy Pelosi who was the Speaker of the House and is now disrespected by most anyone decent, Diane Feinstein who together with Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer called State and Federal Regulatory Agencies to look the other way and clear the way; since 2004 for our children, women, and men to die - slowly.

Can you imagine in the year 2010 some idiots are still thinking and planning to build 10,500 on land prone to liquefaction and flooding? Can you imagine, we have such racists and corrupt folks that have not learned much from what happened at Mare Island and Vallejo declaring - bankruptcy? Where Lennar promised to build 10,000 homes and after 10 years had nothing to show!

Today, the United States is 14 Trillion dollars in the hole. The best minds tell us it will take us at least 10 years to get back on track. You go to the Banks and you cannot borrow money unless you have sound equity. Banks wanting sixty percent equity to borrow some little money - add to this millions of homes in foreclosure and more being foreclosed every single hour.

Who is their right mind would want to build 10,500 homes on land that is contaminated by Radiological Elements? Who is their right mind - will buy a home in the middle to Chernobyl - Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point on land that once was a garbage site?

Years ago I declared: "no good will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard". My reason was simple more then 95% of the Shipyard is landfill. Once there stood two hills. The U.S. Navy demolished the hills, destroyed Shellmounds, Sacred Burial sites, and spread the remains to the Ohlone - thus, desecrating the entire site. In the interim the U.S Navy is dragging its leg and doing a POOR job.

From Hunters Point one of the Atomic Bombs left to be dropped over Japan during World War II. Millions of people died. There is a connection and will always be a connection between the innocent Japanese that died and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The BLOOD of the innocent on those that partook in the operation, all documented in detail and unclassified and available for anyone to do their search; the U.S. Navy thinks they did the right thing, the operative word "thinks".

Much as the U.S. Navy and others think they are doing the right thing in Iraq and Afghanistan. The laymen is ignorant of the facts and do not really know the billions spent and how many billions in the name of an unjust war; is being pocketed by corrupt folks many of them closer to politicians and our White House.

Would it interest the world to know that after Billions of dollars have been spent in Iraq; today, the Iraqis do not have constant electricity, no clean running water, no waste water treatment plants and what is worse are worse off then when Sadam Hussein ruled Iraq?

Would it interest the world to know that more innocent people have died since the United States entered the war in the Iraq and Afghanistan - just because they were within distance of some bomb, some arsenal, some missile, some stray bullet - why this loss of innocent life? Why this in the land we know as Babylonia the land of the Father of all Fathers - Abraham.

With the trillions of dollars spent in unjust wars in the name of 9/11 which is dubious and well documented to be an act know to the Bush White House and carried by certain countries, allies, in a concerted manner. Those knowledgeable know about this fact. The dumb, the ignorant, the uneducated, the majority of Americans who believe what they see and hear from the Main Media - are fooled; each and every day of the lives. Even the Blue Ribbon committee that was supposed to investigate were not permitted to review certain classified documents. Innocent people from all faiths died - Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, Jains, Parsees, and Animist - even Atheists. 9/11 was know to the Bush White House and this is a fact, well documented - but they still bluff the dumb, inept, the ignorant.

To comprehend the ENEMY you must be educated on issues. You must have the ability to do research, understand the many facets, and be able to connect the dots. You must not have bias and have patience to undertake your research not taught in the drab universities and colleges of today. Spiritually, one must be above ground and if you are judgmental you will bring your own down fall. If you lead others; you will bring their down fall.

No one sends Goldman Sachs to jail or for that matter liked minded institutions who till today are not regulated? No one sends the Wall Streets folks to jail for cheating, stealing and destroying our economy? Wasting trillions of dollars belonging to those that invested in good faith not knowing their money was misused and when it was spent - they victims were penalized.

Using sub-primes loans and derivatives? Do you know what? When the above mentioned vermin were in trouble - the U.S. Government printed money and aided these vermin in the name of the tax payers. But, really did anyone ask you or me - our so called Representatives the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, George Miller- all stepped up and spoke for us without permission!

Recently the President, Barack Hussein Obama coerced the two Parties the Democrats and the Republicans to bail out Middle Class, the unemployed, but also the filthy rich that do not need the money and what is more five percent of the filthy rich in the United States; control ninety five percent of all the wealth.

Why all this explanation? It is simple - today we have the filthy rich and the very poor - the COMMONS. The Middle Class is eroding and eroding very fast. Education is becoming a luxury. I often talk to so called college and university students, so called experts, who are ignorant about the basis elements of day to day life and less about complicated policies, rules, laws and regulations.

We have evil forces in high places that will do anything to suppress the poor. You know, I started my advocacy linked to the MOVEMENT with Lennar and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. From day one I said: "Lennar will not build one single dog house at the Shipyard". Today, Lennar is over $400 million in the hole. What Lennar is looking for is to unload the Shipyard to any entity that will take it; but, in today's dire economic situation, this will not happen.

Lennar is from the East Coast and why are they messing with us in San Francisco? Simply because of the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Richard Blum, and Willie L. Brown Jr. - others of their ilk are behind such convoluted ploys and machinations.

Nothing will happen at Treasure Island. Much like nothing much will happen with the America's Cup. Nothing happened when Gavin Newsom declared that he would bring the Summer Olympics to San Francisco. Nothing happened when the corrupt and immoral Gavin Newsom declared that he would build a brand new 49er stadium. Eat your heart out Carmen Policy and Willie L. Brown Jr. We have folks who will look you in the eye and lie.

I have been fighting this fight since 1998 that was the year Lennar registered itself in Sacrament as an Limited Liability Company. Since, that time it has registered itself and changed its name four times. The recent one with Delaware on the East Coast and it is a Limited Liability Partnership. Same snake different head.

Accompanying this article is a number of photographs. They will take you on a journey. Some photographs before any of you were born and others that you can make some head or tail. Life is for the living not the living dead. We have those that talk the talk and others that walk the walk. Beware of the likes and ilk of Bernie Madoff; we have thousands of them in San Francisco. Their allegiance is not to the United States but to some other country - far across the Ocean wide. They divide us and are in our community but do not live in our community. Can you make sense of that? They are the Pacific Heights Mafia - which some take umbrage to but the fact is you have to call a spade a spade.

We started a MOVEMENT and from the inception we focused on our children and our Elders. We said if you focus of these two groups our warrior women and men will do well. God has been with us all these years. Victory has been ours and the sell outs are desperate because the well is dry. Spiritually, most of us in the MOVEMENT are happy. Simply because we have peace of mind and the courage to step up and do what is right for all humankind

Soon Gavin Newsom will leave office - good riddance of very bad rubbish. Lennar is history having defaulted on the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) many times. Anyone can legally take Lennar to court and win. Lennar promised rental units and amended the DDA to remove those elements. Lennar has hood winked those that were waiting for Community Benefits. Lennar has built inferior infrastructure and more polluted with toxic elements. Lennar is a Rogue Developer that took on the COMMONS and was defeated. Aho.


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